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Tools to create, engage, and share.

Tools to create, engage, and share.

HOTandThinkertools - home Litemind - Exploring ways to use our minds efficiently. Technology and Education | Box of Tricks Create Great Diagrams Using Cacoo & Google Drive What do you use when you need to draw a diagram? Do you do the whole thing from scratch? Do you create each and every box with a series of four lines, or do you use a program that creates the box for you? Would you go a step further and use a template? Would you appreciate ready-made images of desk furniture to design your office layout? If you’ve been contemplating drawing some sort of diagram and have no idea where to start, Cacoo is going to be an app you will love and will never forget. Cacoo’s Free Usage Cacoo is free up to a point. On the free account, you can do a trial export three times. Using Cacoo With Google Drive Cacoo is one of many great apps now available to use via Google Drive. Your Cacoo files will be stored on Google drive and backed up to all your devices using the Google Drive app. As with all Google Drive files, you can share with friends and collaborate on your files in real time. Cacoo Stencils For Diagrams Cacoo Templates For Diagrams Creating Your Cacoo Diagrams

Kids' Book Review 27 Presentation Tips For Students And Teachers We all have to get up in front of a group of our peers and deliver a presentation at some point. Whether it’s a TED talk or a book report in your elementary school classroom, there’s a pressure and sense of nervousness that strikes us all. And that’s just the mere thought of giving a presentation. What about the actual presentation itself ? How do you make it successful and awesome? In an effort to help you become the next Steve Jobs of presenting, here are more than two dozen different presentation tips perfect for both students and teachers alike. Personally, I like the ‘visualize’ tip as it gets you a bit looser and thinking about something other than your own presentation. Source: Mia MacMeekin

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