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Lick My Spoon

Lick My Spoon
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Sprinkled with Flour The Pastry Affair - Home My Baking Addiction What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today ? Tasteologie Macheesmo - Learning to be Confident in the Kitchen The Novice Chef Blog » Cheeky Kitchen Two Red Bowls - Orange Blossom Frescas - A beverage for the Morning After I know this is a strange day to post about a refreshing, cold beverage, being we’re in a midst of a Snow Advisory but I’ve been drinking Orange Blossoms with Cranberry and Mint all day long and it’s just too good not to share. I started making Infused Waters out of necessity. Being a poor college student and wanting some variety in my daily menu, I just took fresh fruit and picked some mint that was growing wild on campus and let it ferment for a few hours in ice cold water. But I had no idea that my inexpensive yet delicious beverage actually had roots in Spanish Cuisine a.k.a Aguas Frescas or Fresh (cold) Water! But you can make it more complicated by adding several different fruits or herbs. Sometimes I like to add a tsp or so of Rose Water to give the beverage a delicious fragrance. If you’re serving this to a group of people, have a few pitchers infusing in the refrigerator for refills. I must have refilled this same glass 8 or 9 times and look…no residue at all!

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