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Petra Collins

Petra Collins
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Faux ours polaires, nazis et blackfaces : les archives de Jean-Marie Donat
 | VICE | France Photos tirées de TeddyBär Vous les avez peut-être déjà vues sur les réseaux sociaux – des vieilles photos d'Allemands en train de prendre la pose avec des faux ours polaires. Un peu ridicules, mystérieuses et dérangeantes à la fois, ce ne sont que quelques-unes des 10 000 photos de la collection de Jean-Marie Donat, un éditeur français qui collectionne d'étranges vieux clichés depuis trois décennies. Appelée TeddyBär par Donat, cette collection donne un drôle d'aperçu de l'histoire allemande. Si les ours eux-mêmes semblent bizarres, quand on place les 200 et quelques photos côte à côte, ce sont les autres personnages qui ressortent. Photos tirées de Blackface Si TeddyBär met en lumière des aspects étranges et parfois lugubres de la culture allemande, la collection Blackface de Donat en fait de même avec la culture américaine, et c'est peu dire. VICE : Salut Jean-Marie. Qu'est-ce qui vous a marqué dans la première photo ? J'ai découvert l'histoire derrière cette tradition. Vraiment ?

Kit Kitty Fashion 10 Helpful Websites for Protecting Your Photography Copyrights Being a photographer in the digital age presents a number of excellent advantages along with a collection of new concerns. Sharing your images with the world and gaining exposure has never been easier, but the risk that someone may decide to steal your work is also increasing. Protecting your images on the web should be at the forefront of your thought process when uploading a new potential masterpiece. To help you out, we have established a list of ten sites that can assist you in your creative endeavor. Exif Copyright Information Making sure that your photograph contains identifiable EXIF information makes it easier to find on the web via a search engine. theXifer One of our top choices for fast web based EXIF editors is theXifer. Exif Remover Despite the name of the website, Exif Remover lets you add EXIF data to files in addition to deleting it. Registering Your Photographs A number of different services allow you to register your work to help prove that you own it. myows Safe Creative

Fanny Viguier Next Benjamin Eagle the coolest photos from chloë sevigny's new book Photography Wolfgang Tillmans, 1995 We know Kim Kardashian's selfie compendium Selfish is at the top of your reading list, but you better make some room, because Chloë Sevigny's Rizzoli monograph is almost here. Chloë Sevigny traces the evolution of the 'Coolest Girl in the World's' (so dubbed by Jay McInerney in the New Yorker back in 94) style throughout her landmark career, from her days behind the counter at it-boutique Liquid Sky right up through her five Opening Ceremony collaboration collections. Photography Mark Borthwick,1996 Photography Bay Garnett, 1997 But that's not all: Sevigny's longtime BFFs Kim Gordon and Natasha Lyonne chipped in, too. Chloë Sevigny hits stands April 21, fingers crossed it comes with its own CSS monogrammed L.L. @chloessevigny Photography David Perez Shadi, 1991 Photography Marcelo Krasilcic, 1994 Photography Kevin Hatt, 1995 Photography David Rosenblum, 1992 Credits Text Emily ManningImages © CHLOË SEVIGNY, Rizzoli New York, 2015

THE BROTHERS WRIGHT | Portfolio Mathieu Cesar Mathieu Cesar Les Intérieurs de la nouvelle jungle de Calais | VICE | France 20/02/2016, Calais, France. Il existe aussi des coiffeurs dans la jungle de Calais, des « barber shops » où les réfugiés viennent se faire couper les cheveux ou raser la barbe. Youssef était coiffeur en Afghanistan. Les photojournalistes sont nombreux à avoir visité la « Jungle » de Calais – le nombre de réfugiés arrivant en Europe a augmenté de manière exponentielle au cours de ces deux dernières années, et c'est donc un sujet qui nous touche de près. Quand on arrive dans la « New Jungle » de Calais, la diversité des commerces surprend : on se rend compte que la vie reprend le dessus et que la résilience humaine est sans limites, quelles que soient les circonstances. Retrouvez Constance sur son site.

"Feminist" - Carrie Brownstein MAKERS Moment Advice to Her Younger Self: Embrace all the awkwardness and uncertainty. Before Music: She thought she wanted to be an actor. Source of Inspiration: Miranda July. Born and raised in Washington, Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein started her career in music at The Evergreen State College. And so in 2010, Brownstein took her talents to another band, Wild Flag, which released its debut album in September of 2011.

5 Myths Photographers Will Tell You About Film, or: Why Film Isn't Afraid of the Dark You will be hard pressed to find a reasonable working photographer today, who won’t admit that film still has a place in photography and really offers some unique characteristics, even if they choose to not use it. But often photographers who love shooting digital and don’t want to deal with film attempt to write off and make excuses for why they can’t shoot film. I’d like to offer a rebuttal to such excuses, inspired by a recent thoughtful PetaPixel post. I love film, but I think there is no need to make any excuses for shooting digitally in this day and age. In some ways digital just appeals more to many photographers. Just because one can find some underexposed “Red Wedding” photographs published in a “Martha Stewart wedding book from the 80s”, does not mean that is how film looks today — or even how it had to look back then. Myth 1. Not true at all. 1. 35mm Ilford Delta 3200 pushed 2. 35mm Kodak Portra 400 with off camera flash 35mm Fuji ACROS 100 with on camera flash 3. 4. Myth 2.