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Pages Matam - "Piñata" (NPS 2013)

Pages Matam - "Piñata" (NPS 2013)

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The Bechdel Test needs an update: We’ve set the bar for female representation too low. 20th Century Fox The Bechdel Test, the brainchild of cartoonist Alison Bechdel, bubbled out of a 1985 comic strip called Dykes to Watch Out For. It was Bechdel’s modest proposal for assessing how well a given film represented its female characters, and it went like so: Do you, movie, feature two or more named women? Your Friends and Rapists — Medium, Long That summer I only listened to “Ceremony” and I remember it didn’t rain. I was nineteen years old. It was the summer after my second year at the University of Western Ontario, which would also be my last year at the University of Western Ontario, and I took a job advertised to students. The job was to get in a van and take a yellow pad of sign-up forms and a pen and wear comfortable shoes (no flip-flops) and sell fixed-price natural gas to anyone who could be convinced they were paying too much for broken-price natural gas. It was a blank summer. Every day seemed of exactly the same quality.

15 Rape Jokes That Work Lindy West, Jessica Valenti, and Jonnie Marbles have already written everything I would have to say, and quite a bit more, about the latest Daniel Tosh rape joke controversy. So here’s what I have to add to the conversation: an even longer list (including some mentioned by Lindy, Jessica, and Jonnie) of rape jokes that work as jokes–which is to say, A) they’re constructed so that rape victims are not the butt of the joke, and B) they made me laugh. Emphasis on the “me” there. Not everyone’s going to agree, and some people are going to think I’m a bad feminist, which, what else is new. But I want to be able to link to this post in the future, when this happens again–because it always does–and hordes of young men start screaming–because they always do–that feminists are trying to take all the funny out of comedy AGAIN.

The Mako Mori Test: 'Pacific Rim' inspires a Bechdel Test alternative Fans of feminist film, or any lovers of media with strong female characters, might have a hard time justifying why they love certain movies. But the Mako Mori test, named after a Pacific Rim character at the center of a controversy, is attempting to change the conversation about what constitutes "strong women" in film. It's no secret that Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro's $200 million love song to Japanese pop culture, was a risky venture from the start. How to Make a Rape Joke When I was about 13 years old I saw Richard Pryor's masterpiece "Live in Concert" In it, he has a bit about how women ought to have pussies that can clamp down on a dick, like female dogs do, so that if they're raped, they can just take the rapist right down to the police with his dick trapped inside. (Sorry, can't find a YouTube clip from where I am right now) It's a funny bit, but the piece that blew my mind as a young teen girl was a part when he pauses and muses about how fucked up rape is, he asks how someone could "just take someone else's humanity like that". He doesn't stop for any kudos at that line - he just barrels ahead with the rest of the bit. I never, ever forgot it though.

Is Date Rape Funny? Seth Rogen Explains It All For You Just want to point out, if this changes anything for anyone... (not that anyone's comments thus far haven't been valid. It is unbelievably wrongheaded and truly gross for both rogen and faris to characterize that scene in such a way to make it seem excusable or funny) This Inspiring Photo Series Dresses Little Girls as Feminist Icons Who needs Disney princesses when you've got real-life heroines to admire? That's the thinking behind Because of Them We Can, the inspiring new photo project by Eunique Jones. The series features photos of little girls dressed as influential women alongside famous quotes. It is objectively the most adorable list of feminist icons ever created.

A woman walks into a rape, uh, bar A woman walks into a rape, uh, bar. She rapes the rapist, “Hey, rape kind of rape do you think I should rape?” The rapist rapes, “Don’t ask rape! I’m just a rapist!” Ha ha ha ha ha! Roger Weiss Studies The Hypocrisy Of Beauty In A Series Of Photos Which Distort The Objectification Of Women Artist Studies The Hypocrisy Of Beauty In A Series Of Photos Which Distort The Objectification Of Women Roger Weiss is a Swiss-born photographer, who displays in his work the obsession with the human form and try to touch in his work, issues such as the objectification of women. Human Dilations is a study in the feminine form and foray into the subject of beauty and it’s stereotypes. A woman is often boiled down info a series of visual queues that objectify and define her.