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Guide For Kidlit/YA Writers & Artists - via @inkyelbows Continuing my series on working with Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers on two new books... (Summary: After I finished illustrations for I'M BORED, Simon & Schuster BFYR offered me two blank contracts. This series is about my own experience working with S&S BFYR on my two new books; if you're interested in the process for I'M BORED, please see How I'M BORED Was Created: A Guide For Young Readers.

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 19/07/13 New tool for food systems researchers PRLog (Press Release) - Jul. 19, 2013 - ITHACA, N.Y. -- In an effort to narrow the gap between implementation of local food system projects and related academic research, a team at the University of California Davis compiled articles from peer-reviewed journals into an extensive bibliography. Their article, “Community food systems: Strengthening the research-to-practice continuum,” provides an initial analysis of the bibliography and is published in the spring 2013 issue of the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development ( “Our hope is to foster a conversation about community food systems in which research and practice are mutually reinforcing,” says co-author David Campbell of the Department of Human Ecology at UC Davis. The paper concludes with suggestions for research that responds to the challenges and unites practitioners and academics.

Writing NIH Mentored K Award Applications The following materials are from the Training in Clinical Research (TICR) course Grant Writing Workshop on Mentored Career Development Awards directed by Tom Mitchell, MPH. This course is offered annually to all members of the UCSF community free of charge. Learn more. Knitting Tips If you can locate a join at a seaming location, that is always best. You can just run the ends along the inside of the seamed edge, and it's invisible. All other joins are slightly imperfect, so best to locate them inconspicuously if possible, like under the arm of a sweater. Felting will only work with wool, and some other animal fibers. Always try a test sample first with your yarn to see if it will work, and to see if you like the results! AVMA - 2012 - Research Priorities of the American Veterinary Medical Association The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) represents the veterinary medical profession and, as of 2012, includes more than 82,600 member veterinarians, or approximately 82 percent of the veterinary medical professionals in the United States. Included in this membership is a formidable resource for tackling existing and emerging scientific problems related to both animal and human health, including more than 10,600 veterinarians with advanced training in fields such as nutrition, toxicology, epidemiology, microbiology, parasitology, pathology, laboratory animal medicine, and a multitude of veterinary clinical specialties. Further, more than 15% of the AVMA membership has a graduate degree in addition to their DVM degree, including ~ 4200 DVM/PhD members. The mission of the AVMA includes the improvement of animal and human health. Research and / or programs that address or support:

Individual Grantseekers Because most private foundations make grants only to nonprofit organizations, individuals seeking grants must follow a different funding path than public charities. You need to be both creative and flexible in your approach to seeking funding. If you are affiliated with a college or university, contact your department office. Some colleges and universities have an office for sponsored programs, which coordinates grant requests and helps researchers with finding grant opportunities. Also ask your peers and colleagues about funding sources.

Joanne Woodward Joanne Gignilliat Trimmier Woodward (born February 27, 1930) is an American actress and producer. She is perhaps best known for her Academy Award-winning role in The Three Faces of Eve (1957). Early life[edit] Career[edit] Sustainable Sciences Institute Research Funding Resources Here we offer some resources for possible research funding and seed granting programs. *Please contact us to add others to this list! • Third World Academy of Sciences The Academy offers fellowships for postgraduate and postdoctoral training, fellowships for research and collaborative projects, and research grants of up to 10,000 USD for equipment and consumables. Click on the section marked “Activities.”• (Science Careers Grants & Funding) Free database listing grant and training opportunities for students and faculty at all educational levels, including undergraduate.

Types of Ukulele There are 4 standard sizes that ukuleles come in. At, we concern ourselves only with the 'classic', the smallest, the soprano ukulele. These are what people think of when they think of a uke. They are around 21" long, cute, portable, and fun. Review: Food Fraud Application of GAO Report on Intellectual Property-Related Customs Exclusion Orders (19 US Code 1337) The Food Industry could benefit from utilizing the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Exclusion Order rules. At minimum, it is critical that ALL companies register their brands with CBP. If you don’t register your brands then you’re missing out on the possible help of CBP. In November 2015 the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report titled “Intellectual Property: US Customs and Border Protection Could Better Manage Its Process to Enforce Exclusion Orders .” The Exclusion Orders are the application of Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 (19 US Code 1337) . “The [US International Trade Commission] investigates allegations of unfair import practices, including unlicensed use of intellectual property rights such as patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

Where to Find Research Funding Opportunities - ASCB Love it or hate it, your long-term research progress usually depends on grant funding. Particularly for new PIs, getting this funding can sometimes seem like a yawning black hole that sucks in early-career researchers who will never be heard from again. But fear not, because we have some info to help you navigate this tricky task. In this post, we provide links to some of the major funding agencies and foundations that may be a good place to start looking for funding options for your pet project. (Coming back to find a specific link? We have a table of the sites linked to in this post at the bottom, for easy reference.)