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How to Break Into a Windows PC (and Prevent It from Happening to You)

How to Break Into a Windows PC (and Prevent It from Happening to You)
Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. I would like to add on to this that, while encrypting your files is a good way to prevent others from being able to get at them, it is also a good way to lose a lot of important information. Encrypted files can't be accessed by ANYONE unless you have the proper decryption key. That means that if you encrypt all your files and you need to legitimately use one of these methods to get back to your account, only the brute force method will return access to those encrypted files. Edit: Also, the process of decrypting files to read takes some time (depending on the size of the files and how many files it's decrypting). Flagged Simply don't forget your password. I use TrueCrypt to protect entire partitions. I have the NTFS permissions are set to Everyone, so any user can access it as long as they have a password and/or keyfile for the partition.

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Use USB / pendrive as a key to lock your computer. - Webretina : Technical blog  Are you tired of people touching your computer and making modifications in it without your notice. Wouldn’t be cool if your computer get locked up when you remove USB from it. So I would be telling you about the software that can help you to do this task quiet easily. So the below trick will tell you about how to use USB / pendrive as a key to lock your computer. My Lock 2.0 This software takes USB locking to whole new level.

Sabu bless America Video Anonymous “Fuck Sabu”.Sabu was arrested in June 2011 and identified as Hector Xavier Monsegur. Sabu helped FBI stop over 300 cyber attacks. Hector Xavier Monsegur, known as “Sabu”, helped the FBI send his friends to prison and stop some 300 cyber attacks over the past three years, according to court documents filed by prosecutors. “Sabu” used the moniker while working online. Arrested on hacking charges in 2011, Monsegur belonged to the hacking groups known as LulzSec and Anonymous.

John the Ripper Sample output[edit] Here is a sample output in a Debian environment. # cat pass.txt user:AZl.zWwxIh15Q # john -w:password.lst pass.txt Loaded 1 password hash (Traditional DES [24/32 4K]) example (user) guesses: 1 time: 0:00:00:00 100% c/s: 752 trying: 12345 - pookie Attack types[edit] One of the modes John can use is the dictionary attack. Camping Wind Turbine Camping's all about enjoying the outdoors; but let's face it - electronics are hard to power in the outdoors...There's nothing worse than pulling out your camera to snap a photo of a great view and finding out your battery's dead! Generators are heavy and difficult to lug around, and so the perfect solution is a green source of free energy: the wind! Although this turbine -because of its small size and lightweight nature- isn't exactly going to run at 120V, it's capable of charging batteries and such. But when the whole thing weighs only 16 ounces, i'd say that's a fair trade off. With access to some fairly simple materials and tools, you can make your very own camping wind turbine!

How to View Passwords Hidden Under Asterisks [Video] Google Chrome, Firefox and other browsers hide passwords behind asterisks but you can easily view the saved passwords using the built-in developer tools. Web browser hide passwords under asterisk characters for improved security. Say you are on the Gmail login page and the web browser, as always, has auto-filled the username and passwords fields for you. This is convenient because you can sign-in to your account with a click but because you have not been typing these saved passwords for a while now, you don’t even remember the Gmail password anymore. All web browsers, for security reasons, mask the password fields in login forms behind asterisk characters thus making it impossible for passersby to see your secret string.

Free solutions to recover your permanent deleted data - Webretina : Technical blog  Sometimes by mistake it happens that you delete your data that is very useful to you. It even happens that you have deleted your data even from recycle bin. But this article will tell you the five free solutions that are available to recover your permanently deleted data . When you delete the data from recycle bin it is not actually deleted but it remains in your hard disk. The operating system is just given a command that that particular space of your hard disk is available for overwriting. So you can still recover your data if its not overwritten.

Jeremy Hammond Reacts to Hector Monsegur’s “Sentencing”: Reject the NSA White Hat Sabu Ideology Jeremy Hammond Reacts to Hector Monsegur’s “Sentencing”: Reject the NSA White Hat Sabu Ideology In many ways, the disgusting spectacle of Sabu’s hearing was similar to mine: we were both sentenced in the same courtroom under the same judge, the outcome already predetermined with all parties reading from well-rehearsed scripts. I was condemned to the maximum prison term for having committed “mass mayhem,” while Sabu received the most lenient of all Anonymous-related sentences for embracing “good, not evil”.

The Coming Insurrection The Tarnac 9 were once just nine individuals who had withdrawn from the capitalist paradigm to live a quiet, communal life in an isolated French mountain village. They grew their own food, opened a small grocery store and started a movie club where they screened films for their rural neighbors. The group, nearly all of whom hailed from affluent Paris suburbs, were highly educated and, by all accounts, friendly, helpful and generous. It was an idyllic existence, far from the consumer spectacle of modern urban existence. But then someone – it has yet to be determined who – sabotaged railways in the surrounding countryside, injuring no one but delaying thousands of passengers for several hours. Suddenly the commune became a cell.

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