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André Beato

André Beato

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Penguin Design Award - Home Adult Fiction Cover Award Title brief: Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson Adult Non-Fiction Cover Award Title brief: Freakonomics by Steven D. André Brown Mealha Another animation experiment. A cleaned up version of a thing I posted back in June. Another guy from the same iOS game. Roberto Gamito Mara experiments Belousov Zhabotinsky Abstract cocktail Evoke Podes por a música Aquele feeling Branding 101 For Illustrators You may think that as a professional illustrator, your work speaks for itself – that you don’t need to think about branding or a fancy logo or anything more than simply creating fabulous pieces. Unfortunately, that’s not enough any more… Contrary to conventional wisdom, branding isn’t all about you. It’s about understanding your target audiences and what they’re looking for – and balancing the way you brand yourself with what your audiences – your people – will resonate with. What Branding Is

The Art Of TwitchFinger TwitchFinger, aka Adrian Majzrak is currently working on that unannounced Bungie title following a stint at CCP that lasted nearly four years. During his time with the company he had a chance to contribute to Dust 514, EVE Online and the upcoming Cthulhu filled World Of Darkness. He's got some amazing scifi work, and what's even more amazing is that he started his game career as a QA tester at EA back in 2002 before transitioning into concept art. And yes, I know the image I chose for the header isn't quite scifi, but more of one of his rare fantasy pieces that he cranks out from time to time. If you want to check out the full extent of his abilities, check out more of his work after the break! How to start your illustration career - Nate Williams The career path of an illustrator isn’t very clear and that is probably why people often ask me how I got started as an illustrator and if there is any advice I can give them in regards to becoming a professional illustrator. I think having a successful illustration career comes down to the following: Unique Consistent Style, Technical Skills, Marketing, Tracking Work and Attitude. Hopefully, you will find something useful in this article.

The Successful Artist's Career Guide: Finding Your Way in the Business of Art - Margaret Peot Art is one of the best parts of your life...are you ready to make it your living? Whether you are an art student, an aspiring artist or a longtime hobbyist, Margaret Peot offers experienced advice and empowerment for taking that next step. Chapter by chapter, she'll help you map out a personalized route toward the creative life of your dreams. Get real-world advice on everything from bidding on jobs and promoting yourself to filing taxes and getting health insurance. Worksheets help you refine your goals, price your work with confidence, write an artist's statement and more. Interviews with successful artists in a range of professions reveal how they "made it," complete with advice on how you can, too.

Social media A guide for college and university libraries Social media is a powerful new form of communication. The number of users on poular social media sites is growing at exponential rates. Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business - Erik Qualman The benchmark book on to the effects and implications of social media on our daily lives, and how businesses can harness its power Socialnomics is an essential book for anyone who wants to understand the implications of social media on our daily lives and how businesses can tap the power of social media to increase their sales, cut their marketing costs, and reach consumers directly. In this revised and updated second edition, author Erik Qualman presents new material based on meeting with 75 Fortune 1000 companies, 50 colleges and universities, and over 100 small businesses & non-profits since the first edition. Qualman's materials have been used from IBM to NASA to Harvard to local businesses. Social media can transform your business and your relationship with consumers. Discover what social media can do for you, and what you can do for others while using social media.

Top 12 Album Covers Designed by Famous Artists Phish Joy, with cover art by Fred Tomaselli. 1. Fred Tomaselli for Joy by Phish. It comes as no surprise that one of the kings of contemporary psychedelic art would team up with the legendary jam band on this 2009 release. Tomaselli's work has also been used as cover art for both the Magnetic Fields and Laura Cantrell, and was included in The Wilco Book, made by the indie-rock band Wilco. 10 Album Cover Artists You Should Know A good record cover will stop you dead in your tracks, and make you curious not only about the music it accompanies, but about the artist who created it. Album art is often our first introduction to a band’s latest collection of songs, giving a visual aspect to the sonic creations inside the sleeve. Some acts take on the daunting task themselves, many with fantastic results, while other musicians enlist painters, photographers, crafters, and illustrators for the project. Even in this time of digital downloads, we’re not immune to the effects of a great album cover, and we find it unfortunate that the people behind these pieces rarely get the credit they deserve — so we’ve rounded-up ten that you should know, after the jump.

35 Beautiful Music Album Covers Advertisement Album cover art is often considered to be one of the “extincted” fields in modern graphics design. In times when digital copies are cheaper and quicker to get, album covers have somehow lost their importance as less and less customers actually buy CDs and LPs in the stores. That’s a pity because album covers can be extremely expressive and convey the message of the album in a number of creative ways. This post attempts to prove exactly that.