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Pages Matam - "Piñata" (NPS 2013)

Pages Matam - "Piñata" (NPS 2013)
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The Bechdel Test needs an update: We’ve set the bar for female representation too low. 20th Century Fox The Bechdel Test, the brainchild of cartoonist Alison Bechdel, bubbled out of a 1985 comic strip called Dykes to Watch Out For. It was Bechdel’s modest proposal for assessing how well a given film represented its female characters, and it went like so: Do you, movie, feature two or more named women? Katy Waldman is a Slate assistant editor. Follow The tongue-in-cheek standard caught fire, first on the Internet and then offline. And it has started to work. This is happy news, mostly. I reached out to some female critics and writers to get a sense of what their revised BT might look like. So what’s a better measure? Writer Roxane Gay went full-on fantasy league in a six-part wish list for a revised test, reproduced below. 1. Sounds like a great movie.

No More "Allies" | by Mia McKenzie I’m kinda over the term “ally.” Between Tim Wise’s recent (but not new) bullshit, a recent visit to a college where some so-called allies don’t even understand basic racism 101, and the constant cookie-seeking of people who just can’t do the right thing unless they are sure they’re gonna get some kind of credit for it, I’m done. Allyship is not supposed to look like this, folks. It’s not supposed to be about you. It’s not supposed to be about your feelings. The Mako Mori Test: 'Pacific Rim' inspires a Bechdel Test alternative Fans of feminist film, or any lovers of media with strong female characters, might have a hard time justifying why they love certain movies. But the Mako Mori test, named after a Pacific Rim character at the center of a controversy, is attempting to change the conversation about what constitutes "strong women" in film. It's no secret that Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro's $200 million love song to Japanese pop culture, was a risky venture from the start. But despite what seems to be an infatuated, deeply loyal fanbase—last weekend saw an entire online fan convention, JaegerCon, complete with an appearance from del Toro himself—Pacific Rim has encountered trouble from an unexpected source: the Bechdel Test. When Allison Bechdel's comic Dykes to Watch Out For introduced the concept of the Bechdel Test to pop culture in 1985, the female character espousing the rule wryly commented that the last movie they'd been able to see in a theatre was 1978's Alien. Illustration by rhezm/deviantART

Petition for men against prostitution DEUTSCH - ENGLISH - ESPAÑOL - FRANCAIS - ITALIANO - PORTUGUÊS - SUOMI - SVENSKРУССКИЙ - БЪЛГАРСКИ ЕЗИК - 中文 sept. 2011 Is prostitution a “human right”? A form of “freedom for women”? A necessary evil to satisfy men’s “uncontrollable urges”? We the signatories of this manifesto, men of all ages, origins, professions and social status, refuse to reduce our sexuality to a financial transaction. NO to the human meat market that pushes the poorest and most vulnerable into renting out their mouths or their vaginas! The expression “The right to prostitute oneself,” is often bandied about. In application of the principle of male-female equality, we request that the competent authorities Paying for access to the most-private parts of the body of a person who feels no desire has nothing to do with a business contract based on freedom and equality. That world is possible, and its construction is already underway. The situation in Germany and the Netherlands is exactly the opposite. Like this:

Des violences faites aux femmes à Angoulême Alors que les manifestations en faveur du droit à l’avortement se multiplient, deux expositions au Festival d’Angoulême racontent en dessins la cruelle réalité des violences, physiques ou morales, que subissent les femmes. La première, «En chemin, elle rencontre…», est installée symboliquement au Tribunal d’Angoulême. Elle décrit les injustices faites à la condition féminine, en France et ailleurs. Il y est aussi bien question du monde du travail et des conjoints violents que de l’excision. La seconde est la très belle expo coréenne, «Fleurs qui ne se fanent pas…», au Théâtre d’Angoulême : un hommage aux «femmes de réconfort», doux euphémisme pour raconter le sort de milliers de jeunes filles, coréennes, mais aussi chinoises, philippines, indonésiennes, enrôlées de force dans les bordels ambulants de l’armée japonaise. Marie Moinard explique très bien qu’en fonction des publics elle choisit d’afficher, ou pas, certaines images qui peuvent choquer. Laure Garcia » SPECIAL.

Ted Bunch gives a "Call to Men" When Ted Bunch, co-founder of A Call to Men — a national association of men and women committed to ending violence against women — talks about manhood, he doesn’t limit himself to the man’s side of the story. Last night, Bunch gave a talk in Huntsman Hall on how contemporary values and conceptions of manhood affect not only men but also women. Bunch’s first question, after listing some of the many ways that women have suffered violence by men, was simply: “Who’s perpetrating the violence?” He answered that the blame falls on only “about 15 to 20 percent of men.” However, it’s this “small amount of men who’s causing the largest amount of injury to women,” he added. Related: Students dance in protest of violence against women Bunch suggested that many women, no matter their age or background, carry a latent fear of men and the violence they could potentially inflict. But women’s attempts to address or confront that fear are often complicated by some men’s views of them as property.

« Pour le dire », un spectacle de la Cie Théâtre... « Pour le dire », un spectacle de la Cie Théâtre en Action, une pièce écrite et interprétée par Camille Guillon Courtin. « Parce qu’il ne suffit pas, malheureusement, de porter plainte pour que justice soit faite. Parce qu’il ne suffit pas non plus de se dire que « c’est du passé » pour pouvoir à nouveau avancer. Les agressions sexuelles laissent une blessure complexe, emprunte de culpabilité et de honte. Si la justice des tribunaux se retrouve souvent impuissante face à de tel actes (manque de preuves, procédures complexes, plaignants découragés etc) il ne faut pas pour autant se résigner ni se taire.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt says he is a feminist I'm going to tell you a little story about a man. A great man. A man named Joseph Gordon-Levitt. You know what, I think I'll put that picture in here again. OK, one more time. Dear God, yes. Anyway! As a young, distressingly handsome child actor growing up in L.A., Joseph Gordon-Levitt watched a lot of Laker games with his family. (That's basketball for those of you who don't follow sportsball.) And whenever the cheerleaders would show up, his mom would make an interesting observation. (Not Joseph Gordon-Levitt's mom.) Why is it that all the dudes get to be celebrated for what they do? While the ladies only get celebrated for what they look like. It just didn't seem fair. And as a result... O.M.G. Here he is, 20-ish years later, telling Ellen all about it.

This Inspiring Photo Series Dresses Little Girls as Feminist Icons Who needs Disney princesses when you've got real-life heroines to admire? That's the thinking behind Because of Them We Can, the inspiring new photo project by Eunique Jones. The series features photos of little girls dressed as influential women alongside famous quotes. It is objectively the most adorable list of feminist icons ever created. Jones, a mother of two, launched her Because of Them We Can project last year in honor of Black History Month. Jones writes on her website, "The same way that Because of Them We Can has helped expand the conversation in the African American community is the same way we want to expand the conversation in others. ... The importance of taking time to teach our children about important female figures can't be overstated. Check out the project's awesome photos below. Image Credit (All): Eunique Jones Julianne Ross Julianne is an editor at PolicyMic focusing on feminism, gender, sexuality and pop culture.