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The Tech Savvy Educator : a practical guide to integrating technology

The Tech Savvy Educator : a practical guide to integrating technology

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How To Use Social Media As A Learning Tool For Homeschoolers Matching, out-of-date sweatsuits. The ability to recite lines from the Iliad in response to your peers’ discussion of a television show. Parroting your parents’ values. If you’ve paid attention to mainstream depictions of homeschooled children, these images are likely familiar. Homeschooled kids get a bad rap and are too frequently associated with social awkwardness due to a perceived lack of socialization with their peer group. E-Curriculum… 7 Key Tools Uncovering A Goldmine of E-Resources … The Digital Curriculum Part Three Everyone is talking about a digital curriculum free of those hard copy textbooks that have been a part of schooling since the advent of the one room schoolhouse. In this series I will investigate some resources that can open up a world of digital curricula. In this third post of the series, I’ll examine tools you can use to find your own amazing digital resources..

2¢ Worth Listen A few weeks ago I worked and attended North Carolina's ISTE affiliate conference. I opened the NCTIES conference with a breakfast keynote address and Marc Prensky closed it with a luncheon keynote the next day. Sadly, I missed the second day of the conference. Common Core Online Testing Methods Seriously FlawedCapitol Hill Daily It’s no secret that today’s kids are more tech-savvy than ever. Like many kids, my nephew knew how to use an iPhone before he could even walk. Now, at just four years old, he’s handier with an iPad than many adults. However, despite the fact that our society revolves around technology, parents and teachers are worried that their students lack the computer skills necessary to take the new Common Core assessments.

Blog - Will Richardson Whenever I think about the way most schools are structured today, I always come back to the same question: Do we do the things we do because they’re better for kids or because they are easier for us? For instance: separating kids by age in school. Is that something we do because kids learn better that way? Or do we do it because it’s just an easier way organizing our work? I think all of us know the answer to that. And there are quite a few other comparisons like those that are worth thinking about: 25 Next Gen Tools for the Inquiry Classroom Next gen tools provide meaningful ways teachers and students can explore, question, reflect and share–leading to Deeper Learning and blended and personalized opportunities for students. Here are 25 ideas for using next gen tools this year in your classroom. Rich Content.

Blog Don’t Just Displ... Donna Miller Fry in a post Where is the Beef? speaks directly to my own thinking when she asks: When... A Learning Visit to Ec... I was thrilled to have been invited to visit and work with teachers, administrators and parents at A... The 3 Stages of Docume... Blog Silvia Zanatta wrote how she incorporated the Classroom Habitudes into her 7th grade classroom in a wonderful post last year. Here, she updates us on her progress of using Heartbreak Mapping and the transformation she’s seen in her students—and her school. One year ago, Angela Maiers asked me to share my students’ work and experiences around Following Their Heartbreak, and what resulted was a blog post that she graciously published on her website. At that time, I had been in the midst of exploring and learning about the Classroom Habitudes and the #youmatter movement with my students. And although my class shared their learning through social media, in my own school I was alone in my journey. As I began to experience the power of these ideas and the impact they made on my students and my teaching, I became excited to share with colleagues at my school.

Tempers flare at 1st Common Core hearing as legislators clash with Flanagan, each other LANSING — Rep. Tim Kelly had to play traffic cop at times Tuesday as legislators from both sides of the aisle peppered State Superintendent Mike Flanagan and Michigan Department of Education officials with questions about the Common Core State Standards. The fireworks came during a subcommittee hearing on whether or not the legislators should give their seal of approval to continuing implementation of Common Core, one of four such hearings scheduled for the summer. The hearings came about after legislators inserted a provision in the new state budget, set to take effect Oct. 1, that blocks the education department from spending state funds to implement the standards. Beth’s Thoughts on Technology in the Classroom — This blog focuses on education, technology and learning. Repeatedly we hear the call to base everything on data driven research, not a bad idea in itself but when you live in the world of technology and innovation then it possess quite a stumbling block. How can you collect data on the future? It takes years to develop a good research plan, carry it out and draw any conclusion.

Open Educational Resources World Map The OER world map is an operational service, which allows to: input data through web formsdisplay data on a world map with basic functionalitiesfulltext search with several filters (e.g. for geographic area, country, resource type) This prototype was developed by hbz and Felix Ostrwoski from February to April 2014 with funding by the Hewlett Foundation. The Prototype The prototype consists of two applications (Drupal viewing/editing frontend and a JavaScript map) which are themselves based on an application programming interface (API) that enables programmatic interaction with the data.

Barbara Braxton The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a seer as one who “predicts events or developments” and while I can’t lay claim to having that extraordinary insight that sets such visionaries above the rest of us, in the past few weeks I have had the opportunity and privilege to see what might be in the world of libraries. While no one can accurately predict the future, nevertheless there are those who examine what has been, what is and can make a very good forecast of what will be. They undertake the research, read the reports, study the trends and draw conclusions that the astute amongst us will consider and act on so that what we are offering remains relevant and required.

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