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Weather in Napa - AccuWeather Forecast for CA 94559 Select interests to add to your dock Health Cold & FluAllergiesRespiratoryArthritisMigraineSinus The World Factbook The Office of Public Affairs (OPA) is the single point of contact for all inquiries about the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). We read every letter, fax, or e-mail we receive, and we will convey your comments to CIA officials outside OPA as appropriate. However, with limited staff and resources, we simply cannot respond to all who write to us. Contact Information Submit questions or comments online By postal mail: Central Intelligence Agency Office of Public Affairs Washington, D.C. 20505

Jacquie Lawson animated e-cards website Thank you! Your card will be sent shortly - usually within the next few minutes. Please note that at busy times it may take longer. Spanish Dictionary Online Translation LEXILOGOS •dictionaries & grammars edited by the Royal Spanish Academy (Real academia española) • Diccionario de la lengua española: dictionary of the Spanish language, meanings & etymology • Diccionario esencial de la lengua española: essential dictionary of the Spanish language (2006) • Diccionario panhispánico de dudas Naming Your Novel Note: How careful you have to be naming your novel depends heavily on if you are planning to sell it, and how you are planning to sell it. If you are an unknown who is self-publishing and you want a lot of people to read and buy your novel, you need to do extensive research on the market. This article only covers a few tips, and I am in no way a publishing expert.

Investment Club Accounting, Tax Preparation and Management Software - bivio Investment Clubs About Investment ClubsAbout UsTourWhy Use bivio?PricingDa Demo ClubGetting StartedClub ResourcesClub CafeTicker Research LoginFree Trial Writing Genres As students prepare to write, they need to think about the purpose of their writing: Are they writing to entertain? to inform? to persuade? Setting the purpose for writing is just as important as setting the purpose for reading, because purpose influences decisions students make about form. One of the most important considerations is the genre or form the writing will take: a story? a letter?

Charles Schwab Client Center Web Browser Information – IMPORTANT information for Windows XP users. Please be aware of the differences between brokerage products and services provided by Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., and the banking products and services provided by Charles Schwab Bank on the Customer Center. Check the background of this firm or one of its investment professionals on FINRA’s BrokerCheck. Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Brokerage products and services are not FDIC-insured, not bank-guaranteed and may lose value. Charles Schwab Bank Bank products and services are FDIC-insured up to $250,0001 and the Bank is an equal housing lender.

Dictionary – online translation – We offer translations in many different languages, ranging from colloquial and regional expressions to more technical or field-specific vocabulary. Special features include search filters, synonyms, pronunciation, sample sentences and much more. Simply choose your preferred dictionary from the list below. Help us to improve our dictionaries by suggesting new translations in the entry box at the end of the page. 6 Online Tools That Will Help The Writing Process Writing can be a difficult task for many students. Some have trouble getting started, others have trouble staying on task, and many struggle with both. Staying focused when you’re sitting at your computer and somewhat uninspired can be a disaster waiting to happen – there’s a lot of stuff to waste time with on The Interwebs!

History News Network This page features brief excerpts of stories published by the mainstream media and, less frequently, blogs, alternative media, and even obviously biased sources. The excerpts are taken directly from the websites cited in each source note. Quotation marks are not used. SOURCE: euronews 4-20-17 Berlin's street names provoke debate over forgotten colonial history Historians want to make people aware of the harsh colonial legacy in Africa that their streets are named after. SOURCE: Korea Times 4-20-17 'World's first newspaper published in Korea in 1557' Until now, the oldest was believed to be German daily Einkommende Zeitungen, whose first issue dates to 1660.

@Iqguitarist I think accuracy is perhaps the main point of Wiki. A significant problem of having an organic encyclopedia, so to speak, is that it can be open to serious abuse. A recent story here in the UK allegedly claimed a government employee(s) edited the Hillsborough Tragedy page to insert some deeply offensive and hurtful comments: The point I'm making is, continual abuse of supposed legitimate articles can only lead to a greater control of the resource, and hence the comparison to Orwell. Equally, where does the knowledge stop? If it is continually being updated and edited then the information is never stable, and so cannot be considered a fact, let alone truth. My discipline is History, and you could never write a body of history if the facts are never stable, and you would end up with a mish-mash of rights and wrongs that would contaminate the basis of the knowledge. Don't get me wrong, I think what Wiki has done is a social phenomenon, as, I would think, it is the turn-to site for a quick reference of knowledge. But it cannot be considered reliable information, and should be used as an introduction into further study, rather than being the sole basis of a person's knowledge of a thing. As they say, a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. by eatmywords Jul 2

I don't know if I agree that it is the cause of violence, but we are a visually stimulated species. I do believe that those who spend time online are improving their knowledge. As with any new toy today the user becomes involved because of something that stimulated them to participate. I put more responsibility on the parent who has the ability to control what their children choose to access - and I might think that most parents do not avail themselves of these easy resources. As a side note, I tuned into a movie the other night that was most likely rated PG13. The movie was good but at 63 years old my hearing is starting to go (most likely from my years playing loud blues guitar). I turned on the closed caption that also gave the lyrics to the music score (a movie taking place around 1200 AD in China with a modern Rap Score and the main character a Black weapons maker in early China). The music was written by the actor who was also the screen writer, Director and Producer). The movie was good but as the lyrics appeared I was glad that I was not viewing this with family. The lyrics were violent, demeaning to women, toilet trash get my point, made me want to turn off the closed caption. I enjoyed the movie and give credit to the artistic ability of such talent, but I found the music offensive. I tend to think that having the ability to access the Internet ultimately expands ones perception of ideas. With the net and social medias still in infancy most users will become bored enough in time to venture out and discover some of the more interesting and possibly educational discoveries. I was fortunate to start my experience with computers before the first IBM XT was introduced. The key is in proper guidance by educators and parents to help those young enough to understand the power of information at our fingertips. by lqguitarist Sep 23

Oh and by the way I have many pearls that allot of people would have an issue with, Some I state I don't know, check them out. Most I have checked myself and the info works in real life: example eft for addictions. I used it to kick a 40 year habbit of smoking cigaretts and have been off them for over 3 years. Happy Pearling L8trs by timepeaces Sep 23

Hey sometimes I don't get bacvk, to respond for a long long time. Anyway good point both of you, :) back in the day ok I'm ancient. the worry was kids used a calaulator to add 2 plus 2. Things havent much cahanged kids will take the shortest route to a prob solution whither they know how the result was obtained or not. Still need to check thing on the net for accuracy. Happy Pearling L8trs by timepeaces Sep 23

This is one of the things I like best - especially Wikipedia. Unlike reference text which is Static, Wikipedia constantly updates information as additional knowledge is discovered. Having a dynamic source of information is that the info is relative to the moment. This is another reason to be cautious as written references often become inaccurate as ideas and acceptance of theories become proven, or cultures change acceptance of social norms. It happens in many, if not all, fields of studies. I'm most familiar with Structural Engineering (even though most of what I link to are hobbies) and design of structures change with every building code cycle to reflect what the profession has learned through updated data for a very young documented history of building performance with each new act of nature that deviates from past records. For this reason it is important "today" to quantify when the reference was taken. Interesting, dynamic public information is less than 30 years old and we are in our infancy. This is the main argument to evolve online information as there were very few rules even 15 years ago for accuracy. I'm retired after 30-some years in the profession and I'd love to see how it has evolved a a century from now! by lqguitarist Sep 23

I meant to say "issues of accuracy can lead to problems when taking info from the Net - including Wikipedia which is improving their accuracy as the largest on-line encyclopedia is maturing. " Thank you for pointing this out. BTW, I'm sorry it took so long to respond. I don't often check my comments for this feature. by lqguitarist Sep 23

Lately I hear more often "-why I'm looking for information in books, I find what I need on the internet!" More and more students find images of information ... don't read words with information and do not use the brain to analyze these words, it is a consequence of violence in their schools and groups. by qtzptcl Sep 23

Hi Regarding inet info, I found it interesting 6 months ago when I had a prob and the doctors were refering to info they ot from the net, Sometimes it is very relivant new and just altered. of course everything must be checked and verified. Happy Pearling L8trs by timepeaces Sep 23

Selon moi, une information plus précise que nous trouver dans les livres. Ithink a more accurate information we find in books. On the internet ...there is only altered information.... by qtzptcl Sep 23

Oui, un outil fantastique. Ecrivant des articles indépendant, je l'utilise régulièrement ! by conscientia May 16

Je l'utilise de la culture personnelle. by hgoriginal Apr 19

The problem is the information is not static. The constant addition and subtraction of the information is more akin to Orwell's Ministry of Information. Who's checking the validity? Me? You? But still an impressive and valuable body of work, much like how the Ministry of Information was was implicit to the maintenance of the Party. by eatmywords Feb 29

Very useful and resourceful web site. One of my favourites. by sacirsuruliz Dec 26

Some really good points and suggestions here. There are some websites that supposedly do independent checking of information. I would also check those with other sources. I viewed a ytube vid where the person was saying a certain health procedure could not be trusted because the "powers that be" had not tested and approved it. It worked on both my brothers 5 years ago and myself. So I told the fella to test it for himself before making assumptions, His only reply was that his video was 2 yrs ago. Even the news media does not always have the facts correct. L8trs by timepeaces Aug 27

BTW, I think my starting point would be the author's footnotes - most of these are obvious and the sources can immediately be verified or called into question where you can then seek other sources of verification. by lqguitarist Aug 27

The user can point out and error and offer a correction, but Wikipedia will then quarantee the reference until it is verified. The problem is the references used before the error is caught. I would be careful when using Wikipedia as a reference for school or legal documents where accuracy can lead you into trouble. by lqguitarist Aug 27

Very true Even just Music vids it is good to read replys . actually anything posted on the net then check it out further. There is allot of good info on the net but there is also bad. One has to decide what is valuable. by timepeaces Feb 27

I worship the site, though my family distrusts it because they've heard special-interest groups put lies on their own page, like scientology or mormons, etc. If I'm worried about something I read, I read the log traffic and find out rapidly if a page has extreme discord involved in its authorship. I think that is more useful to see the real contention about a topic than to just accept what Encyclopedia Britannica decided was right. by alendar Feb 26

Check out the featured article of the day! by cosmicfrog Apr 1

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