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10 herramientas para crear libros digitales

10 herramientas para crear libros digitales

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25 maneras de la diversión de utilizar códigos QR para la Enseñanza y el Aprendizaje I’ve culled a bunch of ideas from different teachers who have shared their approaches to using this simple but powerful construct in the classroom. Once your students are equipped with a device that can read QR codes and they know how to scan them, you’re ready to use ideas like these in your classroom! If you’re not already familiar with it, scroll down to the bottom of the article to learn how to easily create QR codes, and find QR Code readers. Ideas, Ideas, and More Ideas!

How to Take a Photo from Lightroom to Photoshop Free Photography Bundle: PS actions, LR presets, photo overlays, & print templates! Get it here. Lightroom and Photoshop are both excellent tools, but they each have strengths and weaknesses. 30 Trends In Education Technology For 2015 30 Trends In Education Technology For The 2015 School Year by Terry Heick What’s trending up for 2015 school year in terms of education technology? iPads are still the standard but other platforms are making headway. 100+ Google Tricks That Will Save You Time in School – Eternal Code [via] With classes, homework, and projects–not to mention your social life–time is truly at a premium for you, so why not latch onto the wide world that Google has to offer? From super-effective search tricks to Google hacks specifically for education to tricks and tips for using Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar, these tricks will surely save you some precious time. Search Tricks

Separate URLs — Webmaster's Mobile Guide Annotations for desktop and mobile URLs To help our algorithms understand separate mobile URLs, we recommend using the following annotations: On the desktop page, add a special link rel=”alternate” tag pointing to the corresponding mobile URL. FlapJack Educational Resources: Classroom Memories QR Codes with a FREEBIE (in Spanish, too!) Hey, guys! I have a super idea that I just shared with my students and now I'm so excited to share with you! It is... Classroom Memory QR Codes! I've created a QR code that links to an Evernote that contains all of our fun videos of classroom activities and special moments. I framed it and placed it on our classroom wall, and now students can use an iPad to scan the QR code and remember all about their special year of 4th grade Spanish immersion with good ol' Sra. - Create Music Beats - The online music factory - Jam, remix, chords, loops Now Over One Million Users + 250,000 Instruments Loops and Beats The easiest way to createoriginal music online Get Started with Learn how easy it is to make cool music in your browser with 52 Of The Best Apps For Your Classroom In 2015 52 Of The Best Apps For Your Classroom In 2015 by TeachThought Staff This post was sponsored by CK-12, a non-profit foundation that creates and aggregates high quality curated STEM content.