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Top 10 TED Talks Women Should See and 2014 TED Prize Winner Charmian

Top 10 TED Talks Women Should See and 2014 TED Prize Winner Charmian

Ideas Worth Spreading: Top Five Favourite Ted Talks: This Is Glamorous Ted Talks are a fantastic resource to draw inspiration from some of the world’s most creative thinkers. Here are five of our favourite talks at This Is Glamorous: Richard Branson is Founder & CEO of the Virgin Group which oversees 400 companies worldwide. Since the 1970′s Branson has amassed a net worth of over 5 Billion dollars. A very funny and entertaining talk by Rory Sutherland, Creative Director at the Ogilvy Group, that explores the relationship between reality and perceptions and the way these effect our beliefs and behaviours. French product and interior designer, Phillip Starck, famous for his democratic, for the masses approach to design, discusses his philosophy of creative thinking and evolution of intelligence. This talk from 2003 is still relevant today. Entreprenuer Derek Sivers delivers a humorous anecdote on leadership. [front image via here]

The Psychology of Getting More Done (in Less Time) In today’s busy world, we’ve become a people obsessed with productivity and “work hacks.” Getting more done in less time allows us to get ahead, and even gives us more availability to do the things we love outside of work. The problem we run into is that it is easy to get motivated, but hard to stay disciplined. Most of us look at productivity in the wrong way: task management tools are shiny at first and then go unused. At Help Scout we hold the belief that “achievement isn’t about doing everything, it’s about doing the right things.” Focus and consistency are the bread-and-butter of being truly productive. Productivity in a 3 Minute Video I collaborated with Mitchell Moffit of the ASAPscience team to create the above video. Click play to learn… Why worrying about having “more willpower” is a fool’s game.How world class experts stay productive… and what they do differently.The reason why better energy management = a more productive you.Big pitfalls that lead to busywork and procrastination.

Must-Read Personal Essays and Long-Form Features to Relax With Today Whether you’re poolside with your iPad or sitting indoors surfing the web from you bed, today is the perfect time to kick back and do a little just-because reading. I wanted to pull together a collection of my favorite personal essays and long-form features for you guys to indulge in before professors start doling out the 100+ page reading assignments. Take this last opportunity to relax and read what you want to read. “You Should Date an Illiterate Girl” by Charles Warnke: Before ThoughtCatalog ditched the thought provoking essays in favor of click-friendly Reddit round-up lists, they had a talented stable of writers and truly smart content. “You Should Date a Girl Who Reads” by Rosmarie Urquico: You’ve probably seen quotes from Rosmarie’s great post floating around Tumblr, but take a minute to read the whole thing. “Out in the Great Alone” by Brian Phillips: I love finding well-written, in-dept articles on really obscure topics, and just getting lost in them.

How to Be Happy (Research) While happiness is defined by the individual, I’ve always felt it foolish to declare that nothing can be learned from observing the happiness of others. Examining how to be happy is benefitted from observing the patterns of others, and then taking only what you find useful. Inspiration is the goal, not rigid rules on being happy. I’ve gone over dozens of research papers in the pursuit of learning more about the subject — happiness in work and life is a topic to take seriously, so I’m always on the hunt for inspiration and insight. Below I’ll cover a few of my favorite studies. 1. Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less. Thoughtful words from C.S. For instance, a variety of research suggests that self-esteem that is bound to external success can be a fickle beast — certain students who tied their self-esteem to their grades experienced small boosts when they received an acceptance letter (grad school), but harsh drops in self-esteem when they were rejected.

10 Must Read Advertising Books Many different people will give you reading lists when you're either studying advertising, or are a professional practicing the craft. There are tens of thousands of books on the subject, a new one is released every day. But there are some that have stood the test of time, and remain required reading. If you're in the communication business, be it advertising, marketing, public relations, design or anything else, these books should have a permanent place in your library. 1. Very few advertising books are as easy and enjoyable to read. 2. David Ogilvy was an advertising legend. 3. Possibly the longest title ever written for an advertising book, and yet it doesn't make the information inside any less punchy. 4. What if you see a black and white cow after only ever seeing brown cows? 5. Great account planning ensures that advertising connects with the customers. 6. We see thousands of advertising messages every day. 7. 8. 9. How does creativity work? 10.

Handbook for Life: 52 Tips for Happiness and Productivity By Leo Babauta This is something I’ve been wanting to write for some time — a Handbook for Life. Now, is there any handbook that can be a guide to every single person? It’ll also become apparent from the links in this handbook that I’ve written about this stuff before. How to use this handbook This handbook is not meant to be a step-by-step guide, nor should you adopt all the tips below. Pick and choose the tips that will be most useful to you. 52 Tips for Happiness and Productivity Try rising early. 5 Must-Read Books for Every Entrepreneur This Summer Whether you’re on a plane traveling to your next meeting, taking vacation on the beach, or out on the prairie, there are five must-read books you need to bring with you. It’s a list of new bestsellers and old classics and, no matter the season, every entrepreneur should have a well-read, dog-eared copy of each on their shelf. 1. Why it’s a must read: There are individuals out there who still believe social media is a waste of time or that it doesn’t produce results. Related: The 3 Best Books For Entrepreneurs to Return To, Again and Again 2. Why it’s a must read: We’ve seen company after company self-destruct on social media, whether it’s because they said something wrong or didn’t say anything at all. 3. Think of all the greats, like Warren Buffett or Bill Gates or Oprah, the people revered for their business acumen. Related: 4 Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read Why it’s a must read: For starters, it’s inspirational. 4. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. 5.

List of English-language idioms This is a list of notable idioms in the English language. An idiom is a common word or phrase with a culturally understood meaning that differs from what its composite words' denotations would suggest. For example, an English speaker would understand the phrase "kick the bucket" to mean "to die" – and also to actually kick a bucket. Furthermore, they would understand when each meaning is being used in context. An idiom is not to be confused with other figures of speech such as a metaphor, which invokes an image by use of implicit comparisons (e.g., "the man of steel" ); a simile, which invokes an image by use of explicit comparisons (e.g., "faster than a speeding bullet"); and hyperbole, which exaggerates an image beyond truthfulness (e.g., like "missed by a mile" ). Visit Wiktionary's Category for over eight thousand idioms. See also[edit] References[edit] Jump up ^ "A bitter pill". Notes[edit]

Bill Gates's Favorite Business Book - WSJ You can do anything, if you stop trying to do everything 3.1k shares Share on Facebook Share on Twitter All that porn isn’t helping you. Productivity porn, that is. It’s actually quite simple. Let’s break it into three: 1. What does it mean to have a flair for something? Say you’re Tiger Woods, aged 10. The problem is, too many of us lead lives like those driving lessons: ceaselessly doing something we hate, solely to get through it. DO NOT FOR A SECOND believe it is enough to ‘work hard’. 2. “But wait! Well of course. Take a hard look at almost anyone who is really successful, and consider: did they apply for an existing position by winning an interview? If you’re a wannabe musician, you don’t necessarily need to be discovered by a label anymore. One caveat: you have to be good enough, and you have to persist. Good jobs are disappearing in today’s world, but there’s never been so many great ones. 3. Getting something done can be like surviving a meteor storm of distractions. To survive, you need a shield. Keep reading Comments