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Design Research Techniques Authour: Thuy Linh Do Edited by Christine Keene Overview Secondary Research is a common research method; it involves using information that others have gathered through primary research. Advantages The information already exists and is readily available -> quick & low cost Helps guide the focus of any subsequent primary research being conducted Internal secondary data […] Authours: Jeff Ranson & Margaret Lahn Edited by Christine Keene Problem Innovations communicated verbally are often difficult to imagine. Since they are abstract ideas, it is difficult to get a sense of what they will look and feel like. Solution Rapid prototyping is the act of creating a low-fidelity object for the purpose of testing […]

Improving the reporting of public health intervention research: advancing TREND and CONSORT Rebecca Armstrong, Senior Research Fellow1,2, Elizabeth Waters, Professorial Fellow, Public Health and Health Equity1,2, Laurence Moore, Professor and Director3, Elisha Riggs, Research Fellow2, Luis Gabriel Cuervo, MD, Unit Chief, Research Promotion and Development4, Pisake Lumbiganon, Professor in Ob & Gyn5 and Penelope Hawe, Professor, Markin Chair in Health and Society & Alberta Heritage, Foundation for Medical Research Health ScientistThe views expressed in this publication do not necessarily represent those of the organisations within which authors are employed.6 + Author Affiliations Address correspondence to Rebecca Armstrong, E-mail: Background Evidence-based public health decision-making depends on high quality and transparent accounts of what interventions are effective, for whom, how and at what cost.

Annie Dookhan Pleads Guilty to Tampering with Evidence, Obstruction BOSTON – Annie Dookhan, a former chemist at the Hinton State Laboratory Institute, pleaded guilty to 27 charges and was sentenced to state prison in connection with altering drug evidence during the testing process and obstructing justice, Attorney General Martha Coakley’s Office announced today. Dookhan, 36, of Franklin, pleaded guilty today in Suffolk Superior Court to charges of Obstruction of Justice (17 counts), Tampering with Evidence (8 counts), Perjury, and Falsely Pretending to Hold a Degree from a College or University. After the plea was entered, Superior Court Judge Carol S. Ball sentenced Dookhan to three to five years in state prison, with two years of probation to be served upon completion of that sentence. The sentence exceeds the state sentencing guidelines, which indicates a one to three year sentence for an individual with no criminal history and no violent offenses.

Does Some Deeper Level of Physics Underlie Quantum Mechanics? An Interview with Nobelist Gerard ’t Hooft VIENNA—Over the past several days, I attended a fascinating conference that explored an old idea of Einstein’s, one that was largely dismissed for decades: that quantum mechanics is not the root level of reality, but merely a hazy glimpse of something even deeper. A leading advocate is Gerard ’t Hooft of Utrecht University, who shared the 1999 Physics Nobel for helping to assemble the Standard Model of particle physics (for which, rumor has it, another Nobel will be awarded tomorrow). He and I chatted over a lunch of beef goulash and maize stew, and I thought you’d be intrigued by what he had to say.

Directory of Open Access Journals The rise and fall of the “Massively Open Online Courses”Wolfram LaaserSouth Eastern European Journal of Public Health. 2015;3(1) DOI 10.4119/UNIBI/SEEJPH-2015-57Abstract | Full Text The paper summarizes the actual debate about “massive open online courses” (MOOC), a concept that swept over like a “Tsunami” to European educators and universities since its first development in 2008. The definition of the so-called MOOCs, also referred to as a “disruptive educational innovation”, however, is not very precise and has led to some irritations and scepticism. Therefore, the ideas MOOCs rely on, will be described and the pedagogical and technological background will be explained by detailed descriptions of concrete examples. After setting the scene, the factors responsible for the initial hype about MOOCs will be analyzed as well as the upcoming criticism raised against the arguments of the MOOC proponents.

Poisson Arrival Processes A commonly used model for random, mutually independent message arrivals is the Poisson process. The Poisson distribution can be obtained by evaluating the following assumptions for arrivals during an infinitesimal short period of time delta t The probability that one arrival occurs between t and t+delta t is t + o( t), where is a constant, independent of the time t, and independent of arrivals in earlier intervals. is called the arrival rate. The number of arrivals in non-overlapping intervals are statistically independent. The probability of two or more arrivals happening during t is negligible compared to the probability of zero or one arrival, i.e., it is of the order o( t).

?articles FLICKR, JJACKOWSKIAsk a scientist—any scientist—what irks them most about publishing and they are sure to mention peer review. The process has been blamed for everything from slowing down the communication of new discoveries to introducing woeful biases to the literature. Perhaps most troubling is that few believe peer review is capable of accomplishing what it purports to do—ensuring the quality of published science. Indeed, several studies have shown that, in actuality, peer review does not elevate the quality of published science and that many published research findings are later shown to be false.

1.1 Reinforcement Learning Next: 1.2 Examples Up: 1. Introduction Previous: 1. Introduction Contents Reinforcement learning is learning what to do--how to map situations to actions--so as to maximize a numerical reward signal. MoCap Toolbox The MoCap Toolbox is a Matlab® toolbox that contains functions for the analysis and visualization of motion capture data. The toolbox is mainly aimed for the analysis of music-related movement, but might be useful in other areas of study as well. It supports the generic .c3d file format, the .tsv data format produced by the Qualisys Motion Capture system, the .mat file format produced by the Qualisys Motion Capture system, the .bvh format, and the .wii format produced by the WiiDataCapture software. To use the toolbox, you need the Matlab software.

HLA-DQB1 - major histocompatibility complex, class II, DQ beta 1 Reviewed March 2013 What is the official name of the HLA-DQB1 gene? The official name of this gene is “major histocompatibility complex, class II, DQ beta 1.” HLA-DQB1 is the gene's official symbol. The HLA-DQB1 gene is also known by other names, listed below. Freight Farms goes back to school, grows greens for Stony Brook U. Boston startup Freight Farms has partnered with dining services at Stony Brook University in New York to give students a taste of crunchy, fresh greens that are also locally grown. “They’re going to work on a few different lettuce crops to use in their salad mixes,” said Brad McNamara, co-founder of Freight Farms. The company’s primary product is a shipping container called the “Leafy Green Machine” that’s converted into a temperature-controlled hydroponic farm and tricked out to include LED lighting and water treatment — all controlled by an app on the phone.

machine learning in Python "We use scikit-learn to support leading-edge basic research [...]" "I think it's the most well-designed ML package I've seen so far." "scikit-learn's ease-of-use, performance and overall variety of algorithms implemented has proved invaluable [...]." "For these tasks, we relied on the excellent scikit-learn package for Python." "The great benefit of scikit-learn is its fast learning curve [...]" "It allows us to do AWesome stuff we would not otherwise accomplish" Crap Detection, A 21st Century Literacy One of the 21st Century Literacies Howard Rheingold talks about is Crap Detection. Though I think the need for critical thinking or analysis has been around a long time, it has become increasingly important as Alan Shapiro demonstrates in his article, The Essential Skill of Crap Detecting So how do you teach or learn this essential skill?

LIST OF STANDALONE JOURNALS Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access journals This is a list of questionable, scholarly open-access standalone journals. For journals published by a publisher, please look for the publisher on the list of publishers, here. This list is only for single, standalone journals. We recommend that scholars read the available reviews, assessments and descriptions provided here, and then decide for themselves whether they want to submit articles, serve as editors or on editorial boards. The criteria for determining predatory journals are here.