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Community Malicious code research and anal

Community Malicious code research and anal

Schneier on Security Library Virus technology (VX heavens) Viruses don't harm, ignorance does! Error 451: Unavailable for legal reasons Contacts herm1t's FaceBook , LJR (in russian), LinkedIn , mailto: VX Heavens Twitter , FaceBook Saving Private Herm1t - support page on Facebook Donations. News Hello all, and sorry for not updating this page for so long. Truly yours herm1t Дорогие друзья Мы так вам благодарны, всем вам, за вашу искреннюю помощь и неоценимую поддержку! Нам по-прежнему нужна ваша помощь: вы можете направить петицию Украинским властям (дополнительную информацию вы можете найти в группе на Фейсбуке ). Все что происходит касается не только VX Heavens, но и свободы исследований и права знать. Dear friends We are so much grateful to all of you for your whole-hearted help and support! Yet we still need your help: you could write the petition to Ukrainian officials (the more information about how you could help us can be found on the Facebook group ). К сожалению... Администрация VX Heavens Unfortunately...

Slashdot - News for nerds, stuff that matters Light Blue Touchpaper Protocol Registries IANA is responsible for maintaining many of the codes and numbers contained in a variety of Internet protocols, enumerated below. We provide this service in coordination with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). For more information on how to create registries, please see RFC 5226, Section 4. To view the various protocol registries, just click on their titles.

Cryptome TopStyle: Manual unpacking e cracking vario Ci occuperemo di tutti gli aspetti di cracking di questo prog: - Manual unpacking - Ricostruzione dell'eseguibile - Eliminazione dei controlli anti-sice - Eliminazione nag varie - Eliminazione crc UPDATE- in seguito agli update che ho dovuto fare, ho deciso di far rientrare questo tutorial tra i DIE HARD, visto che il lavoro è molto luuungo e mette a dura prova il buon vecchio sistema nervoso. TopStyle 1.05 Manual unpacking e cracking vario Written by AndreaGeddon Un editor html, almeno credo... - SoftIce - ADump - ProcDump - Il solito editor hexa - FrogSice - L'offset converter di Iczelion (opzionale) - Tanta pazienza (ma proprio un oceano di pazienza...) E' packato, limite di utilizzo a 30 esecuzioni, poi ogni volta ti devi sorbire all'avvio una nag di 10 secondi più una nag in uscita. Okkey. Praticamente faremo la stessa cosa del tutorial di Quequero su api32, ma con qualche accorgimento in più. START OFFS: 0x82C68000 MAPFSIZE: 0xF4240 (1000000) e eip 60 MAP32 topstyle che diventa: ret

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