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Tutorials, Programs, Code Examples, Questions and Answers, MCQs for IT Students and Professionals. Interview questions and answers, Interview experiences, Aptitude, Reasoning, Current affairs, CV, GD, Test etc. Evaluation Toolbox. Monitoring and Evaluation NEWS – A news service focusing on developments in monitoring and evaluation methods relevant to development programmes with social development objectives. Managed by Rick Davies, since 1997. Complexity map castellani map of complexity science. Project Controls - planning, scheduling, cost management and forensic analysis (Planning Planet) Pert Distribution - Fitting to Data, Graphs, Random Numbers, Using in Excel, Applications.

Distribution Fitting Software & Articles EasyFit: select the best fitting distribution and use it to make better decisions. learn more Parameters (most likely value) - mode parameter ( - boundary parameters ( Domain Description The Pert distribution is a special case of the Beta distribution specified by the following parameters: Probability Density Function (PDF) Pert Distribution Fitting EasyFit allows to automatically or manually fit the Pert distribution and 55 additional distributions to your data, compare the results, and select the best fitting model using the goodness of fit tests and interactive graphs.

Pert Distribution - Fitting to Data, Graphs, Random Numbers, Using in Excel, Applications

Pert Distribution Graphs and Properties EasyFit displays all graphs and properties of the Pert distribution, presenting the results in an easy to read & understand manner. Random Numbers from the Pert Distribution You can easily generate random numbers from the Pert distribution in a variety of ways: Project and stakeholder management topics. The official site for Earned Schedule information. PMWorld Library — A Global Resource for Continuous Learning in Program and Project Management.

Volume VII, Issue 7 – July 2018 - Project Management World Journal. Planning and Scheduling. "Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

Planning and Scheduling

" Warren Buffett. completion. To achieve this, the CIOB have adopted a three-phase strategy to develop the required standards for the performance of effective time control. The CIOB’s Policy Statement defines their 3 phase approach to improving schedule management in the construction industry. Mosaic's Patrick Weaver is a member of the group of international planners and schedulers working on this project. The key person driving the report and the on-going work by CIOB to develop the 'Best Practice' standard and scheduling certification was Keith Pickavance, former CIOB President and Keynote speaker at PM Asia 2008.

We definitely expect to see the management of 'time risks' improved from this work and the comparable efforts being lead by Planning Planet and the PMI Scheduling Community of Practice. One of the foundations for successful project management is to start with the right schedule. The APMG Public-Private Partnerships Certification Program. Cómo obtener la Ruta Crítica de un Proyecto (Critical Path Method) El método de la Ruta Crítica conocida también por CPM por sus siglas en inglés (Critical Path Method) es una metodología de la Gestión de Proyectos que nos permite entre otros aspectos estimar la duración de un Proyecto.

Cómo obtener la Ruta Crítica de un Proyecto (Critical Path Method)

Para este propósito es necesario conocer las actividades que contempla el proyecto, su duración en una unidad de tiempo y el orden en el cuál deben ser realizadas (por ejemplo, algunas actividades se pueden desarrollar sólo cuando una o varias actividades previas o predecesoras han sido completadas). El ejemplo a continuación muestra en detalle la aplicación del Método de Ruta Crítica a un proyecto que consta de 9 actividades cuyos tiempos estimados se encuentran en semanas. Adicionalmente en la columna “Predecesor” se establece el orden en el cual se deben realizar las distintas actividades, por ejemplo, la Actividad G se puede realizar una vez completada las Actividades D y F. Holgura = IL – IC = TL – TC Rating: 4.1. QUE IMPORTANCIA TIENE EL ZOOP. MOMENTO 3 Marzo 2-2015 ZOPP es la sigla de la denominación alemana “Zielorientierte Projektplanung” Su significado: Planeación de Proyectos Orientada a Objetivos.


Es una metodología de un grupo de trabajo planifican las acciones a realizar y su secuencia para alcanzar los objetivos. Welcome to Upgrading Urban Communities. ZOPP : Goal Oriented Project Planning. The ZOPP approach ((Zielorientierte Projektplanung, or GOPP- Goal Oriented Project Planning - as it is sometimes presented in English) is used and promoted by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ - German Technical Cooperation).

ZOPP : Goal Oriented Project Planning

The approach provides a systematic structure for identification, planning, and management of projects developed again in a workshop setting, with principal interest groups. The ZOPPs output is a planning matrix – the logical project framework – which summarizes and structures the main elements of a project and highlights logical linkages between intended inputs, planned activities and expected results. The ZOPP approach is used for essentially all German funded projects and is a prerequisite for funding approval. We have adopted the label ‘ZOPP’ to encompass all of the logical framework methodologies in deference to its principal initiators, the German development agencies and particularly the GTZ.

Improving the design of innovation, knowledge, and learning projects through people, computing, ICT, processes, and systems. Project Management for Construction. Project Management for Construction. LeadingAnswers: Leadership and Agile Project Management Blog. Explicando Scrum a mi abuela - Jorge Serrano - MVP Visual Developer - Visual Basic. ¿Proyectos complejos? ¿Necesitas resultados? Conoce Scrum. Project Management - Plan using Critical Chain; execute the Kanban Way. Mind Tools: Management Training and Leadership Training. PMI - the World’s Leading Professional Association for Project Management.

Project Management Articles - PM Hut. CAPM Certification. Ready to apply?

CAPM Certification

Register and log in to get started. PMI’s Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® is a valuable entry-level certification for project practitioners. Designed for those with little or no project experience, the CAPM® demonstrates your understanding of the fundamental knowledge, terminology and processes of effective project management. Whether you are new to project management, or already serving as a subject matter expert on project teams, the CAPM can get your career on the right path or take it to the next level.

Who should apply? If you’re a less experienced project practitioner looking to demonstrate your commitment to project management, improve your ability to manage larger projects and earn additional responsibility, and stand out to potential employers, the CAPM certification is right for you. CAPM Eligibility Overview To apply for the CAPM, you need to have: This is an overview of the requirements.