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Bicycle Repair and Maintenance

Bicycle Repair and Maintenance
Click to enlarge Your Home Bicycle Workshop by Jim Langley Everything you need to know to build a great home bicycle workshop! Click pictures to learn more My truing stand More truing stands & wheel tools Eldi emergency spoke tool Eldi Emergency Spoke Bicycle Tool A Spoke Recycler The great thing about this bicycle spoke cutter and bender is that it allows a mechanic equipped with a handful of long spokes to fix bicycle wheels of any size. A Ride Mechanic’s Treasure This spoke shaper is the perfect tool when you’re wrenching for a ride or race. A Ridesaver Bicycle spokes with this S bend are known by tourists as emergency spokes because the special bend simplifies installation. A Keeper I’ve searched for this tool without luck so I don’t believe it’s available any longer. Update on finding a tool that can create the bend: a reader named Chung wrote saying that there’s a model airplane tool that puts Z bends in steel rods that might work. Shimano Pro-Set HG chain cutter Almost Too Nice to Use

America's Bicycle Travel Inspiration & Resource - Adventure Cycling Association Bicycle Maintenance Guide and Riding Tips This page was last updated 24 May 2007. I often get asked about bicycle maintenance and repairs, and tips for how to ride efficiently. This little manual is intended as a summary of what I have learned over the years.

All About Bicycle Tires and Tubes Bicycle Tires and Tubes Airless Tires Belts Construction Tires Folding Tires Hydroplaning Kevlar Labels Links Load Mix/Match Pressure Replacement Rolling Resistance Rotation Sizes Squirm Traction Trailers Tread Direction Tread Patterns Tricycles Tubes Tubulars Tire Width Wear Valves Parts of a Tire Clincher Tires Conventional tires used on 99% of all bicycles are "clincher" type, also known as "wire-on." Many people suppose that tires are made out of rubber, because that's what is visible. Bead The "bead" is the edge of the tire. Fabric Cloth fabric is woven between the two beads to form the body or "carcass" of the tire. The fabric threads don't interweave with crossing threads as with normal cloth, but are arranged in layers or "plies" of parallel threads. Some tires use thick thread, some use thin thread for the fabric. The higher the TPI number, the thinner and more flexible the tire fabric is. Bicycle tires have the threads of the fabric running diagonally, ("bias") from bead to bead. Rubber Tubular Tires Bars

Nuevas Tecnologías Easy Bicycle Maintenance Tips You Can Use at Home Bicycle Repair & Maintenance 3 Super-Easy Things Your Bike Mechanic Wishes You Would Do Tips that will save you time and money—and prolong the life of your bike So what if you’re not a virtuoso when it comes to repairing bicycles? To that end, we visited a premier bike shop in New York City and persuaded mechanic Mark Purdy to reveal some of the secrets of his trade. I. Use tape around the seatpost so that you always keep your saddle at the same height. Few things are more frustrating, time-consuming, or easily preventable than a stuck seatpost. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. And yes, you can use regular grease with carbon. II. The minimalist cable guides brazed on a stainless-steel frame. Want to improve your shifting dramatically in 10 seconds? And drip a couple of drops of oil on it every time you lube your chain. III. Hey, I get dirty enough as it is without dealing with neglect disguised as proper care. Be sure to apply chain lube in the right place. ….Video: How to Perform a Pre-Ride Safety Check

Tour de France - Live Tracker (Google Maps) Die Anwendung zur Tour de France stellt Leistungsdaten der Fahrer auf der Karte dar. Während der Etappen werden die Positionen einzelner Fahrer per Marker auf der Landkarte angezeigt und im Sekundentakt aktualisiert. Abrufbar sind auch Infos zu Geschwindigkeit, Tritt- und Pulsfrequenz der Fahrer. Als einer der ersten nutzte Ubilabs für dieses Projekt individuelle Kartenstile mit dem Styled Maps Feature der Google Maps API. Die Strecke wird schematisiert dargestellt, die Kartenansicht damit übersichtlicher. Link zum Projekt Besonderheiten Live-Übertragung während der TourAktuelle Positionen ausgewählter FahrerSpezielle Ansicht für mobile GeräteReduzierter Kartenstil zur besseren Übersicht

BentBlog Since the end of 2009, I have reported about news from the recumbent bike, trike and velomobile scene here. In 2012, the publishing activity decreased. On the one hand, family and real life work issues often had higher priority than the blogging. On the other hand, I had made it more complicated for myself as I started as bi-lingual website. Every article had to be entered and formatted twice. Quite some time ago I also became a editor and additionally entered my articles into the cms (which is not as easy as wordpress…). I now came to the conclusion that I will quit blogging here. Thank you very much for your feedback and interest. Chris Well Beyss, the manufacturer of the Go-one velomobiles now has a solution for this. Here is part 2 of René Freising’s RaptoBike Midracer review. Back in June 2010 I visited RaptoBike. Read More In the German Velomobilforum they are called „Aluminauts“ at times. Read More Read More Read More

Workshop: How To Clean And Lube Your Bike By BikeRadar | Monday, January 20, 2014 4.00pm It's easy to let muck build up on your drivetrain, but cleaning it up really isn't difficult. Here is a 10-step guide that will get it looking like new – and running much better – in less than an hour. Getting rid of the grit from your drivetrain not only improves shift quality, but extends your bike's longevity too. It's best avoid letting your bike get to the point where your drivetrain needs such a thorough clean - a five-minute hosedown, wipe down and application of lube straight after each ride will help keep your bike running smoothly, if not showroom shiny. But nobody's perfect - least of all us - so here's how to shift serious grime. Time: 1 hourSkill rating: EasyCost: Degreaser, grease, chainlube (approx £15). Items you’ll need Chain lubeDegreaserClean ragsCog brush or old tooth brushGarden hose and waterChain cleaning device (optional) 1. The chain is the most important part of the transmission. Video: How to clean and lube a chain 2.