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10+ Dishes and Drinks Everyone Should Know How to Make At Home (Including You)

10+ Dishes and Drinks Everyone Should Know How to Make At Home (Including You)

The Always Up-To-Date Guide to Rooting the Most Popular Android Phones "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" Frosted Sugar Cookies Hooray for Nintendo's "Animal Crossing: New Leaf"! Food is mentioned quite often in the game and plays a major roll in your character's daily activities. You can plant and harvest fruit trees and sell the produce, fish and dive for profit as well, buy fortune cookies with special tickets inside for prizes, buy coffee for yourself and deliver coffee to other town residents, and the townsfolk talk about food often enough. Note: The recipe below is simple enough but the amount of text may seem daunting. "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" Cookies Ingredients: Sugar Cookie Dough (recipe here, use Almond Flavoring instead of vanilla) Greek Yogurt Buttercream (recipe here, use Almond Flavoring instead of vanilla)Gel Food Colors: Golden Yellow (or yellow + orange) Red Light Pink Green (vibrant, add a bit of yellow if necessary) Dark Purple (or purple + black + dark blue) Important Items: Parchment Paper Circle Cookie Cutter 5 med. Directions: 1. 3.

EatingWell: 10 Bad Cooking Habits You Should Break By Hilary Meyer, Associate Food Editor, EatingWell Magazine Some habits can be tough to break. When it comes to cooking, you may have some bad habits that you’re not even aware of. Some may be keeping your meal just short of reaching perfection while others may actually be hazardous to your health. 1. Don’t Miss: The 2 Best Oils for Cooking (and 2 to Skip) 2. 3. 4. 5. Related: 5 Things in Your Kitchen That Could Be Making You Sick 6. Related: 3 Health Reasons to Cook with Cast Iron 7. Don't Miss: 7 Simple Ways to Detox Your Diet and Kitchen 8. 9. 10. Must-Read: How to Break 4 More Bad Cooking Habits What bad cooking habits do you need to break? By Hilary Meyer, EatingWell Associate Food Editor EatingWell Associate Food Editor Hilary Meyer spends much of her time in the EatingWell Test Kitchen, testing and developing healthy recipes. More from EatingWell:

What is the universal edibility test?" G­etting lost or stranded in the wilderness is serious business, and ­you need to make sound decisions to give yourself the best chance at survival. It also helps to know some basic wilderness survival skills. To make sure you're safe from the elements, you'll need to know how to build a shelter. But just because you can live without food doesn't mean you should. It's dangerous to eat a plant you're unsure of, especially in a survival scenario. If you're in a survival situation and you don't have a book on local edible plants, there is a test you can perform to give yourself a good shot at eating the right thing.

neuro drink with a purpose How To Make Your Own Frozen Wraps Freezer Friendly I used to walk the freezer aisle in envy of all of those perfectly engineered frozen burritos. How did they managed to get everything in there in so it doesn't overcook when reheated? And sealed in with just a thin plastic wrapper? Well, I dare say I've conquered it. • Proper freezing: I freeze wraps using three freezing tools. • Key Ingredients: When making wraps to reheat, I find that they need at least a little cheese, especially if they're filled with vegetables. • Reheating Gently: Let your wraps thaw in the refrigerator overnight or at least for a few hours before reheating. What are your favorite wraps to freeze? Related: Lunch Recipe: Roasted Sweet Potato Wraps with Caramelized Onions and Pesto (Images: Stephanie Barlow)

The Car Repairs You Can (Seriously) Do Yourself, Despite Your Abilities Replacing belts is not something you just swap, at least on newer cars. On only cars, like early 80s or older, it was feasible. With cars from that era there was often a lot of room within the engine bay. On anything from the 90s on the bay is so cramped that you're going to have to do a lot of dismantling to get at belts. And if you're looking at swapping the timing belt then on some cars you might even have to lift the engine. Something like the alternator has the potential for being nearly as bad, depending on where the automaker likes to stick it. The first thing anyone considering to work on their car should do is buy a service manual. Brakes are relatively easy to do, but it's obviously a critical component on the car and there are things you need to keep in mind.

Oh, Ladycakes: Single serving deep dish apple pie | for Thom, with love Introducing for Thom, with love - a new series documenting the small batch recipes I create for my favorite man , chock full of love. Over the course of the past half decade, I've witnessed Thom eat his fair share of baked goods - and in the process I discovered that sometimes all he needs is a single serving of chocolate chip cookies because the man has no self control when cookies are involved. And if you leave an entire batch at his disposal, he'll eat them all and ask you to make more. Then he'll eat those, too, and complain about his stomach aching and you'll decide it's time to start developing small batch recipes. The recipes, they're good. Friends, I've been saying it for years: the best way to a man's heart is, without a doubt, through his stomach. Notes: If you prefer a sweeter pie crust, feel free to increase the sugar to one full teaspoon.

What 'Brain Food' Actually Does for Your Brain "it's just a chemical dosage that goes from your mouth to your brain" - sorry, but that is completely misleading, and in an article purporting to explain how food interacts with the brain, is downright false. It also ignores information given by the sources you actually quote. Neurotransmitters, with a few exceptions, are composed of protein-like molecules which are digested and absorbed by the gut like any other protein. The most basic knowledge of nutrition would tell you that foodstuffs are rendered down into absorbable monomers by acids and enzymes while they are still in the gut - i.e. outside the body. Even then, to enter the brain it's necessary to pass through another, more stringent selection system. This is why drug design for the nervous system is difficult - the drugs have to be either similar to a transported substance, and hence carried across, or fat soluble in order to bypass the barrier.

How to Take Your First Coding Project from Start to Finish I've used various versions of Windows for years, Linux in various flavours for another few years, and OS X for about 2-3 years total. I'm now a convert to OS X (though proudly not part of the cult of Mac — I enjoy the OS, I don't want Jobs' offspring) for general desktop use, switching to Windows for gaming. I find app quality is generally significantly higher on OS X than Windows (and certainly Linux). Do note the word "generally" — some of this stuff is cross-platform and in some cases Windows offers something better! The drawback of this is that most of it costs a couple of bucks, but that's a small price to pay if you're using your computer for various tasks daily. The UNIX core and bash are very important to me. User experience also plays a large part. Then there are the extras, like the *virtual* immunity to malware.

Crushed Candy Cane Chocolate Cakes! Chocolate and candy. What more could one ask for this Christmas? Okay, maybe a lot ;) But everyone should indulge a little bit and these two-bite mini cakes are the perfect treat for your holiday soiree this year. Everything mini is just cuter, right? And I love it because I satisfy my sweet tooth without walking around with a plate during all the festivities. Ingredients: - chocolate cake mix + any ingredients it calls for - 1 cup crushed candy canes - 1 cup white chocolate chips - 1/4 cup heavy cream Tools: - a mini square baking pan (like this one) Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Make cake batter according to the box’s instructions. Let mini cakes cool completely. While cakes are cooling, crush the candy canes with a rolling pen. Slice the tops of of the cakes so that they flat and easy to eat! For the frosting, place one cup white chocolate chips into a bowl. Smooth frosting over mini cakes with a knife. Now its time to eat!

Top 10 Crazy Kitchen Tricks That Speed Up Your Cooking I would like to add that the wider the ring, the easier it seems to be. I had a titanium ring more than twice the width of the one shown in the video and it was easy as hell. My wedding ring (which is about the same size as the one in your linked video) still works, but takes more effort and can hurt if I don't leverage it JUST right. I would also like to echo the sentiments of not using your wedding ring (At least in view of your significant other). The one time I got caught doing it, my wife was PISSED. Yea, definitely the wider the ring the better. I usually just use another bottle of unopened beer.

Terminology, Syntax, & Introduction - A Beginners Guide to HTML & CSS Before beginning our journey to learn HTML and CSS it is important to understand the differences between the two languages, their syntax, and some common terminology. As an overview, HTML is a hyper text markup language created to give content structure and meaning. CSS, also known as cascading style sheets, is a presentation language created to give content style and appearance. To put this into laymen terms, HTML determines the structure and meaning of content on a web page while CSS determines the style and appearance of this content. Taking this concept a bit further, the HTML p element is used to display a paragraph of text on a web page. Common HTML Terms When getting started with HTML you are likely to hear new, and often strange, terms. Elements Elements are designators that define objects within a page, including structure and content. Tags Elements are often made of multiple sets of tags, identified as opening and closing tags. <a>... Attributes HTML Document Structure & Syntax <!

Teacup Cake and Sugar Roses — Lulu's Sweet Secrets I love the combination between teacups and flowers. They are such a pretty and charming pair. When I ventured to make my first sugar rose I used a teacup to photograph it. At that time I received a comment suggesting that I should try to make a teacup cake too. I loved the idea but that would be a big challenge for me. I didn’t have the knowledge and practice to conquer that. Almost 2 years late I decide to give it a try. Actually, I think my main motivation was the opportunity to paint the floral theme on the teacup cake. I also used some sugar roses and mini cakes for decoration.