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Couple Builds A Stunning Tiny Home & Escapes City Life (Video) The Facts:Plastic is polluting our environment and our oceans.

Couple Builds A Stunning Tiny Home & Escapes City Life (Video)

It is up to us to do our part to protect our planet. Below are some simple ways you can get started.Reflect On:Reflect on your own plastic use, and on why we are still manufacturing these products when greater more harmonious products are available, there are several, like Hemp. By now, most of us are aware of the harm that plastics are causing to our environment and our oceans. Thankfully, many cities are becoming proactive on the matter and banning the use of single-use plastic bags, and some even take it farther by banning single-use plastic of any kind altogether. Hopefully soon, we will have no choice because plastic as we know it, will be a thing of the past — we can only hope, right? If you’d like to get ahead of the game, there are some very simple ways you can begin to cut plastic from your life today.

Great, now let’s get started. Reusable Coffee Cups, Water Bottles, Take Out Containers & Cutlery Reusable Bags Yes! The Nest Tiny House Vacation in Pheonix. On February 21, 2018 This is The Nest Tiny House Vacation in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Nest Tiny House Vacation in Pheonix

If I ever get to go to Phoenix, now I know where to stay! The tiny house is constructed on a custom 8.5’ x 24’ trailer and is approximately 200 sq feet–260 if you include the loft! Extra-wide modern tiny house comes with a pop-out reading nook. The versatility of today's custom-built tiny homes is one thing that these petite structures have in abundance. One can build them with roof decks, climbing walls, drawbridge decks, and even retractable beds -- one is limited only by one's imagination (or perhaps one's resourcefulness). We get this see this principle in action in Nadia and Kester Marshall's recently built home, located in Bryon Bay, Australia. According to Tiny House Talk, the couple -- who both work in the field of alternative health as ayurvedic consultants -- wanted a house that would accommodate them and their two Australian shepherds.

As a way to keep everyone (furry or otherwise) happy, the 7.5 metre (24.6 feet) long home has been built extra-wide at 3 metres (9.8 feet), in addition to an extra clever 0.5 metre (1.6 feet) long window box situated right over the trailer tongue. Modern Tiny House on a Farm by Perch and Nest. On October 25, 2018 This is a modern tiny house vacation on a farm in Winston-Salem, North Carolina by Perch & Nest.

Modern Tiny House on a Farm by Perch and Nest

This brand new, Modern Chic tiny home on wheels is parked minutes from downtown WS on the rear portion of a historic farm creating a unique getaway for the tiny house enthusiast and a simple and convenient stay in the City of the Arts. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Tiny house open for viewing. The Juniper Tiny House by Mustard Seed Tiny Homes. On June 11, 2018 This is the Juniper Tiny House on Wheels by Mustard Seed Tiny Homes.

The Juniper Tiny House by Mustard Seed Tiny Homes

A modern, fresh design with a living room, extra height master loft, additional sleeping/storage loft, full kitchen and spacious bathroom. Perfect for singles, couples, or a small family. Take the tour below and let us know what you think in the comments! Images © Mustard Seed Tiny Homes Highlights Modern styleLiving roomExtra height master loftAdditional sleeping/storage loftFull kitchenSpacious bathroomAvailable in 28ft, 30ft, 32ft and 34ft versionsStarts at $68,000.

The Nest Tiny House Vacation in Pheonix. 28ft Farmhouse by Liberation Tiny Homes. On November 26, 2018 This is the 28ft Farmhouse by Liberation Tiny Homes.

28ft Farmhouse by Liberation Tiny Homes

It features 408 sq. ft. of interior space including the lofts. Contemporary Shepherds Huts. I’m a self taught builder from the UK. and with help from my father and the internet, I started building shepherds huts while working as a labourer.

Contemporary Shepherds Huts

My first was a studio for my brother, then I got a commission to build a hut for an ancient woodland. After seeing some inspirational ideas and story’s on blogs and sites like yours I decided I could try and build a tiny house for myself. I needed a place of my own as I was living back at home and I recently finished it. But have decided to sell it instead as I’ve recently moved to London now and have no place to put it. I grew up in the countryside, working in my dads bronze foundry, getting involved with all sorts of DIY projects and have always felt a need to be designing and building something. I’ve added some photos for you to look at. I also wanted a feeling of space, as tiny houses can feel quite cramped, so made sure the thing had a high ceiling and tried to use the lines of the match boarding to make it feel larger.

220 Sq. Ft. Dragonfly Tiny House Vacation in Sarasota, Florida. On January 14, 2018 This is the 220 sq. ft.

220 Sq. Ft. Dragonfly Tiny House Vacation in Sarasota, Florida

Dragonfly Tiny House Vacation in Sarasota, Florida! Built by Utopian Villas. It is a 220-square-foot luxury tiny home, and it offers all of the facilities and conveniences you need for living comfortably The Dragonfly tiny home features a standard-sized bed in the spacious, loft bedroom, as well as a convertible Ikea bed that turns into a couch in the living quarters. You’ll fall in love with the custom, hand-crafted cabinetry and modern decor throughout. Basecamp Tiny House: 204 Sq. Ft. THOW with Rooftop Deck! On January 5, 2018 This is the Basecamp Tiny House on Wheels with a rooftop deck by Backcountry Tiny Homes!

Basecamp Tiny House: 204 Sq. Ft. THOW with Rooftop Deck!

Please learn more and enjoy below. Thanks! Living Vehicle Tiny House. Living Vehicle Inc.’s founder, Matthew Hofmann is a LEED AP certified architect with almost a decade of experience living full-time in mobile spaces and designing custom solutions for the unique challenges of small space living.

Living Vehicle Tiny House

For him, sustainability is a sieve that all design decisions must first pass through. (See Hofmann Architecture for more background info). The guiding vision of sustainability behind Living Vehicle is a two-fold approach that encompasses the environmental impact of the product as well as the effect that it has on the lifestyle of the user. Modern Tiny House on Tumbleweed Trailer - Tiny House Listings. Little Tahoma Peak Tiny House by Tiny Mountain Houses. On December 3, 2016 This is the Little Tahoma Peak Tiny House on Wheels.

Little Tahoma Peak Tiny House by Tiny Mountain Houses

It’s built by Tiny Mountain Houses and starts at $39,995. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks! Video: Little Tahoma Peak Walkthrough – Tiny Mountain Homes Highlights: 18 feet longSide entryEnd-wal kitchen with option 54″ overhead cabinetsOpen living/work space.36″ showerSmall sink with base cabinetToiletLoft large enough for king-sized mattress48″ head roomBase price: $39,995Model shown: $57,510More details here. Resources: Our big thanks to Nick for sharing! You can share this tiny house with your friends and family for free using the e-mail and social media re-share buttons below. 322 Sq. Ft. Castle Peak Tiny House. On April 2, 2015 In this post I’m introducing you to Tiny Mountain Houses. They are building tiny houses in Washington, Oregon and California.

With a great team and plenty of unique customizations for your tiny home they can have one built for you in about 4 weeks. Wow, that’s fast, isn’t it? Youngstown Tiny Home. On August 29, 2016. The Grand Teton From Tiny Mountain Houses - TINY HOUSE TOWN. The Grand Teton tiny house measures 28' long and 8.2' wide for a square footage of almost 230-square-feet. To offer even more space, there's a loft bedroom and an outdoor patio attached, which brings the home's total size up to around 355-square-feet. The home's kitchen comes equipped with a two-burner electric stovetop, a refrigerator and freezer, laminate top counters and wood cabinets. The standard model comes powered by electricity, however, there is an option for gas.

The base price for the home is $62,718, not including fright and applicable taxes. There is a finance option available as well. Shannon's Custom Tiny Home on Wheels. On July 4, 2016 This is Shannon’s custom designed and built tiny home on wheels. “When I set out to build my tiny house I had one thing in mind. Make it the most livable tiny house possible. Maximize space where it is important: kitchen and bathroom. Comptche 24 Tiny House on Wheels.

Black Pearl Tiny House by Nomad Tiny Homes. 340 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home on Wheels For Sale. Hip Tiny House Vacation in Austin, Texas. The 224 Sq. Ft. Cider Box Tiny House by ShelterWise. The AtlasTiny House Swoon. Modern, Off-Grid Tiny House on Wheels For Sale. Tiny House on Wheels For Sale in Spring, TX. Superb Tiny House Combines Practicality and Fancy Touches - Curbed. $40K Tiny House Offers Huge Windows, Lots of Storage - Curbed. Custom Tiny Houses Come With Deck, Skylight, Sleek Style - Curbed. Efficient Tiny House Crafted By Ex-Boat Builder Can Go Off-Grid - Curbed. Porta Palace - A Modern Tiny House by Daniël Venneman and Jelte Glas. Dubbed Porta Palace, this contemporary tiny house on wheels is one of the first to have been built in The Netherlands. It’s been created by Dutch designer/builder Daniël Venneman with the help of it’s future occupant, Jelte Glas.

A lot of tiny houses are built in the style of chocolate-box cottages, with relatively small windows and decorative finishes that are, usually, purely aesthetic. That’s not the case here — Porta Palace stripes it back to basics, with large windows and simple, clean finishes. The house is designed to stay within the European regulations for trailers. It has a width of 2.55 meters, a height of 4 meters, and a maximum weight of 3500 kg (that’s 8.3 feet wide, 13.1 feet tall, and 7,700 lbs respectively). The large windows allow you to see through the house on all four sides. The first floor of Porta Palace contains a bathroom, kitchenette and a living area. Porta Palace is intended to showcase bio-based construction. Via DesignBoom Photos: Daniel Venneman.

Hefty 224 sq. ft. little house doesn't feel tiny at all. Be they salvaged trailers, gypsy-style caravans, modernist or Japanese inspired, we've seen a real diversity coming into the once quaint world of tiny homes. Abundance. Modern Humboldt Tiny House on Wheels For Sale. Playful Tiny House. Minmaliste. Playful Tiny House. Albuquerque House. Ulster County’s Rowan Kunz Builds a Tiny Home That’s Entirely Self-Sustainable. Brilliant off-grid 161 sq. ft. debt-free tiny home built for less than $18K (Video) Northwestern Tiny House.

Rolling Huts. New Minihome Design From Sustain Is Wider, Roomier (Exclusive Photos) Munda Shipping Container Tiny House. Munda Shipping Container Tiny House. 189sqft Super Modern Micro Home is Contemporary Beauty.