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Little Tahoma Peak Tiny House by Tiny Mountain Houses. On December 3, 2016 This is the Little Tahoma Peak Tiny House on Wheels.

Little Tahoma Peak Tiny House by Tiny Mountain Houses

It’s built by Tiny Mountain Houses and starts at $39,995. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks! Video: Little Tahoma Peak Walkthrough – Tiny Mountain Homes Highlights: 18 feet longSide entryEnd-wal kitchen with option 54″ overhead cabinetsOpen living/work space.36″ showerSmall sink with base cabinetToiletLoft large enough for king-sized mattress48″ head roomBase price: $39,995Model shown: $57,510More details here. Resources: Our big thanks to Nick for sharing! You can share this tiny house with your friends and family for free using the e-mail and social media re-share buttons below.

If you enjoyed this Little Tahoma Peak Tiny House you’ll LOVE our Free Daily Tiny House Newsletter with even more! More Like This: Explore our Tiny Houses Section See The Latest: Go Back Home to See Our Latest Tiny Houses The following two tabs change content below. 322 Sq. Ft. Castle Peak Tiny House. On April 2, 2015 In this post I’m introducing you to Tiny Mountain Houses.

322 Sq. Ft. Castle Peak Tiny House

They are building tiny houses in Washington, Oregon and California. With a great team and plenty of unique customizations for your tiny home they can have one built for you in about 4 weeks. Youngstown Tiny Home. On August 29, 2016 This is the Youngstown Tiny Home.

Youngstown Tiny Home

It’s built by Harmony Tiny Homes in Oxford, Alabama. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you! About Harmony Tiny Homes. The Grand Teton From Tiny Mountain Houses - TINY HOUSE TOWN. The Grand Teton tiny house measures 28' long and 8.2' wide for a square footage of almost 230-square-feet.

The Grand Teton From Tiny Mountain Houses - TINY HOUSE TOWN

To offer even more space, there's a loft bedroom and an outdoor patio attached, which brings the home's total size up to around 355-square-feet. The home's kitchen comes equipped with a two-burner electric stovetop, a refrigerator and freezer, laminate top counters and wood cabinets. The standard model comes powered by electricity, however, there is an option for gas. Shannon's Custom Tiny Home on Wheels. On July 4, 2016 This is Shannon’s custom designed and built tiny home on wheels.

Shannon's Custom Tiny Home on Wheels

“When I set out to build my tiny house I had one thing in mind. Make it the most livable tiny house possible. Maximize space where it is important: kitchen and bathroom. Also, create a living area that is actually comfortable,” wrote Shannon. Comptche 24 Tiny House on Wheels. On July 7, 2016 This is the Comptche 24 Tiny House on Wheels by Michael Janzen.

Comptche 24 Tiny House on Wheels

The Comptche is a 24-foot long tiny house on wheels with a 3/12 shed roof. It has a bathroom sized to fit a 32″ square shower stall, composting or standard toilet, and small wall mounted sink. Just outside the bathroom is a small kitchen. Black Pearl Tiny House by Nomad Tiny Homes. On June 27, 2016 This is the Black Pearl tiny house on wheels by Nomad Tiny Homes in Austin, Texas.

Black Pearl Tiny House by Nomad Tiny Homes

It features 200 sq. ft. in the lower level and an additional 60 sq. ft. loft that fits a queen bed. The home is 23.5′ long and is built with beautiful birch plywood throughout the inside. Available now for $39,000. 340 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home on Wheels For Sale. On April 17, 2016 This is a 340 square tiny home on wheels for sale by

340 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home on Wheels For Sale

From the outside, you’ll notice it has plenty of windows and features a shed-style roof. Hip Tiny House Vacation in Austin, Texas. On October 16, 2014 If you’ve ever wanted to take a tiny house vacation I think this is yet another great option for doing just that.

Hip Tiny House Vacation in Austin, Texas

There’s nothing better than trying out tiny before you make the huge commitment to downsize into a tiny house. It can take a really long time, a good amount of money, and a lot of hard work to design and build your own tiny home. So it’s really smart to give it a try before you do all that just to make sure that it’s something you can see yourself doing for a long time, don’t you think? Related: Q&A – How long does it take to build a tiny house? Images © Airbnb Related: 74 Sq. Related: 136 Sq. The 224 Sq. Ft. Cider Box Tiny House by ShelterWise. On May 21, 2014 The ShelterWise design team created this house for a client who wanted a tiny house for full time living.

The 224 Sq. Ft. Cider Box Tiny House by ShelterWise

So they came up with an energy efficient tiny home with 162 square feet of space on the main floor and an extra 62 square feet of sleeping space in the upstairs loft. Outside the structure is about 22′ long, 8.5′ wide and 13.5′ high. And did I mention that it’s on wheels? The AtlasTiny House Swoon. Modern, Off-Grid Tiny House on Wheels For Sale. This is a 20′ modern, off-grid tiny house on wheels for sale built using structurally insulated panels (SIP’s).

Outside, you’ll see it has a modern look and feel with a sliding glass door. When you go inside, you’ll find a one-level floor plan with a pull-out bed, kitchen, washer/dryer, bathroom, and living area. This tiny home is available for sale with an asking price of $42,000. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you! Tiny House on Wheels For Sale in Spring, TX. On March 3, 2016 This is a tiny house on wheels for sale in the Spring, Texas area that was built by Anderson Construction Solutions. From the outside, you’ll see grey clapboarding, green shutters and red trim on this 8′ x 20′ home with 260 square feet of living space. Step inside and find white-washed wainscoting accented by darkly-stained trim and white pine tongue in groove ceilings. There are steps to the main sleeping loft that contain storage and a washer/dryer. The bedroom has Shou Sugi Ban hardwood floors and a sneaky, hidden smugglers chest in the floor!

Superb Tiny House Combines Practicality and Fancy Touches - Curbed. $40K Tiny House Offers Huge Windows, Lots of Storage - Curbed. Custom Tiny Houses Come With Deck, Skylight, Sleek Style - Curbed. Efficient Tiny House Crafted By Ex-Boat Builder Can Go Off-Grid - Curbed. Porta Palace - A Modern Tiny House by Daniël Venneman and Jelte Glas. Dubbed Porta Palace, this contemporary tiny house on wheels is one of the first to have been built in The Netherlands. It’s been created by Dutch designer/builder Daniël Venneman with the help of it’s future occupant, Jelte Glas.

A lot of tiny houses are built in the style of chocolate-box cottages, with relatively small windows and decorative finishes that are, usually, purely aesthetic. That’s not the case here — Porta Palace stripes it back to basics, with large windows and simple, clean finishes. The house is designed to stay within the European regulations for trailers. It has a width of 2.55 meters, a height of 4 meters, and a maximum weight of 3500 kg (that’s 8.3 feet wide, 13.1 feet tall, and 7,700 lbs respectively).

The large windows allow you to see through the house on all four sides. The first floor of Porta Palace contains a bathroom, kitchenette and a living area. Porta Palace is intended to showcase bio-based construction. Via DesignBoom Photos: Daniel Venneman. Hefty 224 sq. ft. little house doesn't feel tiny at all. Be they salvaged trailers, gypsy-style caravans, modernist or Japanese inspired, we've seen a real diversity coming into the once quaint world of tiny homes. Built by tiny housers Shelley and Joshua, here is one 224-square-foot tiny abode that looks almost like a regular-sized house, thanks to a few decisions that they made before starting: like keeping a regular-sized fridge, having a generous countertop, and installing a lovely floating stair instead of a ladder. © Tiny House Basics Being enthusiastic campers who love to throw a good party, Shelley and Joshua of Tiny House Basics decided to simplify their lives and began planning their new small home back in June 2014.

But they had a few things they would not part with: a full-size fridge, decent closet space, and enough space to entertain. With the help of friends and family and the crew of Tiny House Nation, they were able to construct their home in a lightning-fast seven days. Abundance. Modern Humboldt Tiny House on Wheels For Sale. Playful Tiny House. Minmaliste. Playful Tiny House. Albuquerque House. Ulster County’s Rowan Kunz Builds a Tiny Home That’s Entirely Self-Sustainable. With a little help from her friends and family, a young Ulster County woman builds a tiny home that’s completely off the grid.

Brilliant off-grid 161 sq. ft. debt-free tiny home built for less than $18K (Video) From the positively miniscule to the monster home, tiny houses come in all shapes and sizes, and it's always interesting to see how different tiny home designs come about. Self-taught bone-carver, tattoo artist and sailor Brett Sutherland of New Zealand recently built this contemporary, space-efficient yet spacious off-grid tiny home, that boasts a number of ingenious features. Seen over at Living Big In A Tiny House, video host Bryce Langston and homeowner Brett take us inside this amazing little 15 square metre (161 square feet) jewel, which Brett designed and built himself, both as a home and as an artist's studio. Northwestern Tiny House. This project is an ongoing student collaboration to bring sustainability awareness to the Northwestern community and beyond.

Rolling Huts. Small, movable homes used as vacation rentals in Methow Valley, Washington. New Minihome Design From Sustain Is Wider, Roomier (Exclusive Photos) Munda Shipping Container Tiny House. Munda Shipping Container Tiny House. 189sqft Super Modern Micro Home is Contemporary Beauty.