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ASMALLWORLD Forgot Username / Password? Interested in Membership? » Autumn's Coming: Events to Banish post-Summer Blues by Editorial Staff The leaves on the trees are beginning to quiver, and the evening air is dipping by the day. Google: Eric Schmidt a « foiré » le virage du web social Vous êtes ici : Accueil / Infrastructure / Google: Eric Schmidt a « foiré » le virage du web social A l’occasion de la conférence D9, Eric Schmidt, président exécutif de Google a reconnu être responsable de l’échec de Mountain View dans le domaine des réseaux sociaux. «J’ai foiré», a déclaré Eric Schmidt, président exécutif et ex P-dg de Google. Lors de la conférence D9 organisé par All Things Digital hier en Californie, il a tenu à reconnaître sa responsabilité dans l’incapacité de Mountain View à prendre le virage «social» du web.

Twitter Marketing Agency - Twitter Strategy Company - Twitter For Marketing We offer full-service Twitter marketing and advertising solutions. Below are the Twitter apps we use to develop Twitter marketing and advertising campaigns. We can easily integrate Facebook marketing campaigns with Twitter campaigns. This app enables world-class Twitter Contests, sweepstakes and giveaways allow users to add new followers and spread the word. Custom landing page builder that uses your Twitter account imageFan gating checkbox (participants must follow your account in order to join)Auto-fill tweets for your new followers to send outAuto-fill direct message for you to send to new followers (ie: links, thanks, promos)Contest and campaign tweets and retweets trackingCampaign countdown clockAnalytics and reporting This app provides a simple way to generate strong word-of-mouth advertising on Twitter about your campaign.

7 ways to fuel fandom on Facebook Four years ago, official brand pages on Facebook were quite rare. Today, not only are most major brands on Facebook, but their total fan numbers have skyrocketed. In fact, top brands now manage communities that reach upwards of 20 million members (also, the population of Australia). The challenge for marketers is to maintain the steady growth of their communities while still attracting valuable fans who remain eager to engage with your brand, long past that initial click of a "like" button.

How to Get Started With Google+, Your Complete Guide By now, you have all probably heard about the Google+ project , Google’s next attempt at making their network more social. Its goal is to make sharing online more like sharing in real life. If you haven’t gotten your invite just yet, you can in the following quick-look video, and by visiting the Google+ project overview , searchable details and discussion pages. You can also take a demo tour so you can once you are able to join the project. Limited Field Trial Invites If you’re one of the lucky ones, you received an invite for Google+ during their limited field trial. How to build a Facebook community Here are 14 ‘levers’ you need to be pulling Like any social tool, Facebook needs to be worked in order to achieve specific marketing, event or fundraising goals. Yes, you need to have a an effective Facebook Page where fans can easily interact (see “11 Quick Tips to Enhance Your Facebook Fan Page” by @franswaa). And yes, you need to have compelling content. However, even with all this, if you don’t consistently nurture your Facebook relationships, you’ll end up with visitors — potential fans — wondering, “Are they still in business?”

How to Create a High Converting Facebook Fan Page Everyone is always talking about the ROI of social media and how can you convert a Facebook fan into a sales qualified lead. I have seen many great looking Fan pages on Facebook, but much like early websites, these pages are designed more for image and less for lead conversion. That is, however, until I came across the Facebook page of ViperChill. Complete Google+ Setup Guide – 7 Google Plus Tutorials Share this post: Google Plus has been released and I have spent a lot of time digging into the system’s features to come up with a guide to get you off the floor and running with Google+ in no time. This article will serve as the overview article, the steps below include 7 tutorials, each tailored specifically for that particular step.

When is It Okay to Use Social Media to Self-Promote? I read an interesting stat today from Monumentus Media (via Beth Kanter): “asking users to “like” gets 216% higher interaction rate.” The stat isn’t very surprising. Calls to action work. I was drawn to the 216% increase, but then disconcerted by the idea of asking people to like my stuff. Why is that?

Google+: The Complete Guide Using Google+? Add Mashable to your circles. You'll get the latest about new Google+ features and tips and tricks for using the platform as well as top social media and technology news. Google+ Tips & Tricks: 10 Hints for New Users Using Google+? Add Mashable to your circles. You'll get the latest about new Google+ features and tips and tricks for using the platform as well as top social media and technology news. Do you still consider yourself a noob when it comes to Google's social platform? If so, we've got some handy hints to help you out. From quicker sharing options to better content curation via savvy privacy settings, we're bringing you 10 tips and tricks that will soon have you Google Plussing like a pro.