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Create an Explosive Cover with Precise Photo Manipulation Techniques

Create an Explosive Cover with Precise Photo Manipulation Techniques
In this tutorial, we're going to make a creative illustration in a style meant for a video game cover or sci-fi book cover. We'll create this with mostly photo manipulation techniques. With some cool Photoshop options you can turn all the photos you chose, into one stunning looking explosive cover. It's amazing, how easy this can be done, all you need is just a good idea and some solid basics in Photoshop. Final Image Preview Let's take a look at the image we'll be creating. Step 1 Open this picture of a masked woman. Start repairing the photo by copying some part of the right side of the mask, and applying it to the missing part of the left side. Step 2 Now that you have still selected this little piece, lower its Opacity just a touch. Step 3 Now grab the Eraser Tool (E), set the Master Diameter to about 12px, and Hardness at 90%. Step 4 If someone has problems with repairing pictures, I recommend just to leave the picture the way it was originally. Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10 Related:  Visual ThinkingPhotoshop guidesSaved for later 3

100+ Awesome Open Courseware Links for Artists | Posted by Site Administrator in Learning Tools Nov 20th, 2008 By Kelsey Allen Whether you’re into art theory, studying ancient art or making art yourself, you can find a range of online courses and lectures that can help educate you on your field of interest. Check out these open courseware resources to learn more, get fresh perspectives and expand your artistic horizons. Introductory Courses Learn the basics from these courses geared towards the beginner. Introduction to Sculpture : This course will deal with issues central to modern sculpture like site, context, process, psychology and aesthetics as well as helping students to work with some more non-traditional materials. Images and Online Exhibits These museums and online exhibits are wonderful places to find free and public domain images for inspiration or scholarly art study . Smithsonian American Art Museum Online Exhibitions : The SAAM has a number of online exhibits that range from landscape painting to modern photography.

Colorful Light Text Effect | In this tutorial, we will create a nice bright colorful light text effect. The Final Result Tutorial Details Software Used : PhotoshopVersion : CS5 ExtendedTime : 0:30 – 0:45 Resources Step 1 Create a new 1024 x 768 px document and fill the Background with Black. Duplicate the group, then right click the copy, and choose Merge Group. Step 2 Go back to the original text group, and double click any of the layers to apply the following Layer Style: – Outer Glow Color : #fff43e Range : 100 – Inner Glow Color : #fff43e Size : 10 Range : 60 Click OK, then change the layer’s Fill value to 0. Now, we want to copy the style to the other layers in the group. This is what you should get. Step 3 Double click the original text copy layer to apply the following Layer Style: - Inner Glow Use the default values. – Bevel and Emboss Depth : 225 Size : 2 Gloss Contour : Valley LowCheck the Anti-aliased box - Contour Just check the Anti-aliased box. When you hit OK, change the original text copy layer’s Fill value to 0. Step 4

55 Tutorials For Creating Amazing Posters In Photoshop Designing and creating a poster is fun. You are free to express your creativity in a lot of different ways. Poster design provides a wonderful opportunity to practice and improve your Photoshop skills. There are a number of outstanding poster design tutorials that will take you step-by-step through the process of creating something special. In this post we’ll feature 55 tutorials for creating amazing posters in Photoshop. The tutorials featured here will show you how to design posters in a variety of different styles. This tutorial reveals how artist Dan Mumford creates a poster for a special show by the aggressive and spittle-flecked Watford punks Gallows, where the band played their debut album, Orchestra of Wolves, in its entirety. Read Tutorial : Photoshop tutorial: Create punk poster art I recently put together a little vintage style poster to let my friends know about a karting event I’m organising for my stag do. Read Tutorial : How To Create a Retro Style Race Poster in Photoshop

Captivating and Amazing Out of Bounds Photo Effects Out of Bounds (OOB) is an interesting photo effect where the object or scene in the image seems to jump right out of the photo or its borders. It is a photo manipulation technique to add an illusion of 3-dimsnsionality to a flat photo. Getting an interesting OOB effect depends largely on the photo angle and the overall execution of the concept. It is lots of fun to create an OOB effect. You can use any photo editing software such as Photoshop or Gimp. 50 Captivating Out of Bounds Creations The Train Lizard Popping Out Get Me Out Get Me Out is an amazing surreal styled Out of Bounds effect. Bridge Napoleon Wildlife Book You would not want to read a wildlife book where animals come out of the book! You might have seen many Out of Bounds effects with a car jumping out of photo frame, but this one is fantastic. Dress Lady Fish – Out of Bounds Snake Book Snake Book is another very unique and original idea where the subject, a snake in this case, is shown coming out of magazine’s page. Holding Hands

Create a Vintage Space Poster with Colorful Lights in Photoshop Tutorial In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a stunning and high-impact retro-style poster that’s out of this world. I will walk you through the steps for creating an unique and detailed light streaks that give the poster its signature look. For this tutorial you need basic Photoshop knowledgeable, as we will work with basic Photoshop tools, like burn tool, brushes, filters and others. Photoshop techniques that you’ll learn in this tutorial, you can use in creation of advertising posters or creating your own stylish photo effect. As you can see from the preview, with the basic knowledge and a little effort, we will be able to create a stunning effect. Finally, we will add some great textures that will give the composition an “out of this world” appearance. Program: Photoshop CS5Difficulty: BeginnerEstimated Completion Time: 30 Minutes Preview This is the poster that we are going to create. Step 1: Set up a new Photoshop document Step 2: Add a color gradient to the background Conclusion

The Visual Leap - About Visual Thinking >> Home • About Visual Thinking About Visual Thinking Visual thinking, also called visual learning, is a proven method of organizing ideas graphically - with concept maps, mind maps and webs. Scientifically based research demonstrates that visual learning techniques improve memory, organization, critical thinking and planning. Visual thinking is an intuitive and easy-to-learn strategy that works for many academic and professional projects. The more complex the task or idea, the more useful this approach can be. Visual Leap programs use visual thinking software as a learning tool, and this software accelerates the learning process. According to studies conducted by the Institute for the Advancement of Research in Education, visual learning techniques improve: Test scores Writing Proficiency Long-term Retention Reading Comprehension Thinking and Learning Skills Visual thinking is intuitive. Visual thinking is easy to learn. Joseph D. 37% of people are visual-spatial learners.

25 Nature Inspired Unique & Exceptional Photoshop Tutorials The name of God and natural splendor of the world both have awesome beauty and attraction that can not explain in words. Natural beauty created by our creator aspire our aesthetics. Today we have gathered a really nice list of for your . Let’s have a look and keep in touch with us through comments. is true friend of designers and artists. Create a Fantasy, Nature-Inspired, Out of Bounds Photo Effect – Psd Premium Tutorial Nature Blur Effect Glass yellow tomatoes Amazing Nature Effect Design a Style 3D Text Effect in the Sky Making a Book of Magical Playground Scene Create Cool Fantasy Art Design an Awesome Freestyle Nature-Themed Artwork in Photoshop Blenging xara 3D type Create a Spectacular Grass Text Effect in Photoshop The Making of “Climb” – An Awesome 3D Text Composition in Photoshop Create a Nature Inspired Photo Manipulation in Photoshop How to Create a Spectacular Nature Composition in Photoshop How to create a dynamic nature poster in Photoshop Creating an Ecological Fairy Tale Wallpaper

40 Matte Paintings To Push You To Real Photoshop Artistry Feb 25 2013 Traditionally, matte paintings stem from the movie industry. Used as extensions of a film setting, they provide more depth to the whole scene and removing the limitations of a studio location. Today, with green and blue screen techiques, these paintings are still in heavy use, while – certainly – digitally created backgrounds took over the heritage from their usually glass-based predecessors. An essential tip beforehand: Don’t content yourself with only looking at the embedded screenshots. Then, let these examples spur your artistic creativity and push you to the next level of Photoshop artistry. Supernatural 1 Created by: Jim Maxwell © Jim Maxwell Create a Devastating Tidal Wave in Photoshop Created by: Ed Lopez © Ed Lopez Supernatural 2 Created by: dylan © dylan Created by: Andrée Wallin © Andrée Wallin Supernatural 3 Created by: JeanMarieVivès © JeanMarieVivès Basic Principles of Digital Matte Painting Created by: Daniel Johnson © Daniel Johnson Destroyed 1 Created by: El Rafo © El Rafo mp63

Light waves, visible and invisible - Lucianne Walkowicz Can we accurately describe light as exclusively a wave or just a particle? Are the two mutually exclusive? In this third part of his series on light and color, Colm Kelleher discusses wave-particle duality and its relationship to how we see light and, therefore, color. A look at sustainable energy and what we use our energy for. How many lightbulbs? There are three types of color receptors in your eye: red, green and blue. Have you ever wondered what color is? Why do we see those stunning lights in the northern- and southernmost portions of the night sky?

Werk - Tim Green - Design & Illustration Home - Visual Thinking Strategies 30 Great Photoshop Tips and Tricks to Help Your Computer Graphic Skills Photoshop is a powerful, but complex, graphics program that can be difficult to learn and frustrating to use. We have published many articles about tips and tricks for using Photoshop and how to fix annoying issues you may encounter. This article compiles 30 of the best tips and tricks we have documented to help you get the most out of Photoshop. 10 Common Photoshop Frustrations (and How to Fix Them in Five Minutes) Do your cursor or panels in Photoshop keep disappearing? Are your important image files no longer associated with Photoshop? 10 Common Photoshop Frustrations (and How to Fix Them in Five Minutes) Remove Backgrounds Automatically with a Free Photoshop Action Photoshop actions are recordable programs you can create and save without any knowledge of programming. Remove Backgrounds Automatically with a Free Photoshop Action How to Make Hundreds of Complex Photo Edits in Seconds With Photoshop Actions How To Make Hundreds of Complex Photo Edits in Seconds With Photoshop Actions RGB?