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In-Wall USB Charger

In-Wall USB Charger
1. Plug the Mini USB chargers into the outlets. Because the USB ports are off center I decided to put them both toward the center. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Related:  Life Hacks: Institute of Hacking

46 Smart Uses for Salt How many ways can you use salt? According to the Salt Institute, about 14,000! The salt website has tons of handy tips for using salt around the house, and the best of the bunch — plus my additions — are listed below. I can't think of another more versatile mineral. For thousands of years, salt (sodium chloride) has been used to preserve food and for cleaning, and people have continued to rely on it for all kinds of nifty tricks. So with its nontoxic friendliness and status as an endlessly abundant resource, let's swap out some toxic solutions for ample, innocuous, and inexpensive salt. There are a number of forms of salt produced for consumption (and by default, housekeeping!) Here are just a few of the many ways you can put salt to good use in your home: Aside from all of the alchemy that salt performs in terms of baking chemistry and food flavor, salt has a number of other great applications in the kitchen. Test egg freshness. Set poached eggs. Prevent fruits from browning. Clean teeth.

Incredible and Scary 3D Pencil Drawings by 17-year old Fredo Realistic pencil drawings are always interesting. It is nice to watch how artist has managed to draw something like it was photographed by camera. However, the plenty of the pencil drawings you have seen by now probably cannot be compared with the following drawings which are literally mind-blowing.Those drawings were made by Fredo, a 17-year old guy from Chile who has found an interesting way to create 3D drawings.Fredo has started to think more seriously about his drawing skills when he was 15. He has learned from some already known artists in this field like M.C.Escher. He also says that he is inspired by the work of Rembrandt, Alex Grey and Beksinki. Here you can see some of his 3D realistic pencil drawings which look like they were photographed with camera rather than drawn with hand.

Turn Paper into Pencils with the P & P Office Waste Paper Processor Chinese designers have come up with a new machine that turns waste paper into perfectly good pencils! According to the EPA “more than 2 billion books, 350 million magazines, and 24 billion newspapers are published each year in the U.S. alone.” That’s equal to about 85 million tons of paper! This innovative machine designed by Chengzhu Ruan, YuanYuan Liu, Xinwei Yuan and Chao Chen turns paper into pencils at the touch of a button. Images: Yanko Design The P & P Waste Paper Processor is only a design in theory, but since it won a 2010 Lite - On Award (a Chinese award for scientific and technological innovation) it has a good chance of going into production. So, what do you think about this machine? digg

Instructables - Make, How To, and DIY The Ultimate Job Search Guide Cool Jobs: April Fools! Three are real and two are not. Challenge yourself! In honor of April Fool's Day, we've rounded up three jobs you won't believe are actually real, along with two more that are pure fiction. Which is which? Careers in the Child Care Industry Many job opportunities exist for people who like children A variety of careers are available in the child care and education industry. The Most In-Demand Jobs Now Recruiters are aggressively trying to fill these positions Recruiters are turning to social media to poach talent. What 85% Of Recruiters Want You To Do Facebook can make you readily accessible to recruiters Employers want to connect with you. Washington Marijuana Business Shows Off Trade fair gives an insider look at cannabis industry With the dawn of legal recreational marijuana in Washington state, companies in many business sectors are poised to capitalize on the burgeoning industry. The 20 Most Rapidly Growing Jobs Valuable careers that are on the rise

Futurama Fanarama: How to Make a Bender Costume | Comedy Central Insider | Funny, TV and Comedy Blog I never saw that movie How to Make an American Quilt, because I'm not a big fan of quilts, so it always seemed outside my wheelhouse. I am, however, a fan of Futurama (and wheelhouses!), so if Winona Ryder ever starred in a movie called How to Make an American Bender Costume, I'd at least Netflix it. But until then, I'm happy to settle for these excellent instructions for a homemade Bender costume from Redditor KillbotJosiah. (Click for the original) After the jump, you can see what the end result looks like. For clips and upcoming air-times, visit the official Futurama site. this isnt happiness™ - StumbleUpon

This Day In History | Today I Found Out This Day in History: April 11th Today in History: April 11, 1931 Dorothy Parker was a writer, poet and satirist whose quick turns of phrase made her a favorite among many prominent Jazz Age newspaper columnists. Along with Robert Benchley Read More » This Day in History: April 10th Today in History: April 10, 1834 On the evening on April 10, 1834, a fire broke out in an elegant three-story mansion in New Orleans’ French Quarter. This Day in History: April 9th Today in History: April 9, 1970 Paul McCartney’s announcement on April 9, 1970 that he would no longer be recording or performing with the Beatles was disheartening, but hardly surprising. This Day in History: April 8th Today in History: April 8, 1994 On April 8, 1994 Kurt Cobain, the reluctant messiah of the “grunge” phenomenon that dominated rock music in the early 1990s, was found dead from an apparent suicide This Day in History: April 7th This Day in History: April 4th This Day in History: April 3rd This Day in History: April 2nd

5 Ways To Hack Your Brain Into Awesomeness Much of the brain is still mysterious to modern science, possibly because modern science itself is using brains to analyze it. There are probably secrets the brain simply doesn't want us to know. But by no means should that stop us from tinkering around in there, using somewhat questionable and possibly dangerous techniques to make our brains do what we want. We can't vouch for any of these, either their effectiveness or safety. #5. So you just picked up the night shift at your local McDonald's, you have class every morning at 8am and you have no idea how you're going to make it through the day without looking like a guy straight out of Dawn of the Dead, minus the blood... hopefully. "SLEEEEEEEEEP... uh... What if we told you there was a way to sleep for little more than two hours a day, and still feel more refreshed than taking a 12-hour siesta on a bed made entirely out of baby kitten fur? Holy Shit! We're pretty sure Kramer did this once on Seinfeld. How Does It Work? #4. #3. 1. 2. 3.

The First Zombie-Proof House Somehow, ritual drunk-conversation concerning team captains for the apocalypse has become a major part of the lives of 20-somethings. Having been matured in the Grandaddy-crowned masterpiece film (put “A.M. 180” on and forget that you have a job) 28 Days Later and the best-selling Zombie Survival Guide, we’re all a little too ready to deal with the 2012 zombie apocalypse of our dreams. “The Safe House,” designed by KWK Promes, starts to get eerily close to something I could work with, if say 200 bludgeoned members of the undead army came over to eat their way into borrowing some sugar. “The most essential item for our clients was acquiring the feeling of maximum security,” begins the designers’ website in the summary of the structure. Who wouldn’t feel safe in a concrete rectangle that folds in upon itself to become completely sealed? Even the windows are covered with a slab of concrete when the structure is on nap time.

21 Innovative Inventions - StumbleUpon ← Previous Post Next Post → 21 Innovative Inventions jon May 28, 2011 11 For More Amazing Inventions, Click HERE Related Pic Dumps: 23 Scary Moments The Trees Are Hungry (13 Pics) Oh Shit Moments (45 Pics) Bad Jobs (23 Pics) 20 Scary Pics Other Stuff You Might Also Like» The Greatest Resignation Letter Of All Time How Dead Rock & Roll Legends Would Look Today The 9 Most Unusual Models On The Planet The 20 Most Horrifying Sports Faces Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces How Deaf People Think How Spam Came to Mean Junk Mail How to Remove Stripped Screws Origin of the Words Geek and Nerd 10 Interesting Celebrity Facts 10 Interesting Human Body Facts 8 Interesting Facts About Businesses Quick Facts Rage Comics This Day in History 11 Comments » Danny Phantom July 19, 2011 at 6:17 am - Reply I really liked the hair brush concept, it is really productive and helpful design. Leave A Response » Facts via 23,929 SubscribersEmail marketing powered by MailChimp Interesting Facts on Facebook Recent Posts Popular

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