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20 Amazing Free Font Typeface Pairings

20 Amazing Free Font Typeface Pairings
Contrast and Collaboration Graphic designers generally agree that your different fonts should have an element of contrast (i.e. pairing a Sans Serif font with a Serif font) as well as a sense of collaboration-you want your two pieces of type to complement each other and “get along” rather than clash. Things like style, flow, width, kerning, thickness, and more can all be attributes that help two different fonts pair nicely with a healthy amount of contrast and collaboration. Free Fonts Below These fonts are all available (as of the moment I published this post) for free! Acknowledgments: Just some awesome people to mention before we get started… Quotes by the insanely cool, » Backgrounds for these fonts provided in the sweet background pack available for free at Line25 » Also, double check to make sure any free fonts you download are available for commercial use. 1. Raleway Download Link » Latin Modern Roman Download Link » 2. Alfa Slab One Download Link » 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

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49 Free Responsive HTML5 CSS3 Website Templates HTML5 has been around for a while now and we can see all developers have started to share free resources in HTML5, CSS3. The css3 website templates we are introducing today are totally free with amazing features like flat design, responsive layout, jquery sliders etc. Free doesn’t make it any bad as you can see most of these html templates look like premium templates. Here you will find around 50 free responsive html5 css3 website templates which can be used on your new website to alter, create high quality templates of your own without working from scratch. Also take a look at our previous articles on HTML5 Templates Spore – Free HTML5 Masonry Blog Template Spore is a magnificent free HTML5 masonry blog template for displaying amazing blog posts, portfolio, photography or design works in a distinctive way. DemoDownload Burstfly – Free Grid HTML template A modern visually appealing html5 template released by designscrazed is free to download and use on your website. DemoDownload Nava Lens | Design, CG Graphics & Inspiration | Web Design Tutorials and High Quality Web Resources - SVG Coordinate System The coordinate system of SVG (and most other computer graphics) is a bit different from the coordinate systems of mathematics, graphs etc. Video Version Here is a video version of this tutorial: Mathematical / Cartesian Coordinate System In a normal cartesian coordinate system the point x=0, y=0 is at the lower left corner of the graph. Here is an illustration of a normal graph coordinate system with 0,0 at the lower left corner: SVG Coordinate System In the SVG coordinate system the point x=0, y=0 is the upper left corner. Here is an illustration of an SVG coordinate system with 0,0 at the upper left corner: Coordinate System Units You can specify what 1 unit in the SVG coordinate system corresponds to. If you do not specify any units after a coordinate value, the unit is assumed to be pixels (px). Here is a list of the units you can use with SVG elements: The units you set on the <svg> element in the width and height attribrutes only affect the <svg> element (the viewport).

Online SVG image converter Online image converter This free online image converter lets you convert your images to the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format (experimental). You can either upload a file or provide a URL to an image. Additionally you can select digital effects to enhance the image. If you convert from raster images like PNG or JPG, this SVG converter will convert your shapes and objects to black and white vector graphics that are scalable without any loss in quality. If you convert from other vector formats like eps or ai, this converter will try to keep all vector and color data and convert your vector file as close as possible. The Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) converter let you convert from almost 130 input formats. Here is a list of some conversion formats we support:

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