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Go out. Go discover. Go share. Gowalla.

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Foursquare vs. Gowalla: Location-Based Throwdown Shane Snow is a technology journalist in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @shanesnow. Just when you thought you had enough social networks in your life, two hot new ones are vying for your attention. Combine the benefits of sites like Yelp, Twitter, and Google Latitude, add in social gaming and some privacy measures, and you have the recipe that Foursquare, the app that's been called "next year's Twitter," by Mashable's own Pete Cashmore, and its chief competitor, Gowalla, are cooking. Each has attracted a rapidly growing user base in 2009, and each is rushing madly to beat the other to your smartphone in 2010. A Quick History ASMALLWORLD Forgot Username / Password? Interested in Membership? » Autumn's Coming: Events to Banish post-Summer Blues by Editorial Staff The leaves on the trees are beginning to quiver, and the evening air is dipping by the day.

Manage my site We're sorry. Something is wrong. Please bear with us while we send the intern through the Jefferies tube. TokBox Scalable platform From start-up to established enterprise, our platform scales to meet your needs. Advanced features Our industry-leading suite of features is second to none. Simple implementation Gowalla Gowalla was a location-based social network launched in 2007 and closed in 2012. Users were able to check in at "Spots" in their local vicinity, either through a dedicated mobile application or through the mobile website. Checking-in would sometimes produce virtual "items" for the user, some of which were developed to be promotional tools for the game's partners. As of November 2010 there were approximately 600,000 users.[2] Overview[edit]

7 ways to fuel fandom on Facebook Four years ago, official brand pages on Facebook were quite rare. Today, not only are most major brands on Facebook, but their total fan numbers have skyrocketed. In fact, top brands now manage communities that reach upwards of 20 million members (also, the population of Australia). The challenge for marketers is to maintain the steady growth of their communities while still attracting valuable fans who remain eager to engage with your brand, long past that initial click of a "like" button.

Socialstream Socialstream is the result of a Google-sponsored capstone project in the Master's program at Carnegie Mellon University's Human-Computer Interaction Institute. This project was guided by three goals that built upon each other: Initial Task: Rethink and reinvent online social networking Refined Focus: Discover the user needs related to social networking and explore how a unified social network service can enhance their experience. Prototype Goal: Create a system for users to seamlessly share, view, and respond to many types of social content across multiple networks. Foursquare And Gowalla In A Dead Heat In The Location War The SXSW festival in Austin, Texas is currently ground zero for a war, the location war. While over a dozen services have launched new products or features around location, two still seem to stand above all others in terms of use here: Foursquare and Gowalla. Earlier today, Business Insider ran a report suggesting that Foursquare was dominating the battle — unfortunately, that’s simply not true. In fact, Foursquare and Gowalla are basically in a statistical dead heat, at least in Austin. Multiple sources confirmed this information, and one actually showed me proof (which I was asked not to share).

How to build a Facebook community Here are 14 ‘levers’ you need to be pulling Like any social tool, Facebook needs to be worked in order to achieve specific marketing, event or fundraising goals. Yes, you need to have a an effective Facebook Page where fans can easily interact (see “11 Quick Tips to Enhance Your Facebook Fan Page” by @franswaa). And yes, you need to have compelling content. However, even with all this, if you don’t consistently nurture your Facebook relationships, you’ll end up with visitors — potential fans — wondering, “Are they still in business?”

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