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Journalist's Resource: Research for Reporting, from Harvard Shorenstein Center

Journalist's Resource: Research for Reporting, from Harvard Shorenstein Center
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Academia, meet the press We live in a world of too much information and not enough knowledge. No one feels the strain of that digital-age truism more than journalists, who are asked to ferret out and process information with ever-increasing speed — and often at the expense of providing solid context for the news of the day. Journalist’s Resource, a new online tool developed at Harvard’s Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy, aims to put that background knowledge at the fingertips of reporters, bloggers, or even concerned citizens by making the work of academics less opaque and easier to find. But the website, which curates scholarship on government, economics, society, and the environment, is more than just a reliable shortcut for deadline-driven journalists. It’s also the ever-evolving manifestation of two Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) professors’ mission to promote what they call “knowledge-based reporting” in the mainstream media. That’s where Journalist’s Resource comes in.

dangillmor : Investigative journalists... NSA: Jeder ist automatisch schuldig, bis seine Unschuld bewiesen ist Thomas Andrews Drake ist ein ehemaliger Angestellter der US Air Force und später der Geheimdienste Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) und National Security Agency (NSA). Er arbeitete bei der NSA als Experte für Softwaretests und veröffentlichte als Whistleblower interne Informationen über das Projekt Trailblazer. Im Jahr 2010 wurde er als Spion angeklagt, ein Jahr später erhielt er den Ridenhour Truth-Telling Preis. In einem Interview mit RussiaToday (siehe unten) sagte Drake, Sicherheit sei gewissermaßen zu einer "Staatsreligion" geworden, die man besser nicht hinterfragen sollte. Keine Sorge wegen abgehörten Telefonleitungen? Seit Jahren wird argumentiert, derartige Missstände könnten nicht öffentlich behandelt werden, weil die lückenlose Überwachung der eigenen Bevölkerung nicht bekannt gegeben werden dürfe. Laut Drake habe das Weiße Haus mit der NSA eine Übereinkunft getroffen, wonach die NSA den Staat nach den Vorkommnissen des 11. Video: Interview von Russia Today mit Thomas A.

Animated Information Graphics: Using Data and Motion to Reveal the Story In this class you'll learn how to create information graphics that use data and reveal stories through animation. You'll learn how to go from data/reporting to an engaging and animated information graphic. What You'll Learn An overview of the approach to starting with a set of data and assetsFiguring out the story and whats important or interesting about the dataCreating hierarchy of interesting elements and an organizational schemeWriting a scriptCreating the final storyboard We'll also cover things like best practices and some tips to keep in mind as you work on your project. What You'll MakeStudents will make a storyboard for an animated information graphic. Who This Class is ForThis class is for anyone is interested in data, information graphics, animation and telling compelling stories.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Speaker: Linguistic Isolation in the Modern World Chi Luu is a peripatetic linguist who speaks Australian English and studies dead languages. Every two weeks, she’ll uncover curious stories about language from around the globe for Lingua Obscura. A language becomes extinct when its last speaker dies, but some argue that language death really occurs when the second last speaker dies, because for the lone remaining speaker, there is no one left to talk to. The curious story of Ayapaneco, an endangered language from the state of Tabasco in Mexico, sparked worldwide interest when it was reported that the last two speakers of the language were not speaking to each other. The telecommunications company Vodafone found it dramatic enough to conduct a rather ham-fisted viral marketing push around ‘revitalizing’ the critically endangered language. Consider that of the world’s 6,500 odd languages, roughly half are in danger of extinction within the century, as reported in Mark Turin’s 2012 paper on endangered languages. By: MARK TURIN Endangered

Study suggests breast cancer is clutch of 10 diseases Scientists who conducted a major international study into the genetics of breast cancer say they can now classify the disease into 10 subtypes - a finding that points to more accurate, tailored treatment for individual patients in future. In research published in the journal Nature on Wednesday, a team led by scientists at the Cancer Research UK (CRUK) charity also found several completely new genes that drive breast cancer, offering potential targets for new types of drugs. Carlos Caldas, who co-led the study at CRUK's Cambridge Research Institute and the University of Cambridge said the findings mean breast cancer should now be seen as an "umbrella term" for a larger number of diseases. "Essentially we've moved from knowing what a breast tumor looks like under a microscope to pinpointing its molecular anatomy," he said. "This research won't affect women diagnosed with breast cancer today. Molecular map

2011 Conferentie Eindhoven De VVOJ Conferentie is een jaarlijks evenement voor onderzoeksjournalisten. Er zijn workshops en computertrainingen, De Loep wordt er uitgereikt, en het is vooral ook een informeel trefpunt voor collega’s onderling. Op deze pagina vind je links naar alle conferenties, inclusief beschikbare video’s, foto’s, verslagen en downloads. Bekijk ook eens de VVOJ Sprekerslijst, waar je alle sprekers en trainers kunt terugvinden die door de jaren heen een bijdrage leverden aan conferenties. 7-8 november 2014: Kortrijk De eerstvolgende conferentie onderzoeksjournalistiek is op 7 en 8 november in Kortrijk. Van een groot aantal workshops en trainingen zijn verslagen gemaakt, die je in deze archieven kunt terugvinden.


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