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ArchDaily | Broadcasting Architecture Worldwide clog: From the archives: SNEAK enCOUNTER exhibition Here's another set of images from way back: the SNEAK exhibition at our enCOUNTER window featuring work from recent NMIT graduates Tessa Blazey, Tae Schmeisser, Vanessa Maxim, Milly Flemming, Alex Bletsas, Elise Newman and Lia Tabrah. Tara Lofhelm OTT by Lia T. Elise Newman Alex Bletsas Elise Newman Tessa Blazey Anagrama | Brand Intelligence Group Clever Typography Art A beautiful collection of clever typography art This is a beautiful collection of clever typography art that we found on popular meme website, 9GAG. Sadly, there was no reference to the artist who created these images, so if you happen to know who they are, please share with us in the comments. We’ll be happy to give them full credit and feature their work here on the Wix Blog. * Update – Thanks to our reader Audrey, we now know this ovely work is from the book Word As Image by Ji Lee Word As Image by Ji Lee

Pattern People: Surface Design Studio 零壹城市| LYCS Architecture Birdy & Me : Illustrations & Musings by Kelly Smith RETARDED mag. Pep es un chico que siempre me ha fascinado por su extrañeza y su simpleza mezclada con una inocencia inquietante. Cuando levanta la mirada de manera burlona te das cuenta de que algo oculta que tiene mucho valor. A mi me gusta pensar que fue algo que descubrió en el pequeño pueblo de 5.000 habitantes donde pasó su infancia y parte de la juventud, apartado de todo y dedicándose a jugar a los videojuegos, a las muñecas y a las peleas a lo gladiador con palos del campo. Ya más adolescente mientras se fumaba sus porrillos no paraba de dibujar lo abstracto y las heroínas a las que diseñaba sus estilismos. En su infancia, era objeto de burla de los chicos por blanco, porque claro ahí en canarias parecía recién salido de la tumba, en comparación con los demás, y quizás, esa era la sensación que él tenía al amanecer todos los días en aquel lugar, así que decidió irse a las palmas a hacer el bachillerato de Artes. De Dios le gusta la iconografía, lo celestial.

Experimental Cartography: The Map as Art by Maria Popova What tattoo art has to do with fashion, vintage atlases and Nazi concentration camps. We’ve always been fascinated by maps — through various elements of design, from typography to color theory to data visualization, they brilliantly condense and capture complex notions about space, scale, topography, politics and more. But where things get most interesting is that elusive intersection of the traditional and the experimental, where artists explore the map medium as a conceptual tool of abstract representation. And that’s exactly what The Map of the Art, a fantastic Morning News piece by Katharine Harmon, examines. Matthew Cusick, 'Fiona’s Wave,' 2005 Cusick's oversized collages are painted with fragments of vintage atlases and school geography books from the golden era of cartography, 1872-1945. Corriette Schoenaerts, 'Europe,' 2005 Schoenaerts, a conceptual photographer living in Amsterdam, constructs countries and continents out of clothing. Arie A. Paula Scher: Africa, 2003

- Claudia Caviezel ♦ news - 数学的美学世界 DonE. Knuth(美)高德纳 《计算机程序设计艺术》的作者; Edsger Wybe(荷兰) Dijkstra算法(最短路径算法)发明者; George Dantzing(俄国) 运筹学大师; James Cooley (美) FFT(快速傅利叶变换)算法发明者,该算法主要用语数字信号处理技术; John Backus(美) FORTRAN之父,又提出规范描编程语言语法的Backus-Naur Form(BNF); Jon Bentley(美)?《Programming Pearls》(中文名《编程珠玑》)作者,精于软件工程; Nicklaus Wirth(瑞士) PASCAL之父,提出了“算法+数据结构=程序”,他是创办Borland公司的Philie kahn的老师; Robort Sedgewick(美) 算法讲解者; Tony Hoare (英) 快速排序算法(Quick Sort)发明者,1999年加入微软创办了剑桥研究院; Udi Manber (美) Google副总裁,首席算法官。 伟大的智者——Don E.Knuth 中文名:高德纳(1938-) 算法和程序设计技术的先驱者。 对于Don E.Knuth本人,一生中获得的奖项和荣誉不计其数,包括图灵奖,美国国家科学金奖,美国数学学会斯蒂尔将(AMS Steel Prize),以及发明先进技术荣获的极受尊重的京都奖(KyotoPrize)等等,写过19部书和160余篇论文,每一篇著作都能用影响深远来形容。 首席算法官Udi Manber 世界上还有如此奇怪的职位? Udi还因为他所著的Introduction to Algorithms——A Creative Approach而被大家称道。 谦逊的长者——Edsger Wybe Dijkstra 1930 年出生于荷兰阿姆斯特丹,2002年逝世于荷兰纽南。 且 不说Dijkstra算法对计算科学,网络科学发展的深远影响,单从他在1972年获得图灵奖时的演讲“The Humble Programmer”就不得不肃然起敬,在获得计算机科学中至高无上的奖项时,Edgs Wybe Dijkstra仍然称自己不过是一个谦逊普通的程序员,何等胸襟,举世之中几人可比。 运筹学大师——George Dantizig 可谓是由父亲一手培养出的天才。

Home | Studio Drift Maiko Takeda - Home mr. div all in our heads // video 16,984 notes Kris Menace ‘The Entirety of Matter’ // Album art by Mr. Div Check out the first in a series of 'gif videos’ for the album here: Kris Menace - Mona 827 notes