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United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence: United for Human Rights United States Declaration of Independence (1776) In 1776, Thomas Jefferson penned the American Declaration of Independence. On July 4, 1776, the United States Congress approved the Declaration of Independence. Its primary author, Thomas Jefferson, wrote the Declaration as a formal explanation of why Congress had voted on July 2 to declare independence from Great Britain, more than a year after the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War, and as a statement announcing that the thirteen American Colonies were no longer a part of the British Empire.

Monitor firm’s strategy falls into place The advantage to the medical profession, pharmaceuticals companies, the military and professional sports organisations is the ability to take readings on heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and any number of other signals, when a person is actually moving, said Mr Sood. “In hospital, you can collect multiple amounts of data from a patient sitting in a bed, but using a mobile system allows you to put the subject under different kinds of pressure and strain,” he said. The equipment worn on the body weighs 36 grams, so that it does not hamper natural movement or add extra pressure which could distort results. It is approved by US medical body the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and can carry out clinical-level electrocardiogram (ECG) tests. While Hidalgo does not sell itself as a data-analysis company, providing the information gathered by the monitor in a useful way is a key part of the business, Mr Sood said. “This market is just about to expand very rapidly,” he said.

Buy Preorder Myo Gesture Armband Controller by Thalmic Labs No items in cart Myo - Dev. Kit Myo - Black Myo - White Oops, you can only order 10 Myos at a time right now! Zeitgeist The Zeitgeist (spirit of the age or spirit of the time) is the intellectual fashion or dominant school of thought that typifies and influences the culture of a particular period in time. For example, the Zeitgeist of modernism typified and influenced architecture, art, and fashion during much of the 20th century.[1] The German word Zeitgeist is often attributed to the philosopher Georg Hegel, but he never actually used the word. In his works such as Lectures on the Philosophy of History, he uses the phrase der Geist seiner Zeit (the spirit of his time)—for example, "no man can surpass his own time, for the spirit of his time is also his own spirit."[2]

Black Ghost military training system uses big data to improve soldiers' performance A Cambridge company called Equivital has developed a military training system called Black Ghost which tracks a soldier's location, performance and welfare to enhance the effectiveness of a squadron. The system comprises of a durable body worn sensor device that monitors heart rate, respiration, activity, acceleration, GPS data and body core temperature. It relays realtime information which can be viewed and analysed instantly or retrospectively. It allows a commander to see where every soldier is at any one point and know if someone has breached a border. It will also warn the commander if a soldier is showing signs of heat stress and provide a live alert feed highlighting incidents as they occur in the field.

Meta 1 Augmented Reality Glasses Are Dragging Us Into A VR Future Meta — which recently presented at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2014 — today began to ship the final version of its Meta 1 Developer Kit (which includes the AR glasses). The 1,500 members of the company’s Pioneer Developer Program will be the lucky (and patient) recipients of the glasses and the accompanying SDK. I say patient, because this shipment is the culmination of Meta’s original Kickstarter campaign that was funded on June 16, 2013. Its new website also launches today. Meta is a company worth watching.

Rent or Buy? The Math Is Changing Photo Billy Gasparino and Jenna Dillon-Gasparino were savvy enough to wait out the housing boom of a decade ago as renters. Not until 2010, well into the bust, did they buy a house in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles, less than a mile from the beach, for $810,000. Only four years later, the couple see new signs of excess in the housing market and have decided to go back to renting. They are close to a deal to sell their house – for $1.35 million, a cool 67 percent gain. “It just seems like the housing market came back so strongly, so fast, that maybe there’s a little bit of a bubble there,” said Mr. Hooke: Wireless 3D Audio Headphones by Hooke Simple, affordable wireless headphones that let you listen to your favorite music, record, edit and trim 3D audio, pair it with your smartphone’s video camera, upload it your social network, and stream it live to friends. It is sound captured identically to the way our ears hear it, so that when a recording is played back, it feels and sounds like you’re there. Conventional recording techniques leave sound flat and degraded. We should be able to record sound with its full depth and dynamic.

This edible water blob could replace plastic bottles What's one solution to the growing problem of plastic water bottle waste? A trio of Spanish design students think they have the answer, and it involves creating a "water bottle" that you can eat, reports Co.Exist. Designers Rodrigo García González, Guillaume Couche and Pierre Paslier call their creation "Ooho," a gelatinous blob that is actually a membrane that encapsulates water like a bladder. When you're thirsty, just puncture the membrane and drink. Or, if you also have an appetite, just pop a bite-sized Ooho in your mouth and chomp down for a burst of hydration. Cityzen smart shirt tracks your health, recharges during washing Cityzen Science's smart shirt integrates a sensor web, distributed intelligence, communications, and a smartphone app (Photo: Cityzen Sciences) Rightly or wrongly, the French are known for clothing designs that are often less than practical. Now, however, French company Cityzen Sciences has won the CES 2014 Inclusive Innovation in Everyday Health award for its development of a Smart Sensing fabric woven with integral micro-sensors – these add the practical benefit of monitoring the health and fatigue levels of the wearer.

Case Study: Google Glass Customer Identifier Google Glass, representing a huge opportunity for wearable computing is a best solution to meet with the above requirement [Client was ready to buy enough glasses as soon as Google launch the product]. It will be awesome if the glass can identify the customer when someone sit in front of the sales person. This way the sales person can treat the customer in a more cordial way, without asking his customer Id, and this ultimately leads to greater customer satisfaction, and predictably.......repeated shopping.