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30 Unique And Must-See Photos From Our Past

30 Unique And Must-See Photos From Our Past
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CRACKED: Old-Timey Kids Were Way Tougher Than Modern Adults #3. Sick Kids Had to Go to School Outside, in Winter Behold the magnificent installations of the St. James' Park Open-Air School in London, one of the many educational establishments from a hundred years ago that intentionally exposed kids to the elements, all year long, due to a tragic misunderstanding of how medicine works. Naturally, this custom also found its way to the New World, because we couldn't let those Brits prove that they cared more about the children than us (and if we did so while saving on utility bills, even better) -- here's a school in Minnesota with a troubling lack of walls, made even more troubling by the fact that it's winter: Library of Congress Turns out kids behave a whole lot better when their butts are literally frozen to the seats. Library of Congress Pneumonia seemed a fair trade for tuberculosis, apparently. They weren't completely heartless in the pursuit of fresh air, though: Parents could buy or make "sitting-out bags" to keep the kids warm(ish). #2.

Perplexing Pictures from the Past Magic Academy | Creativos Sin Ideas Hoy os presentamos Magic Academy. A un servidor le encanta la magia y desde pequeño quise aprender este noble y entretenido arte. No obstante, descubrí que aprender magia es más difícil de lo que parece. Y no por el hecho de que ser mago sea difícil. Pero para llegar a ser un buen mago, como en todo, es básico empezar por el principio, conseguir una buena base. Así que una gran idea era crear un curso de magia... Los magos tenemos un código bajo el cual guardamos todos nuestros secretos. Una de las grandes diferencias entre esta aplicación y cualquier otra es que todas las lecciones están grabadas en POV (point of view). En magia existen multitud de "ramas". Por ahora sólo está disponible Iniciación, pero en breve actualizaremos el contenido con medio y avanzado. Así que ya sabes, si te gusta la magia o quieres convertirte en mago, ¡descárgate Magic Academy de la App Store ya! Descárgala aquí Tags: Anuncio, Apps, Diseño, Internet

Rare Historical Images 20 Captivating Photographs Take You Back to 1960s New York City Take a trip back to 1960s New York City without figuring out that darn time machine. Photographer James Jowers wandered the streets of Manhattan in the '60s, capturing shots of strangers going about their everyday activities. Think Humans of New York, circa 1968. Jowers' collection of intimate and charming NYC images reside at the George Eastman House, a photography and film museum located in Rochester, N.Y. 1. Show As Gallery Homepage image: Flickr, George Eastman House Escucha música según tu estado de ánimo | Varios Cada momento es distinto y cada situación requiere de una música determinada. Está claro que, independientemente de los gustos de cada uno, hay canciones más alegres, más rápidas, más lentas o más relajantes. Frente a otros programas y servicios con repertorios más amplios, Steremood, y Musicovery eligen música según tu estado de ánimo. No hace falta escoger un cantante, un grupo o un género musical, ¿estás triste? Pide música triste. Stereomood, una música para cada estado de ánimo Stereomood cuenta con una interfaz muy clara e intuitiva con la que puedes buscar música de dos formas distintas. Un posible inconveniente es que las etiquetas están en inglés, pero para eso ya tienes Google Translator, ¿cierto? Hay tres opciones: expresar tu estado de ánimo, buscar música para situaciones o concretas o simplemente buscar en toda su biblioteca de canciones. te pregunta, tú contestas Musicovery, el círculo de las emociones musicales Nunca llueve a gusto de todos

20 Rare Historical Photos e everyday: Amazing Color Photographs of Daily Life in Paris in the 1950's (Photos by Peter Cornélius) Stereomood - turn your mood into music - free playlist for every mood in your life CRACKED: Old-Timey Animal Photos You Won't Believe In the old days, concepts like safety, animal rights and sanity weren't as well-defined as they are now. And while there's no question that we treat animals better today than we did a few decades ago, sometimes what's good for the animals is bad for the field of insanely badass photography. So, we'll just have to fill that void with old-timey photos like these. #9. Rocky VII: Rocky Fights a Bear Gus Waldorf / Life"And in the red corner ... oh God, ALL of the blood. Allow us to introduce the fighters of this 1949 bout: In the blue corner, Gus Waldorf, a boxer so distinguished that this picture is literally all he's known for. Since they followed boxing protocol as opposed to the bear's preferred combat style of straight up mauling everyone, its teeth and claws were restricted with a muzzle and boxing gloves. Gus Waldorf / LifeAlso the bear was a southpaw, which put him right off his game. Dmitri Kessel / TimeBear knuckle fighting. Which ended about as well for the guy as you'd expect: #8.