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Route Views Project Page Start Networkings » Cisco Путевые заметки по настройке радиомодуля Cisco Добрый день Знаете ли вы что если забудете пароль к радиомодулю Cisco, то вы не сможете его восстановить, не уничтожив настройки? Нет? router# service-module wlan-ap 0 session мне оставалось лишь грустно смотреть на приглашение ввести имя и пароль. router# service-module wlan-ap 0 reset default-config router# service-module wlan-ap 0 reset Модуль перезагружается и мы уже можем войти в его настройки через имя-пароль cisco-cisco. Ну да ладно. ap# conf t ap(config)# dot11 ssid тут_ваш_ssid ap(config-ssid)# guest-mode ap(config-ssid)# exit ap(config)# exit ap# wr Роем туннель в SSH Итак, довольно часто во многих сетях используется какой либо сервер, стоящий на границе локальной сети и Интернета с поднятым SSH сервером. Мы можем подключиться к этому серверу для выполнения каких либо административных задач. В первом случае описываемый способ позволит админам избежать построения VPN, а так же публикации серверов для доступа по RDP. Читать далее…

HFZ MUSHTAQ, Information Technology and Services Network engineer at Global mega ventures pL March 2012 SBS (small bussiness server 2010) , BACKUP/RESTORATION IT management etc Installation / Configuration / Troubleshooting of LAN network troubleshooting outlooK,INTERNET Coordinate with the team of Network Executives & technicians in implementation of projects Network ENGG at SMITH INFOTECH pvt Ltd Company Profile March 2011 - March 2012 LEISED LINE, LAN WAN , troubleshoot cctv cameras, LIBRARY software, attendence punch, thumb machine etc Company provides a range of Network Solutions including DSL, Leased Lines, ISDN, Wireless, and Servers etc. System Administrator at Vedica Group of Institutions June 2009 - April 2010 About Vedica Group of Institutions: Vedica group of Institutions Gandhi Nagar campus was established in 2005 by a private self supporting society. Network Administrator at Sonason Marketing & Services May 2008 - May 2009 Technical Support Executive at Global Telemall Pvt Ltd Indore September 2007 - May 2008 Sr.

Greyhole - Redundant Storage Pooling using Samba AAA and VTYs in IOS-XR : Bingo Continuing on the IOS-XR saga, this is the newest bunch of things that don't "work as expected" (© Cisco). Well, as expected by me, not by Cisco. Everything started while trying to configure a primary and backup aaa login method on an ASR9k, when i realized that... 1) having a backup aaa login method with the same tacacs servers as the ones in the primary aaa login method (which is using the management vrf) doesn't work Imagine the following aaa configuration: ! This is supposed to work in the following way: As long as at least one mgmt interface is up (i'm using a virtual-ip for the mgmt interfaces), tacacs communication should happen through the out-of-band mgmt interfaces. Guess what! In order to overcome the above problem, i thought of using different vty templates, each one with a different access method. ! Since the "rotary" command is not supported in IOS-XR, this is what you can do: ! And this is the point you realize that you can't choose a vty, because... So i tried the following: !

Free Cisco labs for CCNA, CCNP & CCIE ! GNS3 | Graphical Network Simulator ostinato - Packet/Traffic Generator and Analyzer ASR9000/XR: The concept of a SMU and managing them Introduction A SMU is a software maintenance update, or simply put a patch, that can be loaded on the XR device you are running. The concept of a SMU applies to all XR devices, although this article focuses on the ASR9000 primarily. When the system is running into a SW deficiency (a.k.a. a bug) Cisco can provide a patch for that particular problem in order for you to keep running your base release, but get free of the problem at hand. This is a substantial difference over the classic IOS that has no capability to apply a single fix in a single component on top of the base release run. How do SMU’s work? A SMU is a patch that is provided on a per release and per component basis and is specific to the platform. SMU’s are “PIE” files (package installation envelope) similar as the functionality of feature PIE’s such as MGBL, MPLS and multicast and they are installed in a similar fashion. The 3 operation steps to apply a smu are: Example smu installation and application Couple of notes to that:

Understanding ELAM With the increasing complexity of networking devices and protocols, it can be extremely difficult to pinpoint the source of a networking problem. Often we need to determine if a frame was received and forwarded correctly on a particular device. There are several capturing tools, debugs, and tricks available to help answer this question. ELAM (Embedded Logic Analyzer Module) is an engineering tool that gives us the ability to look inside Cisco ASICs and understand how a packet is being forwarded. Did the packet reach the forwarding engine? And much more… ELAM is extremely powerful, granular, and non-intrusive. ELAM was designed as a diagnostic tool for internal use. For these reasons, ELAM is not a customer-supported feature and has remained a diagnostic tool for internal use. So, with such a firm disclaimer and challenges, why are we discussing ELAM now? First, it is very common that a TAC engineer will utilize ELAM to isolate an issue. ELAM Workflow Centralized vs. Flood Bit RBUS data:

Innovative Troubleshooting Tools in Cisco Switches At Cisco TAC, when the phones ring for P1/P2 outages, a typical problem we hear from customers is about connectivity issues between end-hosts and/or end-users' application performance issues. In an enterprise core/distribution and datacenter network, where virtual switching solutions (like, VSS or vPC) are highly deployed with large number of port-channels / redundant links, it is challenging and critical to trace the path of the packet to identify the device, link and port causing the above-mentioned problems. How does a TAC engineer really find the device / link / port in issue ? The answer is ... by using the innovative tools discussed here. (1) NetDR / EthAnalyzer Net Driver (NetDR) tool is used in Catalyst 6500 and Cisco 7600 platforms to capture the traffic sent to (and received from) the CPU. Here is a sample NetDR capture - reporting layer2, layer3 and layer4 information along with ingress interface. (2) Access-List / VLAN Access-List Capture (ACL / VACL Capture) Miscellaneous:

OSPF - Setting IP MTU values for Cisco and Juniper - The Network Sherpa MTU mismatches are the primary reason an OSPF adjacency becomes stuck in the EXSTART state. After hellos are exchanged and the routers become neighbors, each OSPF speaker advertises the IP MTU of it’s local interface in a Data Base Description (DBD) LSA. If there is a mismatch you’ll probably just adjust the configuration to be identical on both ends of the link and be done. However, when you try to peer two OSPF routers with different network operating systems, things start to fall apart fairly quickly. One of the biggest issues I have seen with MTU is that it means different things to different vendors and engineers. If you’re familiar with Cisco IOS on routers, you’ll know that there are two interface level commands available: ‘mtu’ and ‘ip mtu‘. The aim of the ‘hardware mtu‘ is to ensure that physical interace can handle the full datagram when layer-2 framing overhead is added to the maximum IP packet size. So for NXOS there is only a single command ‘mtu’.

Cisco IOS Shell Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS Release 15.1M - Cisco IOS Shell [Support] Cisco IOS Shell First Published: March 25, 2011 Last Updated: March 30, 2011 The Cisco IOS Shell ( feature provides shell scripting capability to the Cisco IOS command-line-interface (CLI) environment. Cisco enhances the process of controlling and configuring an IOS router using the CLI by including, variable substitution, paths, conditional statements, loops, pipes, and so on to enhance the user experience of Cisco IOS CLI users. Finding Feature Information Your software release may not support all the features documented in this module. Use Cisco Feature Navigator to find information about platform support and Cisco software image support. Contents Prerequisites for Cisco Restrictions for Cisco Information About Cisco How to Enable Cisco Using Cisco Additional References Feature Information for Cisco Prerequisites for Cisco Cisco IOS Release 15.1(4)M, 15.1(2)S, and later releases. Restrictions for Cisco How to Enable Cisco !