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Find Webquest Generators for Teachers: Free Tools For the Classroom written by: Bright Hub Education Writer • edited by: Elizabeth Wistrom • updated: 10/29/2013 Get your webquest ready for online publication with the help of these tools! Webquests can be a great way for teachers to engage students and help them to develop those research skills and learn more about a specific topic. CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario / Éducation juridique communautaire Ontario) Our ESL activity kits have been developed to enhance what newcomers know about their legal rights and responsibilities, as well as to provide information about where and how to access legal help in their communities. They are designed for use in Adult ESL and LINC classes and were developed using the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB). They are available at a range of CLB levels.

Brainstorming and Voting Amazingly Easy. Free Online Tool  Find the best solution by involving your friends, colleagues or clients. A feedback session with customers or the decision on the new logo. tricider is the easiest way, to gather all opinions and ideas. It´s brainstorming and voting, all in one and online! Even hard decisions can be easy with tricider. Free and no registration. WebQuests - Mr. Cuevas' Classroom Website Take Me Out to the Ballgame This WebQuest splits students into groups and assigns each group a different aspect of baseball to find information for and form common baseball statistics. This is a great WebQuest because it shows students that math is applicable in many ways, including America's favorite pastime. The website requires students to put their information into graphs and tables, which is also very useful for math. Overall, the WebQuest seems very useful and insightful. Pirate Treasure Solving Systems

Internet Expeditions: Exploring, Using, Adapting, and Creating WebQuests Now that you feel comfortable with using WebQuests, try creating your own! There are many options for creating your own web page. However, developing a WebQuest is much more involved than filling in a lesson planning form. An effective WebQuest involves creating an entire learning environment for your students. Theme Poems In this online tool, elementary students can write poems based on shapes from five different categories: Nature, School, Sports, Celebrations, and Shapes. Within these categories, 32 different shapes are included. By selecting a shape, students are learning how to focus their writing on a particular topic or theme. In addition, as part of the online tool, students are prompted to brainstorm, write, and revise their poems, thus reinforcing elements of the writing process. Students can save their draft poems to revise later.

Warm Up Activities Using Authentic Materials, ESL lesson Create new words: Procedure Pair, group or individual work. The learners should write as many words as they can using letters in the words JOB ADVERTISEMENT. They can use fewer letters but not more. Examples: men, read, red, advent, tea, a, an, the, tear etc. The bullying of teachers, advice for bullied and stressed teachers and lecturers, OFSTED and the failure of government education policy "[The head teacher] dressed impeccably and had a radiant smile and spoke very professionally. It's horrible to say this, but if you can pull off those three simple things ... the bureaucrats will be dazzled and they will let you keep your job -- even if you belong in jail." Velma Konwea, who now happily teaches grade school under a good principal in Hollywood.

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