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Farscape (TV Series 1999–2003 StarCraft Wiki Orange is the New Black Wiki The Jim Henson Company series: 1998-2002; 88 x 60" episodes miniseries: "Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars" 2004; 2 x 120" episodes webisodes: currently in development Astronaut John Crichton assumes he'll be home in time for dinner. But a freak accident during an experimental space mission catapults him across a thousand galaxies to an alien battlefield. Suddenly, he's trapped among alien creatures wielding deadly technology - a battle that 20th century sci-fi pop culture never prepared him for. Thus began the epic adventure "Farscape", the groundbreaking award-winning sci-fi production that has become a fan favorite around the world. The Farscape universe will continue to be explored with new online webisodes produced by The Jim Henson Company and RHI Entertainment in partnership with SCI

the free encyclopedia Tardis Data Core, the Doctor Who wiki Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki World of Warcraft universe guide - WoWWiki Ex Astris Scientia - Bernd Schneider's Star Trek Site Starship Troopers Wiki - Roughnecks Chronicles Leviathan - Leviathans Wiki Origin Edit The word Leviathan in modern parlance is used to describe lighter than air vessels that acheive lift through the use of electroid, though the word is primarily used in English speaking countries. The original usage of the word 'Leviathan' dates back to the Old Testament of the Bible, where the Leviathan is a terrible sea monster of enormous size. Usage "Leviathan" can be used to describe any lighter than air, electroid lifted vessel, regardless of country of origin, although those countries might have their own word. History Principles of Operation Types Battleship (Type IV) Armored/Protected Cruiser (Type III) Light Cruiser (Type II) Destroyer (Type I)

The Oracle of Bacon Hopefully, you've played around a bit with The Oracle of Bacon and discovered how few steps are necessary to link just about anybody who has ever been in a movie to Kevin Bacon, but could there be some actor or actress who is even closer to the center of the Hollywood universe? The answer turns out to be: yes. By processing all of the 2.6 million people in the Internet Movie Database I discovered that there are currently 369 people who are better centers than Kevin Bacon! That means that there is 1 person who can be linked in 0 steps (Bacon himself), 2769 people who can be linked in 1 step, 305215 people who can be linked in 2 steps, etc. So the average Bacon Number is about 2.994. By computing the average of these numbers we see that the average Connery Number is about 2.937 making Connery a better center than Bacon. Is there a "worst" center (or most obscure actor) in the Hollywood universe?

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