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These Neighbors Got Together to Buy Vacant Buildings. Now They’re Renting to Bakers and Brewers by Olivia LaVecchia

These Neighbors Got Together to Buy Vacant Buildings. Now They’re Renting to Bakers and Brewers by Olivia LaVecchia
This article was produced by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, as part of its Community-Scaled Economy Initiative, which produces research and partners with a range of allies to implement public policies that curb economic consolidation and strengthen locally owned enterprise. The intersection of Central and Lowry Avenues in northeast Minneapolis is bustling. On the northwest corner is a trifecta of local businesses: A bike shop, a cooperative brewery, and a bakery, in buildings with eye-catching exteriors of rough-hewn wood and silvery porcelain bricks. The neighborhood grocery co-op is one block up the street. “Is there a way to create a cooperative that would be in the business of creating more cooperatives?” This commercial stretch didn’t always look like this. “A lot of people looked at it as too big to tackle,” explains Leslie Watson, who lives nearby. In 2011, a group of dedicated neighbors came together to change that. “A cooperative to create more cooperatives” Bottom lines

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The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm As with many permaculture and sus-tainable living books, the wealth of beautiful glossy photographs in The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm elucidate an instant feeling of an idyllic rural, ecologically responsible life which anyone would feel compelled to be part of. A picture may paint a thousand words but Josh Trought’s many thousands of accompanying words very honestly and eloquently explain that living the dream takes a lot of hard work. In detailing the D Acres project from its inception back in 1997 through to its current embodiment, Josh leaves few aspects of its past and ongoing evolution unexplored. The early years appear characterised by a self-confessed naivety in the skills and practicalities required to turn an idea into reality – familiar to anybody who has taken the first steps of translating their beautiful design from a piece of paper with all its pretty coloured pencilling into a three dimensional land based structure. Tim Green is co-founder of Village Farm, Devon.

Intentional Communities Directory - ecovillages communes cohousing The Intentional Communities Directory is part of the Intentional Communities website, a project of the Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC). Intentional Communities can update their listings online so you get the most up to date information possible. You can add your community now. A New Theory to Explain the Higgs Mass Three physicists who have been collaborating in the San Francisco Bay Area over the past year have devised a new solution to a mystery that has beleaguered their field for more than 30 years. This profound puzzle, which has driven experiments at increasingly powerful particle colliders and given rise to the controversial multiverse hypothesis, amounts to something a bright fourth-grader might ask: How can a magnet lift a paperclip against the gravitational pull of the entire planet? Despite its sway over the motion of stars and galaxies, the force of gravity is hundreds of millions of trillions of trillions of times weaker than magnetism and the other microscopic forces of nature. This disparity shows up in physics equations as a similarly absurd difference between the mass of the Higgs boson, a particle discovered in 2012 that controls the masses and forces associated with the other known particles, and the expected mass range of as-yet-undiscovered gravitational states of matter.

This Sliding Scale Café Takes Food Access to the Next Level SAME Café co-owner Libby Birky says it isn’t uncommon for people to stand confused at the front entrance of this Denver, Colorado, lunch spot, trying to understand exactly how to order a meal. What looks like a casual restaurant is actually a community café—a new, but increasingly popular, business model using a “pay-what-you-wish” approach. Customers walk in, place their order, and sit down with their food. Security for Girls Through Land Project (Girls Project) Goal The Girls Project aims to position girls to realize land rights as women, improving their long-term economic and social prospects and enabling them to reduce vulnerabilities – including child marriage, lack of education, and malnutrition – that they face in the immediate term as adolescents. Progress The Girls Project has already reached more than 40,000 girls in more than 1,000 villages in the Cooch Behar district of West Bengal. Girls who participated in the program for one year are more likely to continue their studies, more likely to have an asset in their name, and less likely to become a child bride.

Directory of Members Bitternut CollectiveActive Member - Housing Co-op 717 Otisco Street Syracuse, NY 13204 CooperativeActive Member - Housing Co-op 70 Lefferts Place Brooklyn, NY 11238Endeavor CollectiveActive Member - Housing Co-op 291 Clinton St. Binghamton, NY 13905Genesse Valley CooperativeActive Member - Housing Co-op (developing) Geneseo, NY geneseocoop@gmail.comNickel City Housing Co-opStewart Little Co-opActive Member - Housing Co-op 211 Stewart Avenue Ithaca, NY 14850 607-273-1983

This isn’t a Bucket List; it’s a F**k-it List Life can end in an unpredictable instant. The degree of separation between people is estimated to be around 4.74. This is why we’ve all heard about the friend of a friend who was murdered, the local car accident with multiple fatalities or the fire which ended the lives of several we knew in our community. Most of us too have had something unexpectedly terrible happen to a loved one which resulted in their death. For example, there are terminal illnesses which spontaneously occur at many different ages and not just once a person has lived a full life, as well as accidents, rare diseases etc. It also feels all too common that we hear about a father who died whilst saving his son from drowning or an adult member of the public who perished whilst attempting to rescue another person from some life or death situation.

An Open Letter to Transition Towns Why It Matters Transition Towns can more easily fulfill their mission of building resilient communities by understanding specific economic principles. Image Credit I wrote the following email to a Transition Town member, who mistakenly believed I was proposing that the government own all the land, and was questioning whether the land issue ought to even be a concern to Transition Towns, whose mission is to build resilient communities. How to Make Money With Organic Gardening Former county extension agent Clifton Slade has been raising commercial vegetables for years. But it wasn’t until he attended a Sustainable Agriculture Working Group workshop a couple of years ago that he started learning how to do more with less—less land, that is. At the workshop, Slade spoke with farmers who were grossing $1 per square foot in greenhouses.