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How to Use Social Media for Trend Research. In 1998, the founders of Google set out on a mission to do one thing: organize the world’s information. Google has come a long way since then, however, and so has digital media. Until recently, social media content was somewhat ephemeral: The more content that was created, the more possibilities got lost in the noise. Related: New Study Details Who Is Using Social Media and When But popular social networks are at last creating order from the chaos, and turning social media content into a powerful research resource for advertisers. Social media, after all, is rich with user-generated content from digital creatives, businesses and brands. This data can be particularly useful for marketers looking for timely consumer trends and new ways to engage with online audiences.

At any given moment, social media users are talking about a multitude of topics; however, the most engaged conversations bubble to the top and become trending topics. 1. 2. 3. Eric Dahan. #AllTypesAllSwipes | Introducing More Genders on Tinder. Tinder Just Became Trans Inclusive With 37 New Custom Gender Options. Tinder is overhauling gender on the platform. Tinder Tinder, as a place where men notoriously auto-swipe to increase their chances and bombard women with messages that are far from tasteful, has a reputation for embodying the worst of heteronormativity. But the company is making a major change that will make it a far safer and more inclusive space. This morning, Tinder announced it’s adding 37 new genders, and giving users the opportunity to customize their gender, in order to make the dating app more inclusive for those who identify as trans or gender non-conforming. The new options vary greatly and include genders like androgynous, gender fluid, pangender, non-binary, transgender person, trans man and trans woman.

“We had received a lot of user feedback on how Tinder wasn’t providing the best experience for our community of transgender and gender non-conforming users. You can now choose from 37 additional genders or create your own. How Genderless Dressing is More Than a Trend. Fashion Week is, of course, when designers present their new collections to the world and with that their interpretations of the trends for the coming seasons. Except this time things were different. The runways of recent have been distinctly more androgynous than we have seen before. In fact, this new movement goes beyond androgyny, which implies clothing that is somewhat gender-neutral.

Designers like Rick Owens and Rad Hourani have been designing genderless fashion for years, but the latest collections from more traditional fashion labels like Gucci and Prada have seen gender-neutral clothing arrive in mainstream fashion. Even high street giant Zara recently launched an ungendered line, following in the footsteps of the department store Selfridges, whose Agender line spreads across three floors of the London flagship location.

This development is more than a trend; it is evolution. Fashion is a great insight into the mentality of a time and place. Related March 6, 2014. Tinder Just Became Trans Inclusive With 37 New Custom Gender Options. Why changing perceptions is the key to gender equality. In 1970 the Equal Pay Act was passed, prohibiting any gender bias in how men and women were paid or treated at work. Yet, despite this, more than four decades later the pay gap in the UK between male and female full-time workers is still 13.9%. There’s no doubt about it: the UK’s progress towards gender equality has been, and continues to be, slow. This has had a huge impact on the careers landscape. Whether it’s the imbalance in female remuneration for doing the same jobs as men, or the lack of female representation on leadership teams or directors boards, or the common stereotyping of roles or industries as more suited to males, diversity in the workplace remains a vital issue.

This really shouldn’t be the case in 2016. Equal pay is not only the right thing to do morally and socially, but reams of research have confirmed that it’s better for business. As this compelling data stacks up, there can be little doubt that gender diversity and social equality are good for all organisations. What does 'gender-fluid' mean? Gender fluidity, when gender expression shifts between masculine and feminine, can be displayed in how we dress, express and describe ourselves. Everyone's gender exists on a spectrum, according to Dot Brauer, director of the LGBTQA Center at the University of Vermont.

Progressive gender expression is the norm for the university, which offers gender-neutral bathrooms and allows students to use their preferred names. "If you imagine the spectrum and imagine the most feminine expression you have ever seen and most masculine you have ever seen and just sort of imagine where you are on that," Brauer said. Brauer, who identifies as gender-queer and prefers the pronoun "they," said gender identification is about what feels right for the person. Information is fluid "In my generation, all the information that came to me was filtered through some very sort of limited perspectives and limiting languages. "How I express it is usually how I dress, how I do my hair. More than just appearance. Tinder update rolls out transgender-friendly and gender fluid identity options.

The capital’s most popular dating app has just rolled out new features to help its transgender users to have a better experience finding love on the app. Until now, Tinder users were offered only two options when selecting their identity - man or woman. But in an effort to better recognise the diversity of its users, it now offers 35 different gender options to choose from. These include the identity terms “Gender Fluid”, “Two-Spirit”, “Pangender” and “Neither”.

And if users can’t find the term that describes them, they can type in any term that best describes their gender identity or choose to hide their gender completely, the company says. "Our goal is to provide a product that gives our transgender and gender non-conforming users a better experience on Tinder," CEO Sean Rad said in a statement. The best apps for Londoners Tinder is also taking new steps to minimise harassment on its platform, particularly towards the trans community. Agender Androgyne Androgynous Bigender Female to Male Neither. Birmingham City University - Sign In. Birmingham City University - Sign In. Gender pay gap means women 'working for free from now until 2017' | Society. Women will in effect work for free for the rest of the year because of the gender pay gap, which will take 60 years to close at the current rate of progress, campaigners say. The Fawcett Society called for more action from the government and employers to tackle pay discrimination, job “segregation” and help women into senior posts.

Thursday has been labelled equal pay day (EPD), with the society saying the 13.9% pay gap means women are in effect working for nothing from now until the end of the year. The Fawcett Society chief executive, Sam Smethers, said: “A root cause of the gender pay gap is that we don’t value the work done by women. As we mark EPD this year, we are focusing on the fundamental question of who and what we value and asking why it is that we don’t value women and the work they do – paid or unpaid. “Equal value goes to the heart of the fight for pay equality, because the reality is that if it is a sector dominated by women the pay will be lower. Gender pay gap narrows but men earning 23% more than women, agency finds | World news.

The gender pay gap and the gap in the proportion of senior managers who are women have both narrowed but men continue to earn 23% more than women on average, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency has found. The agency’s latest annual figures, released on Wednesday, found that women earn 77% of men’s average full-time income. Although the gap has narrowed by 1.6 percentage points, women in full-time work still earn on average $27,000 a year less than men. The figure rises to $93,884 at the top level of management. The data covers more than 12,000 employers and four million employees, representing about 40% of employees in Australia. It covers the period from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016. Industries with the largest gender pay gap were financial and insurance services (33.5%), real estate (29.3%) and construction (28%). Industries with the smallest gap were education (9.4%), wholesale trade (10%), public administration and safety (10.4%).

On boards, 24.6% of directors were women. Sadiq Khan slams 'unacceptable' gender pay gap in London. London's Mayor has described the gender pay gap in the capital as "unacceptable" after he revealed figures showing differences of up to 35% between the pay of men and women in public organisations. Sadiq Khan is calling on Greater London Authority (GLA) bodies to publish action plans to address the problem. The figures showed no gender pay gap in the London Fire Brigade, 3.3% in the Mayor's office for crime and policing, 4.6% in the GLA, 11.6% in the Met Police, 19.2% in Transport for London and 35% in the London Legacy Development Corporation, which is dealing with post-London Olympics issues.

Mr Khan said: "It is clear from the data I have published today that we still have plenty of work to do to close the gender pay gap across the Greater London Authority and I will be working with all functional bodies to do everything we can to promote gender equality. "Clearly we all need to do much more to put our own houses in order. "But reporting the gap is the first step. Is social networking redefining identity? When did you last send a tweet? What did your Facebook friends have to say about how they’re feeling this morning? How important are online networks to your sense of who you are? Chances are you’ll have something to say about at least one of these questions. For a majority of Britons, online persona and virtual networks are becoming increasingly definitional. Monday saw the publication of a new report that looks at the impact of technology on identity, by the Government’s chief scientific advisor, Professor Sir John Beddington.

The report, The Future of Identity, identifies ‘hyper-connectivity’ – near-continuous access to the Internet – as a very significant development. Beddington argues that hyper-connectivity is likely to have a profound effect on how people regard their place in the world and define themselves. The report suggests that the ubiquity of smartphones is changing the way we relate to others, and may lead to place-based communities becoming less cohesive. Identity Hacked: Losing Yourself in Social Media | The Huffington Post. Identity has always been based on partial truths and generalizations but for those of us brought up on social media this has never been truer. If in the past we were our job, relationship, favorite band or car brand, we are now also our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Our self-esteem may fluctuate with each follow, favorite or like - if we didn’t post a picture it may not have happened, or at least, might as well not have. We may have trouble deciding whether we’re happy or just popular, sit at home looking at photos of friends who appear convincingly satisfied, leading more exciting, meaningful lives. You might even wake up one morning to find you’ve been hacked and who you thought you were; is now someone else. I was embarrassed by how upset losing my Twitter made me, like I’d lost a loved one, a million dollars or my good name. I had a gig that week so I should’ve been busy scoring parts for my band but instead I was sending support requests, changing passwords and overall despairing. Social Media and the End of Gender? In my other life, I work as a social media consultant and spend ridiculous amounts of time consuming information about how social media transforms the way we communicate with others.

It’s undeniably a powerful tool, has become one of our international grassroots eyes and ears (see: Egypt and Iran) and allows many of us to find new friends around the corner. So I was pretty psyched to see this TED talk by media researcher and expert, Johanna Blakley, about the end of gender and social media. While I think she makes idealistic points, I’m not convinced by her argument that social media currently signifies (or will in the future) the irrelevance of gender in online spaces. I agree with her point that marketers are getting more useful information about consumers through their interests and communities, and that women are more avid users of social media.

That’s easily proven statistically. However, traditional advertisers know to target women. Should Women Shave Their Faces and Will Hair Grow Back Thicker With Shaving? To shave, or not to shave? That is the question. The idea of women shaving their faces isn't a new one by any means, but like bacne and the gross satisfaction you get from removing a stubborn blackhead, it's one of those taboo beauty rituals that rarely leaves the privacy of your own bathroom, much less gets discussed in public.

"Women have shaved their faces for years, we just didn't know or talk about it until recently. A lot of women in the '50s, like the movie stars and starlets, you'll find that they did it," says Stephanie Kaulesar, Specialist Director at hair removal salon Spruce & Bond. We spoke to Kaulesar to get her take on the movement, and to bust some myths and misconceptions about hair removal—like the one stating that your strands will grow back thicker and darker if you shave, which, for the record, isn't true.

RELATED: How to Remove and Prevent Ingrown Hairs If a little peach fuzz is something that concerns you, you're probably a good candidate for shaving. Should Women Shave Their Face? Dermatologist Talks Dermaplaning Benefits & Side Effects Part 3 : Beauty : Fashion Times. Dermaplaning, a.k.a a close razor shaving for women offers a lot of benefits to the skin, but can also cause unwanted razor bumps. If you suffer from these, check out what those bumps can mean for women and how best to avoid them from dermatologist Dr. Friedman of Montefiore Medical Center: Dr. Friedman, what could woman's razor bumps tell us about underlying health conditions? Based on our study, the increased hair growth which ultimately results in razor bumps can be a sign that there are hormonal abnormalities as seen in polycystic ovarian syndrome. (Photo : Instagram) Typically what types of women are most at risk for these underlying health conditions?

Our study found that women effected were more often African American, obese, and suffered from elements of metabolic syndrome such as diabetes, high blood pressure. Is it ever OK not to shave or wax? It is only OK at a specific length when the hair regrows into the skin. How best to treat female razor bumps? Any additional tips and tricks? Why Zara calling sweats 'genderless' is problematic. Last week Zara released an "ungendered" clothing line, and it's causing controversy. The clothing retailer joined the unisex and genderless fashion movement that gained steam last year.

In 2015 luxury labels like Saint Laurent, Gucci and Burberry incorporated elements of gender fluidity into runway shows, while brands like Nicopanda and VFILES showcased both men and women in skirts and dresses. Zara's new 10-piece offering consists of plain basics that were arguably already genderless by style. It begs questioning whether this line furthers the intention of the movement or whether calling an unimaginative fashion line "ungendered" is little more than a trendy marketing play. Twitter users expressed their thoughts. Anita Dolce Vita, owner of queer style empowerment site, DapperQ, says at least it's a start.

"It's hard to imagine how these simple items become gendered," she explained. Have something to add to this story? Why Zara calling sweats 'genderless' is problematic. Zara Releases 'Ungendered' Clothing To Mixed Response | The Huffington Post. 5 gender-neutral brands that are defying the fashion industry - The Metropolist.

Plus-sized models like Ashley Graham 'are FUELLING obesity, experts warn. Gender stereotypes study debunks centuries-old assumptions that have plagued men and women | The Independent. The Assumptions We Make About Gender Based On People's Social Media Posts Are Totally Wrong, Because Of Course They Are. Here Is How Abortion Rights Organizations Are Reacting To Trump's Presidency - BuzzFeed News. ACLU, pro-choice groups vow to fight Donald Trump on abortion. Transgender Model Andreja Pejic Scores First Fashion Cover as a Woman | Pret-a-Reporter. Ruby rose is the gender-fluid face of urban decay. Ruby Rose: Urban Decay announces gender fluid model and actress as the new face of its latest campaign | The Independent. With Generation Z comes genderless fashion. Social media can damage body image – here's how to counteract it.

Donald Trump: President-elect Trump’s abortion stance threatens women’s rights, advocates say. Hillary Clinton didn't lose because of sexism.