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Learn how to screenprint your own t-shirts

Learn how to screenprint your own t-shirts
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In-Wall USB Charger 1. Plug the Mini USB chargers into the outlets. Because the USB ports are off center I decided to put them both toward the center. I think it looked better than having them the same direction or both on the outside. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. The Four P’s of Playing Live Shows: Promotion The “Four P’s” is a term used to describe the traditional Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion. Well, I’m going to borrow from that expression and talk about the Four P’s of Playing Live Shows: Preparation, Promotion, Performance, and Post-Show. This series of blog posts will cover the things that you can be doing as a live performer to maximize each show. Part 1 was all about preparing for your show, and in now in Part 2 we focus on promotion: The Four P’s of Playing Live Shows: Promotion Before getting started, the first thing you need to do is take personal responsibility for the promotion of your show. List the show Start with the basics: list the show on your website, your ReverbNation page, Facebook page, Bandcamp, and yes, even your Myspace page. You should also list the show in weekly newspapers, music blogs, and news/entertainment websites that feature event listings. Blogging One thing you can do as soon as the show is booked is start blogging about it. Facebook

Cheers To Finger Power! Future technology Mind you, this is not a “Green” concept and neither does it claim to be “Eco Friendly”. It’s just a helpful solution for a tricky situation. The situation being: you running out of juice on your mobile phone. Future technology devices conceptEbook readersConcept phone nokiaInteresting technologyFuture computers conceptCool gadgets 2010Technology future

Rust Dyeing Fabric Article and photos by Maggie Howe My mom and I own a small herb farm in central Iowa. We purchased it years ago. As with many older farms, it came with outbuildings full of old junk, and an ancient, abandoned garbage burning pile. We’ve spent years gradually cleaning up the farm, and over the years unearthed many rusty objects such as frying pans, weathervanes, and what seems like endless buckets of nails, wire, tools and bolts. I used to view these rusty items as a nuisance, but now that I’ve discovered the fun art and craft of rust dyeing, I enjoy finding these rusty “treasures.” What Is Rust Dyeing? I’ve dyed: Cotton quilting fabric Silk scarves and shawls Flannel fabric for sewing I’ve even dyed silk ties and shirts to give as gifts – all using rusty nails, bolts, sprockets, hinges, wire and other rusty objects found our two-acre farm. What Is Rust … and What Will Rust? Rust will permanently dye a variety of fabrics, and can even dye other materials such as leather and paper. Let’s Dye!

Felted Woollen Workbag - Accessories (beginners) This soft workbag, designed and made by Janet Swallow, is ideal for carrying round your work in progress Materials Woollen fabric scraps to make two 46 x 51cm (18 x 20in) pieces Two pieces 46 x 51cm (18 x 20in) of coordinating cotton background fabric Two pieces 46 x 51cm (18 x 20in) of wadding Two strips 50 x 10cm (20 x 4in) of woollen fabric for handles Two strips 50 x 10cm (20 x 4in) of coordinating cotton fabric for handles Two strips 50 x 10cm (20 x 4in) of wadding for handles Two pieces 46 x 51cm (18 x 20in) of cotton fabric for lining Coordinating woollen yarn for stitching Spray glue Pins and coordinating cotton thread Finished Size 40 x 42cm (16 x 16 1⁄2in) Skill Level Beginner Suppliers Have a rummage in your wardrobe for those long forgotten winter woollens and give them a new lease of life! This workbag can be made from felted woollens, jerseys, scarves etc. Method Prepare your pieces of felt according to what you have in your stash. Making the handles and finishing the bag

46 Smart Uses for Salt How many ways can you use salt? According to the Salt Institute, about 14,000! The salt website has tons of handy tips for using salt around the house, and the best of the bunch — plus my additions — are listed below. I can't think of another more versatile mineral. For thousands of years, salt (sodium chloride) has been used to preserve food and for cleaning, and people have continued to rely on it for all kinds of nifty tricks. So with its nontoxic friendliness and status as an endlessly abundant resource, let's swap out some toxic solutions for ample, innocuous, and inexpensive salt. There are a number of forms of salt produced for consumption (and by default, housekeeping!) Here are just a few of the many ways you can put salt to good use in your home: Aside from all of the alchemy that salt performs in terms of baking chemistry and food flavor, salt has a number of other great applications in the kitchen. Test egg freshness. Set poached eggs. Prevent fruits from browning. Clean teeth.

5 Ways to Treat Your Fans Like Gold Not THAT kind of gold! This guest contribution is written by Jon Ostrow (@jon_ostrow), cofounder of, Publicity Director of Cyber PR and blogger for Jon can be easily reached at any time on Twitter. As an emerging musician focusing your efforts online, building a strong and loyal fan base is the ‘secret sauce’ to success. While this all sounds great, unfortunately there’s no “secret sauce” to help grow this kind of fan base. The idea of customer service may sound a little too ‘corporate’ for some of you, but in all honestly it’s something that you should ALL be thinking about as you’re interacting with fans and building a presence (and hopefully influence) online. 1) Fans Are Not Numbers, They Are People Something that so many artists and brands are guilty of doing too often is promoting the fact that they are only a certain number of fans away from hitting some milestone number on their Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Youtube videos,etc. 5) The Follow Up!

Dove sono? (prima parte) – Daniel Dennett « Il neurone proteso Da oggi inizierò la pubblicazione (con periodicità casuale) di un esperimento mentale del filosofo Danel Dennett: un breve racconto fantascientifico intitolato “Dove sono?”, che tratterà in maniera intrigante e divertente la questione dell’ubicazione dell’io ed il rapporto fra mente e corpo. Cercherò di dividere il racconto in modo da permettere a chi legge, di avere il tempo di ragionare su ciò che è accaduto fino a quel momento. Man mano che la storia prosegue, alcune intuizioni verranno ribaltate, le situazioni cambieranno e si aggiungeranno elementi alla vicenda. Per questo, secondo me, è importante procedere poco alla volta. Il racconto è molto interessante perché fornisce degli spunti molto intelligenti, ma stranamente poco popolari fra chi non è appassionato all’argomento. La versione inglese è leggibile sui siti di varie facoltà di scienze cognitive. di Daniel C. (Continua… ) Mi piace: Mi piace Caricamento...

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