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Chocolate & Zucchini

Chocolate & Zucchini
If you keep an eye on my Favorites of the Month posts, which naturally I recommend you do, you may remember me featuring some organic and gluten-free cookies made in Belgium by a small company named Generous: a friend had kindly refered them to me, and they had offered to send samples my way. I was impressed by the delicate, sandy texture they managed to create for their sablés — not so easy with gluten-free baked goods — and I love that they chose to use buckwheat flour, and embrace its bold flavor. The simpler-shaped cookies had just as much snap and flavor as their more ornate counterparts. The buckwheat notes work especially well in their speculoos, an emblematic spice cookie that is typically baked in the north of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and parts of Germany.

Onion & Cheese Bread - StumbleUpon This bread is simply delicious. It's a great snacking dish, so pull some pieces off and enjoy the cheesey goodness. Yield: 8 servings Ingredients 1 sourdough loaf, 2 lbs.1 lb. Monterey Jack cheese, thinly sliced1/2 cup butter, melted1/2 cup diced green onion1 1/2 tsp poppy seeds Recipes To Use Up Leftover Egg Whites Often bakers and ice cream-lovers will find themselves with a few too many egg whites leftover. So what to do with all of them? It seems I always have a container in the refrigerator and more often than not, I make a big batch of Chocolate-Coconut Macaroons. One batch gets baked (and eaten) right away and I freeze the other half in a freezer bag, which is great to have on hand for emergencies.

Microwave Potato Chips — Really! I like to think of myself as a glass-half-full kind of gal. I tend to have a sunny demeanor. I try to accentuate the positive even in the most grave of situations. And I’m optimistic that one can do anything one sets one’s mind to — or at the very least get darn close to it.

a food blog: Egg White Cake Recipe Have you been making ice cream or perhaps zabaglione recently? If yes, then you're left with lots of egg whites. Last weekend we had blackberries with zabaglione at friends' place, and were left with 6 egg whites after that. Best Potato Salad Recipe - Homemade Potato Salad Ingredients 2 ½ lbs small red bliss potatoes.Salt and pepper to taste2 tbsp rinsed capers½ cup thinly sliced roasted red peppersA few cloves chopped garlic½ cup balsamic vinegar 2 tbsp sugar1 tsp red-pepper flakes6 minced oil-packed anchovies1 cup extra-virgin olive oil¼ cup chopped fresh mint¼ cup grated Parmesan cheese Instructions They Draw & Cook They Draw & Cook Displaying recipes 10 - 18 of 225 in total for: Breakfast & brunch Search again » ← Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 … 24 25 Next → Egg 3 Ways by chichi iris Stale Bread 3 Ways by Kenton Visser Spinach 3 Ways by Isabel ivila

Meat Loaf - Recipe How to Make the Best Meatloaf Recipe...Ever Michael Symon's Meatloaf Ingredients 1 tbsp unsalted butter1 red onion, finely diced (about 1 cup)3 cloves garlic, minced1 1/2 lbs coarse ground beef (preferably with 20 percent fat)1 1/2 lbs hot Italian pork sausage, removed from casing2 tbsp chopped fresh cilantro2 eggs, beaten1 cup panko bread crumbsCoarse salt and ground black pepper to tasteBlended olive oil Instructions Sesame Hamburger Buns...KAF Sesame Hamburger Buns...KAF I love looking through the King Arthur blog....they have some amazing recipes. They even have step- by- step with photos and all. So, recently when I was looking through their archives, I came across this recipe for hamburger buns. I am always wanting to try a new bread recipe even during the summer! Now, I will usually make my soft dinner rolls when I want to make hamburger buns....I just form the rolls a bit bigger.

48 Homemade Breakfast Cereals I like variety. Sure, sometimes during the week I can get on a kick and eat the same thing every night for dinner (hellooo, lima beans, I’m lookin’ at you), but I also really appreciate mixing it up every now and then. That’s why a few months ago when I decided I wanted some breakfast cereal, I went to the store and bought about 8 different boxes of the stuff. Each morning needed to have its own flavor — as long as the nutrition facts were acceptable. Angel Food Cake Last summer when I was in New York, a French acquaintance sent out a missive, looking for an Angel Food Cake pan in Paris. I’ve been thinking about making one for a number of years. But there are a number of American baked goods that don’t quite translate, and this classic cake – made like a big, baked meringue – well…I was pretty certain this would be one of them.

Bacon, Onion and Cheese Stuffed Burger Recipe : Sunny Anderson Prev Recipe Next Recipe Loading Video... First Up 05:16 First Up alexandra's kitchen — recipes, photos, food Can you remember one-third cup? That’s really all you need to know in order to make this recipe: one-third cup olive oil, one-third cup white wine, one-third cup freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano. Garlic and thyme are nice additions but optional.