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s Trend Briefing covering INNOVATION EXTRAVAGANZA English not your preferred language? Read this Trend Briefing in: Français 中文 Nederlands How to Sell to the Informed Consumer of 2015 It’s no secret that the days of the 9-5 sales job are long gone. The modern sales person is constantly being challenged by the ever-evolving business climate and must invest time outside of work to stay sharp and on top of trends. But the informed consumer of the future will require sales professionals to shift their perspective on what it means to sell. How?

The Death of Trends: III For the past two weeks, we have analyzed the shift from overarching seasonal trends to a constantly evolving blend of eclectic micro-trends. We argued that instead of buying into a signature look or designer ethos, the consumer now focuses on mixing and interpreting these diverse elements in their own, highly personal ways. We also noted that one of the main catalysts behind this no-trend trend is the rise of new media, which allows micro-trends to enter the mainstream and evolve into new trends much more rapidly than the traditional print model allows. The impact of and on retail is the last piece in our sociological puzzle. This week, we examine the ways consumers now buy (and don’t buy) fashion products.

Marketing & Innovation Welcome to the first 2012 edition of Simple, Smart & Sexy! Incredibly enough it’s almost February… well, I hope you had a chance to celebrate this new year with loads of champagne and happiness. As you will see on today’s video, I celebrated the new year in a little country called Uruguay (which The Simpsons just mentioned in this episode. After visiting this tiny country, I came back home to lecture at Florida International University to 44 students coming from my favorite trending country, Brazil. Retail in 2014: The Customer The latest in our New Year series of features assessing the shape of retail in 2014 focuses on the person who, our industry commentators agree, will be the focus on attention in the year ahead: the customer. Retailers, they say, will be looking to new ways of showing the individual the relevant content they want to see, while big data and personalisation technologies will play an important part in reaching them with ever more timely and relevant approaches. Customer first “The most prominent mind shift we have begun and will continue to see in 2014 is a focus on the customer journey and adopting a ‘customer-first’ strategy.

The Death of Trends: Part II Last week, we introduced the first in a series of articles about the changing face of fashion trends. Rather than having the clear focus and boldface movements we used to see on the runways, the past few seasons have given us a deluge of eclectic “micro-trends”—from floral prints to ethnic detailing, from architectural tailoring to body-conscious silhouettes. We argue that instead of buying into a signature look or designer ethos, the consumer is now focused on mixing and interpreting these divergent elements in their own, highly personal ways. This week we explore one of the driving forces behind this transformation: new media. The fashion industry has always been driven by experimentation and creativity. Until recently, however, everyone who lived outside the major style hubs never saw it—their only exposure to fashion came from shopping malls and the pages of Glamour.

International Trend Interpretation Agency Babyboomers are the biggest, wealthiest and most dominant generation. They are still very active, especially when compared to the generations before them. Kids start moving out, careers and working hours are toned down and self exploration is high. Consumers Still Prefer Brick-and-Mortar Shopping—Especially for Jewelry By Rob Bates, News Director Posted on July 29, 2014 Despite all the hype about e-commerce, most consumers still prefer shopping at brick-and-mortar stores to shopping online, particulary for jewelry, according to a new survey by A.T. Kearney. “The future of retail is omnichannel, but it’s anchored in brick-and-mortar,” says Michael Brown, partner in the consulting firm’s consumer and retail group and coauthor of its new omnichannel shopping preferences study.

The Death Of Trends: Part I Back in February 1988, Vogue‘s “Point of View” column constantly alluded to the “right” style. Pants in this category were “narrow over the hip, softer and wider through the leg,” while jackets were “longer, sharply tailored…often graphic in its design,” hemlines were short, the proper color was green and the best accessory a scarf. Twenty years on and the diktats of cool have become much less defined. Elle‘s March 2008 issue advises readers to stock up on cargo pants, mannish trousers, skinny jeans, denim cutoffs and flares, to pair with floral blouses, white tees, pajama tops or gypsy-inspired camisoles. And, while the apparel list seems rather extensive, every proper fashionista’s list of must-have shoes also includes sculptural heels, wedges, gladiator sandals, ballet flats, open-toed booties and moccasins.

Gross national happiness in Bhutan: the big idea from a tiny state that could change the world A series of hand-painted signs dot the side of the winding mountain road that runs between the airport and the Bhutanese capital, Thimphu. Instead of commands to cut speed or check mirrors, they offer the traveller a series of life-affirming mantras. "Life is a journey! Complete it!" says one, while another urges drivers to, "Let nature be your guide". Another, standing on the edge of a perilous curve, simply says: "Inconvenience regretted."