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Stopping off place

Stopping off place
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the new shelton wet/dry Tragedy, ecstasy, doom, and so on { One man’s nearly three-decade quest to authenticate a potential Mark Rothko painting purchased at auction for $319.50 plus tax has turned up convincing evidence in the work’s favor, but the experts seem unlikely to issue a ruling. Rothko expert David Anfam, who published the artist’s catalogue raisonné in 1998, has been familiar with Himmelfarb’s painting since the late 1980s. The scholar even discovered a black-and-white photograph of the work in the archives held by Rothko’s family, but still declined to include the work in his book. | Art net | full story } When I wake up in the afternoon, which it pleases me to do What do you want to hear first: Good news or bad news? photo { Anna Grzelewska } Let’s follow that fire truck I think your house is burnin down related { Processing new information during sleep compromises memory } photo { Daniel Bejar, The Visual Topography of a Generation Gap (Brooklyn, NY, #1), 2011 } Every day, the same, again

Retrogasm Install Theme©Install Theme© we could grow up 2gether Erzgebirge Nutcrackers, incense Smokers, Schwibbogen and Christmas Pyramids Art is my life La Musique La Musique La musique souvent me prend comme une mer! La poitrine en avant et les poumons gonflés Comme de la toile J’escalade le dos des flots amoncelés Que la nuit me voile; Je sens vibrer en moi toutes les passions D’un vaisseau qui souffre; Le bon vent, la tempête et ses convulsions Sur l’immense gouffre Me bercent. — Charles Baudelaire ” Les fleurs du mal”

I'M REVOLTING pretty colors res pulchrae Mimi Rondelle

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