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Building Block SS14 - artnau Growth by KONTO Studio GROWTH is an indoor urban garden furniture, that works as a biological cycle with a water reservoir, capillary water system and LED growth light. Metazz Retro redesign of classic metal album covers by Rafa Melandi. Jansky . How to Make a Spider Web Necklace If you are in need of a super fun and striking accent to your upcoming Halloween costume, I think this spider web necklace might be right up your alley (hopefully it's not a creepy nighttime alley). All it takes is three things to make this spider web necklace...what's easier than that? Watch the video below and I show you step by step how to make it! What you need: – Freezer paper Welcome - - Historique des commandes Voir et suivre les commandes et tout sur les retours et échanges. Profil personnel Voir ou modifier vos renseignements de connexion, de facturation et d'expédition. Liste de souhaits Suivez tout ce qui attire votre regard. Anthro Un programme de fidélisation fait pour vous.

Harold Ancart - Artist Biography & Works - Xavier Hufkens Harold Ancart’s creative process involves drawing and space. Allowing for chance and repetition, he often works in situ creating sculptural installations with found objects, minimal traces, and graphic underlining to reveal the surfaces, the specificities and the situation of the place. Thread structures, lines, open cubes, concrete and steel point to these architectural and environmental considerations. He says: “I like to envision exhibits not so much as a succession of objects to be looked at, but as tensions created between the various zones of emptiness.” FIVE Olive Oil bottles and packaging by World Excellent Products This Greek olive oil comes in simple circular bottles and stripped-back packaging. The FIVE Olive Oil is bottled and distributed by Greek brand World Excellent Products in bottles that are different for each oil variety. Clear bottles are for extra virgin olive oil, matte black is used for organic extra virgin and matte white vessels contain ultra premium extra virgin. The product is also available in five-litre tin containers, which have rounded corners and bear the same minimal aesthetic as the bottles.

"Oilslick" by Aimee Stewart Available to buy on… The side of an antique locomotive, at Camp 18 – somewhere on Highway 26, Oregon. © Aimee Stewart 2008No unauthorized use allowed Celebrating Marc Newson, The Master Of Futuristic Minimalism We happen to know what industrial designer Marc Newson’s home looks like. Newson, who once told the New York Times, "the future isn’t futuristic anymore," put his décor where is mouth is and outfitted his London flat with a dose of futuristic minimalism that’s carefully countered by warmer touches, like classic moldings and a deer antler chandelier. Those kind of domestic touches go out the window in the new Marc Newson: At Home exhibit, now up at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It’s classic Jetsonian Newson, totally unbridled.

Adir Winery “The boutique Adir Winery is located in the Upper Galilee and produces wine mainly for experts and collectors in the field. As such, we have chosen the value of contrast as a base for our work." "Gentle versus coarse, extroversion versus elegance, local versus foreign, and innovation versus tradition. The design is built from a clean, basic typographic language, that conduct a cultural dialogue emphasizing the search for balance and harmony.” Designed by Blend-it Design, Israel

Natasha Dahlberg Natasha Dahlberg is an independent jeweller. Her designs centre on quality and handcrafted pieces made in champagne, black and green diamonds on 18 carat gold, designed to be worn on their own or layered together. This influenced the design of the elegant logotype. The packaging and other printed material maintain the purity and clarity of the design, whilst the website provides a simple way to purchase online. Christopher Kane Spring 2014 — Review Claire Collins Courtesy of Christopher Kane It’s highly amusing to watch people hiding their bafflement when they congregate backstage to ask Christopher Kane questions about where his collection came from. This time, he replied beaming: “Sex Ed. Biology textbooks. And Jean-Léon Gérôme’s paintings of girls being sold in a marketplace in Roman times, with all this drapery, and hands plucking their clothes off.”

Erin Fetherston - Spring/Summer 2009 Ready-To-Wear - NYFW ( UK) ERIN FETHERTON'S spring/summer 2009 collection entitled "East of the Sun and West of the Moon" left much to the imagination by title alone. While the sun was already down about thiry minutes past seven when the show kicked off at Bryant Park, a sunset was brought to life on Fetherston's runway. Every imaginable colour that the sun would produce, before setting to reveal the moon, was expressed. Peachy and glowing pinks, a sunburst jacquard coat in lemon yellow, and then a lilac chiffon bandeau. But the magic came with the clouds.

VIKA #3 - Natalie Armin VIKA #3 Photographer | Hadar Pitchon Styling | Natalie Armin Hair | Clay Nielsen MUA | Andrew Sotomayor Model | Vika @WomenDirect NYC Jonathan Saunders Spring 2013 — Review Marikka Juhler Alessandro Garofalo/ The morning after Marc Jacobs’s show last week, Jonathan Saunders, having just seen the pictures, was in his London studio with his head in his hands after looking at the pictures. Oh, no.