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Rare Historical Photos Pt. 4 [18 Pics]

Rare Historical Photos Pt. 4 [18 Pics]
Rare Historical Photos Pt. 4 [18 Pics] Oct 29 2012 Another roundup of the popular historical series of posts that we do. You can find the previous post here, and the start of the series here. Archduke Franz Ferdinand with his wife on the day they were assassinated by Gavrilo Princip. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (June 28, 1914). Bill (Clinton) & Hillary playing volleyball in Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA. 1975. 106-year old Armenian woman protecting her home with an AK-47. 1990. The first photo upon discovery of Machu Picchu, 1912. A tornado that hit Carswell AFB on Sept 1, 1952 caused massive damage to most of the B-36 fleet. Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein at the Bohr-Einstein debates over quantum mechanics. Boing 707 doing a barrel roll. Johnny Cash performing for prisoners at Folsom Prison. Horten H. Star Wars set at lunchtime. Howard Hughes inside of the H-4 Hercules, more widely known as the “Spruce Goose”. Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Times Square in New York, 1911. Oct 12 2012 Related:  Rare&Old

Portraits of 4 sisters every year for 36 years, 1975 – 2010 [36 pictures] In 1975, photographer Nicholas Nixon took a picture of his wife and her 3 sisters, who at the time ranged in age from 15 to 25. Then he did it again the next year and suggested that they make it an annual tradition. The women agreed and they have all consistently been a part of the remarkable project now for going on 40 years. In each photo, the Brown Sisters pose in the same order — Heather, Mimi, Bebe, and Laurie… Update… These photos have been removed by request of the photographer’s representative. You can learn more about Nicholas Nixon’s series at the Fraenkel Gallery.

Interesting things, humor, facts, videos, wallpapers, plus funny and cool t shirts | I Like To Waste My Time How Do You Catch Someone Who Is Stealing Stuff from Your Office?! « Fresh 102.7 Do you have this problem? You probably have a cubicle, right? One morning, you come in and things are missing! This happens to us every single day… people walk into our office (which is a small space the three of us share and doesn’t have a lock) when we aren’t here and start snacking on our food! Suddenly, you go to open the Thin Mints and there is one cookie left in the sleeve. So we decided to call our favorite private eye and find out what kind of trap we could set for them. Judd Bank from CPI Investigations has helped us in the past with our private investigation needs, so we called him up to find out how to find the food offender. Have you ever had personal items go missing in your office? –Kim Berk, Fresh 102.7 Contact the Jim & Kim Show:

The delicate relationship I have with my keyboard The final panel to this comic has been removed, and so was my "defense" of it. Neither one was particularly clever. I make comics to make people laugh, not to upset them. To anyone who was upset by it: I'm sorry. Revolution 1848 - Tafelbild Das Tafelbild behandelt die sozialen und politischen Bedingungen der Revolution und die Entwicklungen, die zur Revolution 1848 führten; außerdem die Spaltung des Vorparlaments. Auf dem Tafelbild sind vier relevante Phasen der beginnenden Märzrevolution 1848 aufgezeigt: In der Gesellschaft des Vormärz existieren Spannungen politischer und sozialer Natur, die durch ökonomische Krisen verstärkt werden. Unter dem Eindruck der Februarrevolution in Frankreich kommt es zur Formulierung von Märzforderungen und zur Bildung der Märzministerien. Revolutionäre Aktionen in Wien und Berlin führen zur Bildung des Vorparlaments, in dem Radikale und Gemäßigte keinen Konsens finden. Laden Sie das Tafelbild hier als Bilddatei (png) oder als PDF-Dokument (bessere Auflösung) herunter. Das Tafelbild “Märzrevolution 1848” ist fast etwas zu umfangreich, um es in einer Unterrichtsphase im Unterrichtsgespräch zu entwickeln.

Sirius : l'extraterrestre humanoïde d'Atacama est une énigme médicale - Sciences-Mag Certains scientifiques pensent que les extraterrestres existent. Pour le prouver et le révéler au monde entier, le Dr. Steeve Greer a fait appel à la science pour tenter de savoir qui était Ata, un humanoïde de 15 cm retrouvé dans le désert d’Atacama au Chili il y a une dizaine d’année. Et les résultats sont étonnants ! Sirius, un documentaire pour révéler l’existence des extraterrestres Sirius est le nom du documentaire réalisé par Amardeep Kaleka sur la base des travaux du Docteur Greer. La bande-annonce du documentaire Sirius : Ata, l’humanoïde d’Atacama Ata, a tout de l’image que nous nous faisons des extraterrestres. Ata, l’énigme médicale Pour Garry Nolan, directeur du département des cellules souches à l’école de médecine de l’université de Stanford en Californie, Ata est un mystère. Conclusion Sirius n’apporte pas de preuve définitive, irréfutable et scientifique de l’existence d’extraterrestre sur Terre. En savoir plus Le site du documentaire Sirius Partie 1 : Partie 2 : Google+

Future of Space Exploration: Armies of Info-Gathering Bots The way we explore space is set to change drastically in the near future, according to Wolfgang Fink, associate in physics at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. While we currently rely on single single-spacecraft missions that are commanded from Earth, we will soon see virtual armies of cheap, expendable space robots deployed to other heavenly bodies. They’ll be able to command themselves and other robots, making them a cohesive yet independent unit of exploration. Fink’s vision centers on an exploratory trip to Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. He sees sending a group of rovers, lake landers and an airship that will float above the moon. Today, space missions rely on Earth-based orders.

(98) Wall Photos 106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos Click on a photo and you make it bigger and can post a comment on it. And thats some of the most beloved Street Art Photos posted in 2012 on Street Art Utopia! A member of Street Art Utopia on Facebook wrote two year ago this nice piece about the future: – My son, do you want to hear something strange? – Yes! – You know the new tree painting we did on the garage last week.. – What? – Well, yes, many were. – Was art forbidden? – Well no, but it had to be in special buildings only. – Wow.. – Yes, my son. versailles1919 Das Ultimatum der Entente Die Vorgeschichte: Das Friedensprogramm des amerikanischen Präsidenten Wilson Waffenstillstand Die Friedenskonferenz von Paris Das Ultimatum Deutschland nimmt den Vertrag an Die Folgen Am 16. Die Vorgeschichte: Das Friedensprogramm des amerikanischen Präsidenten Wilson Im Kriegsjahr 1918 stellte Präsident Woodrow Wilson in mehreren Reden ein "Programm für den Weltfrieden" vor, mit dem er nach dem Ende des Weltkrieges künftige Kriege verhindern wollte. Waffenstillstand Ende September 1918 gab Deutschland den Krieg verloren. Deutschland erfüllte nun alle Bedingungen, die Wilson stellte. Das Ergebnis der Verhandlungen mit Wilson war das Abkommen vom 5. Auf der Basis dieses Abkommens wurde am 11. Die deutsche Revolution endete am 19. Die Friedenskonferenz von Paris Zur Friedenskonferenz, die am 18. Am 7. Lloyd George sagte: "Das Land, das ich hier vertrete, ist durch seine Ehre gebunden, von diesen Grundsätzen nicht abzuweichen. Das Ultimatum

Rare Historical Photos A boxing match on board the USS Oregon in 1897. Albert Einstein looking fabulous. Here's his report card! Samurai taken between 1860 and 1880. A shell shocked reindeer looks on as World War II planes drop bombs on Russia in 1941 Roy O. and Walt Disney on the day they opened Disney Studios. Che Guevara. The Microsoft staff in 1978. The last known Tasmanian Tiger photographed in 1933. A different angle taken of "Tank Man," the man who stood against a line of tanks in Tiananmen Square.He is standing in the street between the tree trunk and the fleeing man.You can see the tanks approaching from the right. Winston Churchill out for a swim. The London sky following a bombing and dogfight between British and German planes in 1940. Martin Luther King, Jr removes a burned cross from his yard in 1960. Google begins. Nagasaki, 20 minutes after the atomic bombing in 1945. A Native American overlooking the newly completed transcontinental railroad in 1868. The Great San Francisco Fire and Earthquake of 1906.

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