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Folkrörelse ska få alla att surfa Minns ni nykterhets- och frikyrkorörelsen? Nu har tiden kommit för internetrörelsen. Det tycker Jan Gulliksen, som uppmanar alla nätanvändare att hjälpa en icke surfande vän ut på nätet. Jan Gulliksen ska hjälpa it-minister Anna-Karin Hatt att se till att vi svenskar blir bäst i världen på att ”utnyttja digitaliseringens möjligheter”. Därför drömmer han om att få i gång en ny folkrörelse. – En dag räcker ofta för att få upp intresset. Folkrörelsetankarna har inte konkretiserats fullt ut ännu. De flesta svenskar är redan flitiga nätanvändare. – Men bakom ett ointresse kan också finnas okunskap och rädsla för ny teknik. En surfplatta kan vara ett sätt att minska it-rädslan, tror Jan Gulliksen, som visat den för sin svärmor som blivit förtjust. Ulla Lanner, 75 år, har artros och ogillar smarta mobiler med små knappar. – Jag skulle nog kunna tänka mig att använda en sådan här, säger hon. Kommissionen har valt ut ett stort antal indikatorer, som ska användas som underlag för jämförelsen.

Primary Sources: Overview of Collections One of the nation’s top collections of rare law books is housed in the Paskus-Danziger Rare Book Room of the Lillian Goldman Library at the Yale Law School. The collection is particularly strong in Anglo-American common law materials, including case reports, digests, statutes, trials, treatises, and popular works on the law. Other strengths include Roman and canon law, international law (especially the works of Hugo Grotius and Samuel Pufendorf), and early law books from most European countries. Of special interest ... Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.Location: Sterling Law Building, 127 Wall St., Level L2, Room 003 Phone: 203 432-4494 Web site: (back to top)

13 – Nouvelles applications mobiles pour les musées Panorama des applications mobiles lancées récemment par des musées et des institutions culturelles en France et dans le Monde. . Edifica (Camineo) gratuit Anglais iOs Android (mai 2013) . . . . . . . « Charles Lang Freer: Collecting Korea » (Freer Gallery of Art) iOs gratuit (Mars 2013) . . « Les plus beaux tableaux de l’histoire de France » (RMN-GP) 1.79 euros français et anglais iPad (Juin 2013) . « Les plus beaux hommes de l’histoire de France » (RMN-GP) 1.79 euros français et anglais iPad (Juin 2013) . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A mid-morning at Alby Library in Sweden during Get Online Week #Swedishreport #GOW2013 Ten or so Alby locals are hunched over an array of tablet computers that are spread out on a table at the library. Someone books a trip; someone else translates a letter. Yet another person opens a Facebook account. All under the supervision of young people from the municipality’s recreational center in partnership with SeniorNet. For the third consecutive year, the Digidel network is organizing Get Online Week in Sweden. An array of activities are offered from Lapland in the north to Skåne in the south. Internationally speaking, Sweden is among the countries at the forefront of Internet use. Get Online Week gives the Digidel network the opportunity to jointly gather strengthe and highlight the matter of digital inclusion for one week in March. Enjoy your reading! Christine Cars-Ingels, Head of Digital Inclusion Digidel 2013 Linda Sandberg, Project Manager Get Online Week 2013

The University of Oklahoma College of Law: A Chronology of US Historical Documents Links marked with an asterisk (*) are to other websites and will open in a new window. Pre-Colonial To 1600 The Magna Carta (1215) Letter from Christopher Columbus to the King & Queen of Spain (1490's) The *Iroquois Constitution 17th Century 18th Century The Albany Plan of 1754 The Resolutions of the Stamp Act (Oct. 19, 1765) 19th Century First Inaugural Address of President Thomas Jefferson (1801) Second Inaugural Address of President Thomas Jefferson (1805) The *Thomas Jefferson Papers at the Library of Congress *Thomas Jefferson Online Resources at the University of Virginia Information on *Monticello First Inaugural Address of President James Madison (1809) Second Inaugural Address of President James Madison (1813) The text of the Star Spangled Banner (Sept. 20, 1814) First Inaugural Address of President James Monroe (1817) Second Inaugural Address of President James Monroe (1821) The Monroe Doctrine (Dec. 2, 1823) Inaugural Address of President *Rutherford B.

Expositions virtuelles sur l'océan, l'Arctique et la biodiversité marine The Tara Expeditions Foundation organizes expeditions to study and understand the impact of climate change and the ecological crisis on our oceans. French private initiative (non-profit), the Tara Foundation has been working since 2003 in favor of the environment and research thanks to a mythical boat, Tara, cut for extreme conditions. The Tara Foundation also acts concretely to strengthen the environmental awareness of the general public and young people, in particular through the Tara Junior device, and encourages politicians to act on environmental issues. With this in mind, Google France has been accompanying and supporting the Tara Expéditions Foundation since March 2017, in order to raise public awareness of ocean issues and to put science at the service of their protection. With the help of indoor Street View online visitors will be able to virtually discover the scientific schooner.

Do senior citizens prefer laptops or iPads? Answered by Senior.Housing.Advisor Thursday Apr 5th 2012 There is not a correct answer to this question because it really depends on the senior. Many seniors are up to date with technology these days, but there are some who prefer to stay away from it. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether to purchase a laptop or iPad for a senior citizen: Does the senior citizen have keyboard skills? What is the senior's need for the device? How much does the senior move the device around? How much storage space does the senior need? Here are a few other features you should consider: Battery Life: The iPad can have up to 10 hours of life where as a laptop ranges from about 2-4 hours. Ports, Slots, and Drives: The iPad does not have a direct USB port, MicroSD slot, or CD drive. Apps: The iPad has access to the App Store and has many apps that are great for seniors. Multitasking: A laptop allows for high-level multitasking and high speed processing where as the iPad lacks in this area.

National Art Inventories What are the Inventories? The Inventories of American Painting and Sculpture document more than 400,000 artworks in public and private collections worldwide. The Inventory of American Paintings includes works by artists who were active in America by 1914. The Inventory of American Sculpture has no cut-off date and includes works from the colonial era through contemporary times. Report, Change or Add Art to Inventories We have compiled the Inventories from exhibition and collection catalogs; reports received from individuals, collectors, and family members; and data gathered from special surveys-including the Save Outdoor Sculpture! Daily we add and update records in the Inventories, so we welcome your additions and corrections. Guidelines for Reporting Works (pdf, 16k) Painting Report Form: Online form or PDF (12k) Sculpture Report Form: Online form or PDF (10k) Conservation Treatment Notification Report Online form or PDF (15k) Contact Us Please send us your comments and suggestions.

Découvrez la Visite virtuelle de l’exposition | Musée Jacquemart-André : une collection unique à Paris, Paris - géré par Culturespaces Nous sommes heureux de vous proposer cette visite virtuelle 360° de l’exposition consacrée à Turner. Vous y découvrirez 60 aquarelles et quelques 10 peintures à l’huile provenant de la Tate Britain de Londres. Pierre Curie, co-commissaire de l’exposition et conservateur du Musée Jacquemart-André, ainsi qu'une vingtaine de personnalités vous accompagnent lors de ce parcours. Pour un meilleur confort de visite, nous vous recommandons d’utiliser un ordinateur afin de visionner la visite virtuelle. Pour en savoir plus, découvrez le catalogue de l'exposition sur notre boutique en ligne.

Housing for - Find Senior Housing, Assisted Living Facilities, Alzheimers Care & Retirement Communities New Deal Network Exploration en réalité virtuelle des 200 plus beaux monuments historiques français - Thot Cursus | Nouvelles des TICE SeniorNet Sollentuna Civil War Primary Sources Primary Documents by Topic: Most Popular Official Records Addresses & Speeches Acts, Bills, & Orders Military Correspondence & Documents Personal Correspondence & Narratives Prints & Photos Maps Document Collections Getting Started Primary Documents Official Confederate Correspondence Robert E. Robert E. Robert E. Robert E. Robert E. Robert E. Robert E. Robert E. 56th Virginia Regiment to Richmond (Va.) Patrick R. Robert E. Robert W. Thompson Powell to Thaddeus Stevens, 22 February 1866 » Union Army Documents U.S. General Order, No. 66, June 28, 1863 » U.S. U.S. Articles of Agreement Relating to the Surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia, April 10, 1865 » Agreement Between General Sherman and General Johnston, April 18th, 1865 » The Last Salute of the Army of Northern Virginia (1901) » Confederate Army Documents Felix Zollicoffer, "To the People of Southeastern Kentucky", 16 December 1861 Robert E. Lee's Proclamation to the People of Maryland, 8 September 1862 Robert E. Robert E. Robert E.