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20 Amazing Free Font Typeface Pairings. Contrast and Collaboration Graphic designers generally agree that your different fonts should have an element of contrast (i.e. pairing a Sans Serif font with a Serif font) as well as a sense of collaboration-you want your two pieces of type to complement each other and “get along” rather than clash.

20 Amazing Free Font Typeface Pairings

Things like style, flow, width, kerning, thickness, and more can all be attributes that help two different fonts pair nicely with a healthy amount of contrast and collaboration. Free Fonts Below These fonts are all available (as of the moment I published this post) for free! There are download links below each font pairing example. Acknowledgments: Just some awesome people to mention before we get started… Quotes by the insanely cool, » Backgrounds for these fonts provided in the sweet background pack available for free at Line25 » Also, double check to make sure any free fonts you download are available for commercial use. 1. Combining Fonts. A palette with wit Use typefaces with complementary moods to evoke an upbeat, energetic air.

Combining Fonts

It’s the interplay between fonts that gives them energy. The more distant the moods in a typographic palette, the friskier the design will be. Here, three fonts with distinctive silhouettes have been chosen for their contrasting dispositions: the unabashed toughness of Tungsten is a foil for both Archer’s sweetness, and the cheekiness of Gotham Rounded.  Tungsten  Gotham Rounded  Archer A palette with energy Mix typefaces from the same historical period whose families have different features.

Three type families with nineteenth century roots, thrown together in a cheerful typographic riot. .  Proteus Project  Knockout. Free Fonts and Printable Combinations. My favorite free font combinations. 30+ Fresh and Modern Font Combinations. September 11, 2013 • By Joe Howard • In Typography Pairing fonts can be one of the most difficult things to get right in typography and with so many considerations to take, plus the sheer volume of fonts available on the web, it can be difficult to find relevant and unique combinations.

30+ Fresh and Modern Font Combinations

So we have compiled this list of font fresh and modern font combinations. We have carefully chosen a mixture of new modern typefaces with ageless classics. Also if you would like to know more about font pairing, you can read our in-depth guide here. Rockwell & Compass Sans Download Rockwell Download Compass PT Sans Bold & Open Sans Regular Download PT Sans Download Open Sans Continuum Light & Eight-One Download Continuum Download Eight-One PT Serif Bold & PT Sans Regular Download PT Serif Download PT Sans Droid Sans Bold & Droid Serif Regular.

FONTAHOLIC - BEAUTIFUL FONT COMBO'S. As you know I LOVE fonts but while vamping my blog I discovered I never really thought of how to combine fonts before and which fonts would look good together.


Since I needed to make choices I searched the web for ideas and started experimenting. It took me quite some time to decide but finally I chose to combine Oswald and Duru. A great font combo not only looks good on a blog but will also add that little something extra on a scrapbook page, handmade card or invitation. {Typeface Tuesday} Wedding Font Combinations. Back by popular demand... here is another set of font combos that I've created.

{Typeface Tuesday} Wedding Font Combinations

Last time I featured these fonts, and a few months back I featured these. This time the theme is weddings. Each combination includes one decorative font typeface that would make a great header on, say, an invitation, along with a more readable font for the nitty gritty details. Here are links to websites where you can download the fonts above: 1. Soooo.... maybe you appreciate great typography but would rather leave it to the pros? Xo, Faith {Design Fixation} Top 10 Best Presentation Software That Are Great Powerpoint Alternatives. Ideally, when a person thinks of presentations, they think of Powerpoint.

Top 10 Best Presentation Software That Are Great Powerpoint Alternatives

But there is now a new world that may be explored. There are presentation software that can offer a wide array of templates and effects, which are not available in Powerpoint, so access to these can bring better results. If you want to offer something fresh and new on your next presentation, consider downloading one of these: 10. Dryfork Dryfork introduces an innovative presentation software through ExpressIt3D. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. Your designs - Canva. The Psychology of Fonts [Infographics] - Super Dev Resources. Similar to the Psychology of Color that we wrote about earlier, today we are going to present two infographics which will help you understand the Psychology behind choices of different type faces (fonts).

The Psychology of Fonts [Infographics] - Super Dev Resources

Understanding how different font types are used to please different psychological aspects can be helpful in deciding the fonts to be used in your Apps and Websites. Source of these infographics is also mentioned where you can find additional details. 1. The Psychology of Fonts This infographics by Weemss describes the psychological assosciation behind the fonts types and also suggests what kind of event or themes those font types are most suitable for. 2.

Do you know the difference between Serif and Sans serif fonts and when to use them? Free Sound Effects, Music and Images (II) - Google Docs. Create Presentations on SlideShare. Flipboard. LitLift - A FREE online novel and story writing application. CoverFactory. Zinepal Online PDF and eBook Creator. Digital Publishing Solutions. Free eBook. Type Genius.