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At this year’s Fendi show during Milan's fashion week, a few stylish, logo-emblazoned drone cameras flew over models’ heads as they walked the runway. It was "the first fashion show ever seen through the eyes of the drones," according to a release. On Fendi’s website on Thursday, anyone with an Internet connection could tune in to the show, either by watching a standard livestream or the view from the "Drone Cam.

" More than the fur-trimmed handles of the Italian fashion house’s new totes, or the giant fake orchids adorning jackets, the drones, made by tech company Parrot, were the most hyped accessories at the show. "Drones feel edgy and futuristic—they appeal to that vision of a cyborg future," Zoe Lazarus, a trend forecaster at Lowe & Partners, told the Guardian. Burberry was the first to live-stream its catwalk show in 2011, but since then, such live streams have become standard. COS - Wednesday. The Challenge COS looked to partner with Wednesday at brand-inception to clearly define a visual brand-communication that strayed away from a traditional advertising campaign, whilst educating consumers and staff alike about the inspirations behind this new brand, conveying the distinct differences between COS and its mother brand, H&M.

Our Solution A brand magazine helped establish a visual identity and tone of voice that was easily distinguished and personal, and stood on its own as a collection of rich editorial content, with contributions from top fashion influencers such as Juergen Teller, Carine Roitfeld and Grace Coddington. A rich content stream was also created for online to marry the worlds of art and commerce, as well as product and editorial. Original editorial imagery created for the magazine also became the images used for top-line advertising.

The Outcome COS has quickly established itself as a brand for the creative class, launched with just seven stores. "Design and architecture has been a key influence" for COS. Interview: fashion brand COS is heavily influenced by architecture and design, says managing director Marie Honda, who tells Dezeen how the company built a global business with 104 stores in 25 countries without using conventional advertising or catwalk shows (+ slideshow). Instead, COS uses collaborations with designers including Nendo and Numen/For Use to target customers who work in the creative industries. "You can see from our trend boards that our inspiration from the beginning has been very, very strong from the design world, architecture, graphics, etc," Honda told Dezeen.

"It has been a key influence. " The brand's minimal garments, which Honda describes as "understated" and "timeless", defy seasonal trends and have became popular with architects and designers, who see COS as a more affordable alternative to luxury brand Prada. COS opened its 104th store in Los Angeles last week and plans to roll out new locations in Tokyo, New York, Melbourne and Seoul before the end of the year. BREATHING ROOM was an attempt to make a three-dimensional drawing in space that was both a diagram and a thing. It is an instrument that allows the viewers to become the viewed by creating an interpenetrating nest of seven space frames that occupy a central position in the room.

The volume outlined by the frame remains constant whilst being extended in each case on a different axis. A mandala-like drawing on the floor forms the groundplan from which the seven rooms grow. The structure is made from 25 mm x 25 mm square aluminium tube. The object hovers between being architecture and being an image of architecture. It is a contained object in a defined internal space. If perspective and orthogonal architecture in the West are the way in which space is described and contained, this is an attempt to open up those limiting characteristics. 541 × 317 - 512 × 512 - ‘curves’ Found 6 results. ‘neon’ Found 42 results 1981, 1980s, NEON, LIGHT, SCULPTURE, ZIG ZAG NEON WAVER | François Morellet Stripes, NEON, LINE, TREE, PALM, LIGHTS CRAZY NEON WALLS | Nick Knight. 60 Futuristic Menswear Editorials. By: Jana Pijak - Published: Nov 11, 2014 These futuristic menswear editorials range from sci-fi inspired ad campaigns to vanguard workwear editorials that look years ahead for their inspiration.

Setting a non-traditional tone, these futuristic menswear editorials highlight daring and dynamic styles that are unique and sophisticated in their look. Defying convention, these fashions feature conceptual elements and often play with proportions and shapes that are more artful than wearable. Whether channeling astronauts, space explorers or futuristic businessmen, the models in these photographs resemble otherworldly beings and sport fashions that push conventional boundaries. 60 Futuristic Menswear Editorials. 60 Futuristic Menswear Editorials. Futuristic Fashion Boutiques : Futuristic Fashion Boutique. By: Jana Pijak - Published: Jun 25, 2015 • References: buro247 Marrying heritage with innovation, this futuristic fashion boutique chronicles the history of French luxury label dior. The brand's House of Dior shop opened its doors in Seoul, South Korea recently and is not only a space that encourages luxury shopping but also features an exhibition area for the label's handmade couture staples.

Next to its curved facade, House of Dior's futuristic interior and LED-lit exhibition areas are its most impressive elements. For those with an appreciation for Dior's history and heritage, this futuristic fashion boutique also celebrates old world luxury and includes displays that reference Christian Dior's retro couture staples that gained immense popularity in the 50s.

Marrying old with new, this concept shop is evocative of Dior's iconic brand vision while simultaneously looking to the future for inspiration. Futuristic Fashion Boutiques : Futuristic Fashion Boutique. Futuristic Fashion Boutiques : Futuristic Fashion Boutique. Boxy Futuristic Bikes : futuristic bike. Arvak is a futuristic bike that may not be something that would appear in the next 'TRON' movie, but could easily make the rider feel as though they are entering a new age.

Granted, a truly futuristic bike might be hovering at that point. Nonetheless, the simple and geometric aesthetic of the Arvak is something many contemporary people will appreciate. Designed by French design studio Keim in collaboration with the Breitfuss workshop, the futuristic bike boasts a hollow monocoque frame that is made out of 24 layers of laminated ash wood and a bio-sourced resin. Fubiz writes, "The orientation of the wood fibers has even been optimized to develop the best quality of the material. " Although it has the hefty look of a mountain bike, the futuristic bike looks made for speed. Retro-Futuristic Cars : retro-futuristic car. S21 Renaissance is a retro-futuristic car concept that pays tribute to the Citroen DS of yesteryear. A stunning design that would inspire just about any of the mechanics with their own reality TV shows, it captures the iconic look of the original car while adding more than a few stunning updates that will take people's breath away.

A person doesn't need to be an auto enthusiast to appreciate the this retro-futuristic car concept. Designed by Slimane Toubal, the retro-futuristic car should be noted for its aerodynamic, futuristic body design with fender skirts that both harken back to the space age and look forward to modern efficiency standards. Dark and stealth, it looks like something Bruce Wayne would drive when not Batman.

Retro-Futuristic Cars : retro-futuristic car. Cool and Creative Coffin Shaped Cigarette Packaging ~ Unusual Things. Cool and Creative Coffin Shaped Cigarette Packaging Creative cigarette packaging designed to encourage people to quit smoking. The Last Cigarette Antismoke Pack Cigarette, Awesome, Beautiful, Coffin, Packaging. 600 × 333 - When making your house a home, your first thought might go to finding the perfect sofa for your living room or furniture for bedrooms and home office, but if you believe experts it’s the lighting of your home that can really make the difference.

Recessed pot lights might be stylish and on trend, but unfortunately they aren’t a very effective light source. Sitting in the ceiling means that a lot of the light gets lost. Task lights such as table and desk lamps create a brighter space and help you give your home a homelier feel at the same time. Italien lighting specialists AGOF Store have plenty of lighting solutions on offer, so I thought I’d show you some of my favourites from their website. Some of them are quite unique, but I think why not use your lighting feature as just that and as an accessory to give your home some character.

I love this futuristic table lamp from Foscarini. Another table lamp that I really like for its minimalist style is this one by Cantellani & Smith.