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La guerre des géants du Web dans une application Rue89

La guerre des géants du Web dans une application Rue89

#Occupy movements What is the 'Occupy' movement? Is it a movement, even, or a tactic? Why are there no substantial and coherent demands, and is this an aspect itself of the desire to achieve real democracy? 10 Awesome Free Tools To Make Infographics Advertisement Who can resist a colourful, thoughtful venn diagram anyway? In terms of blogging success, infographics are far more likely to be shared than your average blog post.

60 Seconds - Things That Happen On Internet Every Sixty Seconds World Wide Web is growing at rapid pace. On average, more than a billion new pages are added to it every day. To give you an idea of how big world wide web is, our Infographic 60 Seconds will cover some really interesting facts about websites that we use on day-to-day basis. Please Check - Things That Happen Every Sixty Seconds Part 2 Infographic by- West 86th - Kafka - From the Desk of Roland Barthes Ben Kafka Ben Kafka's article will be appearing in the Vol. 18 No. 2 / Fall 2011 print edition of West 86th. This is an exclusive online preview of his forthcoming article. In this essay, the author examines a brief account by the historian Jacques Le Goff of Roland Barthes's years as an administrator in the Sixth Section of the École Pratique des Hautes Études (which eventually became the EHESS).

How Non-Profits Are Using Social Media Craigslist founder turned philanthropist Craig Newmark set out to discover which U.S. non-profits were the most effective social media users. It turns out, there doesn't appear to be a correlation between social media savvy and an organization's net worth. "The deal is, it's not about money, it's about getting people to talk with each other to make people's lives better," says Newmark, who now focuses his energies on his non-profit craigconnects, which seeks to maximize the use of online tools for the common good.

A Taxonomy Of The Collaborative Economy –And What Brands Are Doing About It. Confused about how crowdfunding, maker movement and sharing fit into the larger Collaborative Economy? This diagram brings all of these trends together into one so you can see how the crowd is getting what they need from each other – rather than buying from traditional corporations. Find out why more than 40,000 people have viewed the full report “Sharing is the new buying” for the complete study. Above Graphic: This image distills this large movement of over 9000 startups into a single diagram by five families, eleven classes, and a sample of district startups. Working closely with Dr. Alexandra Samuel of Vision Critical, I’m pleased to present a working taxonomy, outlining the ecosystem of the Collaborative Economy.

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The Life and Times of Steve Jobs [INFOGRAPHIC] Steve Jobs packed a lot of living into his 56 years. If his career had ended 30 years ago, he still would have made history for helping popularize the personal computer. But he did so much more than that.