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Petra Collins

Petra Collins

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the coolest photos from chloë sevigny's new book Photography Wolfgang Tillmans, 1995 We know Kim Kardashian's selfie compendium Selfish is at the top of your reading list, but you better make some room, because Chloë Sevigny's Rizzoli monograph is almost here. Chloë Sevigny traces the evolution of the 'Coolest Girl in the World's' (so dubbed by Jay McInerney in the New Yorker back in 94) style throughout her landmark career, from her days behind the counter at it-boutique Liquid Sky right up through her five Opening Ceremony collaboration collections. Photography Mark Borthwick,1996 10 Helpful Websites for Protecting Your Photography Copyrights Being a photographer in the digital age presents a number of excellent advantages along with a collection of new concerns. Sharing your images with the world and gaining exposure has never been easier, but the risk that someone may decide to steal your work is also increasing. Protecting your images on the web should be at the forefront of your thought process when uploading a new potential masterpiece. To help you out, we have established a list of ten sites that can assist you in your creative endeavor.

"Feminist" - Carrie Brownstein MAKERS Moment Advice to Her Younger Self: Embrace all the awkwardness and uncertainty. Before Music: She thought she wanted to be an actor. Source of Inspiration: Miranda July. 5 Myths Photographers Will Tell You About Film, or: Why Film Isn't Afraid of the Dark You will be hard pressed to find a reasonable working photographer today, who won’t admit that film still has a place in photography and really offers some unique characteristics, even if they choose to not use it. But often photographers who love shooting digital and don’t want to deal with film attempt to write off and make excuses for why they can’t shoot film. I’d like to offer a rebuttal to such excuses, inspired by a recent thoughtful PetaPixel post. I love film, but I think there is no need to make any excuses for shooting digitally in this day and age.

Destiny Is the Empowering Disco Queen We Need Destiny Frasqueri in her new music video "Soul Train." It's been a minute since we heard from Princess Nokia, the artist who owned last summer with Metallic Butterfly, the genre-jumping mixtape that we're still streaming everyday on SoundCloud. Yesterday, she finally returned to the internet with a music video for her new song "Soul Train." This time around, she's going by the name Destiny and she's traded in the Matrix vibes for the aesthetic of a disco queen. How to read a histogram: what you can learn from your camera's exposure graph Most photographers know that you can check the exposure of the shots you’ve taken simply by reviewing them on your camera’s LCD screen. But looking at the picture alone can be misleading. Knowing how to read your camera’s histogram is the most important thing you can do to ensure a good exposure.

Camille Paglia - Feminist trouble Whelan: Speaking of a backward turn, young feminists today are obsessed with the idea of ‘rape culture’. Do you think that, as the idea of rape culture suggests, sexual violence is normalised? Paglia: ‘Rape culture’ is a ridiculous term – mere gassy propaganda, too rankly bloated to critique. 10 common exposure problems every photographer faces (and how to fix them) Are you struggling to get well-lit shots? You don’t need any fancy equipment or complex lighting techniques. This guide to the 10 most common exposure problems all photographers face will show you how to avoid them and start taking better pictures today. At some point most photographers take a picture that doesn’t come out exactly as they expected, it’s either too dark or much lighter than they want it to be.

The Hub – a new direction in photography print sales We take it for granted that galleries are the gatekeepers to the art market, but is that still the case? A new service sets out to challenge all that, advocating a DIY approach. How do you make a living out of photography? Rochelle & Wally (Tasmania) » Eric Ronald // Melbourne Wedding Photographer // Australia & Worldwide When I am photographing, the fact that a wedding is happening takes a back seat to what is really going on. What is going on you ask? Life – that’s what is going on. Everything is going on; the wind blowing in the trees, rain drops tapping on a window, a mother hugging her daughter, a child running along the beach. The more we immerse ourselves in life, the more we feel, and the more we see.

Creative flower photography: how to shift the focus using layer blending techniques How to process and blend your macro images 01 Batch process in Adobe Camera RawDownload our start files and follow along! Open the three focus_start images in Elements’ Camera Raw editor.