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Franco Albini Parma n.d. I was rummaging through my stacks and came across this excellent catalog from the Triennale Museum

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the new shelton wet/dry Tragedy, ecstasy, doom, and so on { One man’s nearly three-decade quest to authenticate a potential Mark Rothko painting purchased at auction for $319.50 plus tax has turned up convincing evidence in the work’s favor, but the experts seem unlikely to issue a ruling. Rothko expert David Anfam, who published the artist’s catalogue raisonné in 1998, has been familiar with Himmelfarb’s painting since the late 1980s. The scholar even discovered a black-and-white photograph of the work in the archives held by Rothko’s family, but still declined to include the work in his book. | Art net | full story }

jillsies April 26, 2014 Shu Hung and Joseph Magliaro of Table of Contents on FVF Permalink Lisa Sigal | Hinged Painting [partition] January « 2011 « L O L I T A - Lolitas blog about fashion photography graphic design interior art lifestyle inspiration listened to nelly rodis trend seminar at formex 2011, petted porcelain with lots of glossy enamel layerings, got really sore feet and didn’t do any of the school studying i should have. The Daily Module Francis Bitonti is pushing the boundaries of 3D printed fashion with his Bristle Dress, a look-at-me-now skirt that you can print at home. And given that you probably can’t ever sit down without crushing it that’s probably about as far as you’ll want to go with it on. Leaving details like this aside, this design tour de force is one more example of where creative 3D printing can go when the imagination is unfettered by the weight of convention.

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little. lovely. Lovely ideas for little people. You could say I was a little late to the Instagram party. (And when I say late I don't mean fashionably late, I mean had no idea the party was even on.) Now I'm hooked. I've been spending more and more time marvelling at the lovely that so many people capture during their daily lives. 12 Creative and Cool Paper Camera Designs. Collection of ‘Creative and Cool Paper Camera Designs' from all over the world. Paper Camera by Corbis Readymech: Print out the plans, glue the camera together and follow the photography directions on the rear. Pentax Paper Camera: This paper model Pentax camera is the most realistic paper camera we've come across. Allhitecture Images of a major project that will transform a key precinct of Sydney are to be featured in an exhibition at the prestigious Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. The images are digital renderings of the HASSELL + Populous designed Sydney International Concept & Competition concept design culture featured ftnews HASSELL MoMA in New York museum Museum of Modern Art New York Populous USA

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