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‎ Home :: SSRN Defrosting the Digital Library: Bibliographic Tools for the Next Generation Web Many scientists now manage the bulk of their bibliographic information electronically, thereby organizing their publications and citation material from digital libraries. However, a library has been described as “thought in cold storage,” and unfortunately many digital libraries can be cold, impersonal, isolated, and inaccessible places. In this Review, we discuss the current chilly state of digital libraries for the computational biologist, including PubMed, IEEE Xplore, the ACM digital library, ISI Web of Knowledge, Scopus, Citeseer, arXiv, DBLP, and Google Scholar. We illustrate the current process of using these libraries with a typical workflow, and highlight problems with managing data and metadata using URIs. We then examine a range of new applications such as Zotero, Mendeley, Mekentosj Papers, MyNCBI, CiteULike, Connotea, and HubMed that exploit the Web to make these digital libraries more personal, sociable, integrated, and accessible places. Published: October 31, 2008

Improving the reporting of public health intervention research: advancing TREND and CONSORT Rebecca Armstrong, Senior Research Fellow1,2, Elizabeth Waters, Professorial Fellow, Public Health and Health Equity1,2, Laurence Moore, Professor and Director3, Elisha Riggs, Research Fellow2, Luis Gabriel Cuervo, MD, Unit Chief, Research Promotion and Development4, Pisake Lumbiganon, Professor in Ob & Gyn5 and Penelope Hawe, Professor, Markin Chair in Health and Society & Alberta Heritage, Foundation for Medical Research Health ScientistThe views expressed in this publication do not necessarily represent those of the organisations within which authors are employed.6 + Author Affiliations Address correspondence to Rebecca Armstrong, E-mail: Background Evidence-based public health decision-making depends on high quality and transparent accounts of what interventions are effective, for whom, how and at what cost. Keywords Introduction Value of CONSORT and TREND in improving the reporting of primary research Reporting INTRODUCTION/BACKGROUND Sustainability

Black Holes Won’t Incinerate You, After All “You wait for a gem in an endless sea of blah.” -Lawrence Grossman On the one hand, we have General Relativity, our theory of space, time, and gravity. Image credit: Wikimedia commons user Johnstone; Earth from NASA’s Galileo mission. It describes the Universe on both large and small scales perfectly, from the hot Big Bang to our cold accelerating expansion, from vast superclusters of galaxies down to the interiors of black holes. Image credit: NASA, ESA, M. But General Relativity doesn’t tell us everything. But that does include, when an excessive amount of mass/energy gets concentrated in one region of spacetime, black holes. Image credit: anrophysics 2008-09, via Bangkok Patana School But if you want to properly describe the matter and radiation that lives in this spacetime, you need something else. You need equations and laws that govern each individual quantum of energy and all of their interactions. Image credit: The Particle Adventure / CPEP / LBNL.

Home - Preprint Server arXiv Friendly Journals Which Journals Are Okay With Preprint Servers like arXiv? Publication in Genetics/Genomics is seriously thinking of embracing what Physicists have been doing for a while, that is making their papers available online on preprint servers like arXiv before the peer-reviewed publication. In the era where social media rules, the preprint servers offer a great opportunity to increase the reach of the paper, get fast feedback, and improve the quality of the paper. This is a huge change and not all journals (or scientists) have warmed up to the idea of pre-publishing on preprint servers. Preprint Friendly Journals Top journals like Science and Nature have a clear policy on accepting non-profit preprint articles, but other specialized journals have yet to come up with a clear policy. Hope that the list grows and help the researchers to try the open-review preprint servers like arXiv before publishing in their domain of journals. Science Nature Oxford Journals [Update]

2015 - PLOS Medicine - RECORD.pdf Particle Decays Point to an Arrow of Time +Enlarge image Time moves irrevocably in one direction. Things get old, decay, and fall apart, but they rarely ever reassemble and grow young. But at the particle level, time’s arrow is not so clearly defined. In trying to understand the nature of particle interactions, observing the behavior of those interactions under different symmetry transformations has proven invaluable in formulating and verifying the fundamental theory. It is, however, possible to infer time-reversal violation (TRV) through observations of CP violation in K and B meson decays using the CPT theorem. Using a method suggested previously [6], Lees et al. of the BaBar collaboration have now observed an explicit time-reversal violation in the decay of mesons [1]. One of the keys to identifying the various meson combinations is the energetic, asymmetric collider of the PEP-II at SLAC. References J. About the Author: Michael Zeller

Design Research Techniques | Case Studies Authour: Thuy Linh Do Edited by Christine Keene Overview Secondary Research is a common research method; it involves using information that others have gathered through primary research. Advantages The information already exists and is readily available -> quick & low cost Helps guide the focus of any subsequent primary research being conducted Internal secondary data […] Authours: Jeff Ranson & Margaret Lahn Edited by Christine Keene Problem Innovations communicated verbally are often difficult to imagine. Since they are abstract ideas, it is difficult to get a sense of what they will look and feel like. Solution Rapid prototyping is the act of creating a low-fidelity object for the purpose of testing […] Authour:Alex Leitch Edited by Christine Keene Overview Rapid prototyping with CNC tools is a continuation of the sketch processes to develop a physical product. Authour: D.

PrintedScholar - Your online source for posting and reviewing journal articles. 2015 - PLoS One - RECORD Methods.pdf What else could the Higgs be? On July 4, scientists around the world popped open champagne bottles and toasted the culmination of nearly five decades of research. They had discovered a new particle, one that looked awfully similar to the long-sought Higgs boson. The Higgs boson has for decades been the last missing piece of the Standard Model of particle physics. “If it’s the Standard Model Higgs boson, the picture will be complete, but it won’t be satisfying,” says Eilam Gross, co-convener of the ATLAS Higgs physics group. As the theory tells it, particles gain mass by wading through a kind of force field. In return, the Higgs boson gains mass through its interactions with other particles—and through its interactions with itself. Interactions with one group of particles add huge amounts of mass to the Higgs, and interactions with another, smaller group of particles subtract it. If the particle is indeed a Higgs boson, theories beyond the Standard Model can account for its confusing mass. Extra dimensions: New worlds

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