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Learn how to screenprint your own t-shirts

Learn how to screenprint your own t-shirts

The Four P’s of Playing Live Shows: Promotion The “Four P’s” is a term used to describe the traditional Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion. Well, I’m going to borrow from that expression and talk about the Four P’s of Playing Live Shows: Preparation, Promotion, Performance, and Post-Show. This series of blog posts will cover the things that you can be doing as a live performer to maximize each show. Part 1 was all about preparing for your show, and in now in Part 2 we focus on promotion: Cheers To Finger Power! Future technology Mind you, this is not a “Green” concept and neither does it claim to be “Eco Friendly”. It’s just a helpful solution for a tricky situation. The situation being: you running out of juice on your mobile phone.

No-Yeast Required Cinnamon Rolls No Yeast Required Cinnamon Rolls are pillowy and sweet, and require no yeast to make them! I have to forewarn you that I’m dedicating a fairly large portion of this post to one of the most fantastic things I’ve baked up in a long time, mmkay? But first… Things are looking up today. WAY up. On Friday the 13th, no less!

5 Ways to Treat Your Fans Like Gold Not THAT kind of gold! This guest contribution is written by Jon Ostrow (@jon_ostrow), cofounder of, Publicity Director of Cyber PR and blogger for Jon can be easily reached at any time on Twitter. As an emerging musician focusing your efforts online, building a strong and loyal fan base is the ‘secret sauce’ to success. 50% off postcard printing - Best-rated commercial printing company! Top-quality offset and digital printing from 50 to 150,000 pieces Available in seven standard sizes and custom size options Five thick paper stocks, including recycled matte and velvet finish paper options Postcard direct mailing services available Lightning-fast turnaround including same-day rush orders When it comes to postcards, nothing is faster and more cost effective than online printing.

Indie Artist Ebook - ERH Entertainment “Talent Is No Longer The Only Thing You Need To Have A Successful Career In the Music Industry! Do You Have What It Takes? Want To Know How You Can Build A Successful Career in The Music industry? Read On! From the Desktop of: EL Hudson 100 Greatest Free Fonts Collection for 2012 Today we'd like to delight you with an extensive list of The Best Free Fonts for 2012. We've made a collection in which you can find Sans Serif, Slab Serif, Rounded, Modern, Display , Art Deco, Geometric, Urban, Futuristic and even abstract style types. An important part of typography is selecting the right typeface for a project. 25 Extremely Useful WordPress Plug-ins for Musicians Every musician absolutely needs an official website. Many artists think that creating a good website for their music is very difficult and/or very costly. However, the blogging platform WordPress makes it really easy for musicians to set up powerful websites for practically $0. And the best part is, you don’t need to be very tech-savvy to build one! Advertisement Also, many musicians out there believe that having a bunch of social networking profiles is a good enough substitute for an official website.