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10+ Dishes and Drinks Everyone Should Know How to Make At Home (Including You)

10+ Dishes and Drinks Everyone Should Know How to Make At Home (Including You)
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Plan Your Weekly Meals, Stress Free I've been planning my recipes and doing my shopping for the week ahead for years now. Awesome idea. One thing I've learned - you just cant set meals for specific days. Even choosing tomorrows meal is a bit wonky. I used to try at first, but there are just way too many things that crop up to stop you - meeting a mate for a drink after work, small (or missed) lunch so you're starving when you get home and your meal takes an hour to make, 'accidentally' snacking mid-afternoon so not hungry when you get home, delayed journeys, too tired when you get in to start faffing around with big recipes. Its a nice idea but for me, no. What works for me is just to have a list of meals, and to make sure that you have some that are quicker and/or easier than others. Even better, make sure that at least one of them is a store cupboard dinner - i.e. most of the things come out of tins or packets. By the way, let me recommend this book as the daddy of all midweek cooking books for lifehackers.

"Animal Crossing: New Leaf" Frosted Sugar Cookies Hooray for Nintendo's "Animal Crossing: New Leaf"! Food is mentioned quite often in the game and plays a major roll in your character's daily activities. You can plant and harvest fruit trees and sell the produce, fish and dive for profit as well, buy fortune cookies with special tickets inside for prizes, buy coffee for yourself and deliver coffee to other town residents, and the townsfolk talk about food often enough. Note: The recipe below is simple enough but the amount of text may seem daunting. "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" Cookies Ingredients: Sugar Cookie Dough (recipe here, use Almond Flavoring instead of vanilla) Greek Yogurt Buttercream (recipe here, use Almond Flavoring instead of vanilla)Gel Food Colors: Golden Yellow (or yellow + orange) Red Light Pink Green (vibrant, add a bit of yellow if necessary) Dark Purple (or purple + black + dark blue) Important Items: Parchment Paper Circle Cookie Cutter 5 med. Directions: 1. 3.

Top 10 Crazy Kitchen Tricks That Speed Up Your Cooking I would like to add that the wider the ring, the easier it seems to be. I had a titanium ring more than twice the width of the one shown in the video and it was easy as hell. My wedding ring (which is about the same size as the one in your linked video) still works, but takes more effort and can hurt if I don't leverage it JUST right. I would also like to echo the sentiments of not using your wedding ring (At least in view of your significant other). The one time I got caught doing it, my wife was PISSED. Yea, definitely the wider the ring the better. I usually just use another bottle of unopened beer.

neuro drink with a purpose The Stupid Things You Do in the Kitchen (and How to Fix Them) Love cooking or hate it, much of your time in the kitchen is likely wasted by easily correctable mistakes you probably don't even know you're making. You waste time prepping ingredients, use your knives incorrectly, mix and match the wrong utensils, and throw out food that's still good—and those are just a few of the stupid things you do in the kitchen. Here's how to fix them. P Stupid Thing #1: You Spend Too Much Time Prepping IngredientsP Few people enjoy the tedium of prepping ingredients. Say you're cutting a bunch of carrots into sticks; it doesn't make sense to trim, peel, and slice each one individually. It also helps to use two bowls—one for scraps and one for cleaning—so you don't make a mess during the preparation process. These are all great ways to save you time and keep you organized, but a few common ingredients have tricks all their own. Stupid Thing #2: You Use Your Knives WrongP The easiest issue to correct is a dull blade, and it's one of the most important.

Oh, Ladycakes: Single serving deep dish apple pie | for Thom, with love Introducing for Thom, with love - a new series documenting the small batch recipes I create for my favorite man , chock full of love. Over the course of the past half decade, I've witnessed Thom eat his fair share of baked goods - and in the process I discovered that sometimes all he needs is a single serving of chocolate chip cookies because the man has no self control when cookies are involved. And if you leave an entire batch at his disposal, he'll eat them all and ask you to make more. Then he'll eat those, too, and complain about his stomach aching and you'll decide it's time to start developing small batch recipes. The recipes, they're good. Friends, I've been saying it for years: the best way to a man's heart is, without a doubt, through his stomach. Notes: If you prefer a sweeter pie crust, feel free to increase the sugar to one full teaspoon.

Five Best Recipe Organization Tools Trust me, I was just as surprised when tallying the votes for the top five. I thought more recipe organization apps would be in the running, but - as mentioned several times above - they just weren't nominated. Managed to get a few into the honorable mentions though. My fault also, I keep running across the finalists for these things instead of the original nomination article. SExpand Actually Nate, you might want to check out Springpad, since it has a specific "Recipe Box" type setup. I've been using Springpad for ages, but I didn't even know about the recipe option until this voting thing started... then I looked into it, and it's about as full-featured as any other recipe app I've tried! Here's an example of a recipe.

Crushed Candy Cane Chocolate Cakes! Chocolate and candy. What more could one ask for this Christmas? Okay, maybe a lot ;) But everyone should indulge a little bit and these two-bite mini cakes are the perfect treat for your holiday soiree this year. Everything mini is just cuter, right? And I love it because I satisfy my sweet tooth without walking around with a plate during all the festivities. Ingredients: - chocolate cake mix + any ingredients it calls for - 1 cup crushed candy canes - 1 cup white chocolate chips - 1/4 cup heavy cream Tools: - a mini square baking pan (like this one) Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Make cake batter according to the box’s instructions. Let mini cakes cool completely. While cakes are cooling, crush the candy canes with a rolling pen. Slice the tops of of the cakes so that they flat and easy to eat! For the frosting, place one cup white chocolate chips into a bowl. Smooth frosting over mini cakes with a knife. Now its time to eat!

The Best, Non-Crazy Ways to Use Grocery Coupons I use the circulars from our favorite grocery store each week to plan our weekly menu. Our circulars are included in our Sunday paper and we have a subscription for just that day. Then, I use coupons included in the paper or those I've stumbled across and sometimes I'll go online to or similar to scan for items of interest. I really only bother with coupons for things that we regularly purchase anyway or that fit in with the weekly sales and our menu. I also save up coupons for items we regularly stock and will wait for those items to go on sale. After I started doing this, after about 2 months, I had a really well-stocked pantry where pretty much everything I bought on sale (and much of it with coupons, too). It may sound a little nuts, but after a few weeks of getting used to it, it now takes me maybe one hour on Sunday to plan the weekly menu around the sales, clip new coupons, and scan through my existing coupons to match up to the sales or find those that will expire soon.

Teacup Cake and Sugar Roses — Lulu's Sweet Secrets I love the combination between teacups and flowers. They are such a pretty and charming pair. When I ventured to make my first sugar rose I used a teacup to photograph it. At that time I received a comment suggesting that I should try to make a teacup cake too. I loved the idea but that would be a big challenge for me. I didn’t have the knowledge and practice to conquer that. Almost 2 years late I decide to give it a try. Actually, I think my main motivation was the opportunity to paint the floral theme on the teacup cake. I also used some sugar roses and mini cakes for decoration. 25 party cakes We have been working hard on a few new blogging series for this season – one of them is all about cakes! I could not be more excited to see these creative and easy ideas that I’ve been dreaming up actually come to life. Look for the first one later this week. In the meantime, here is some major party cake inspiration. 25 party cakes that are attainable (you could totally make them!) Graphic created by Alli of Hooray, for A Subtle Revelry.

Oddly Delicious: Cabbage and Eggs Cabbage and Eggs I must confess that I’ve been reluctant to share this recipe for a long time because, well, let’s just say it isn’t the most photogenic thing that I cook. However, I realized that this simple cabbage and eggs dish has become such a staple of my home court recipes that it isn’t fair to keep it from you any longer. This recipe is special for a few reasons. Second, it’s surprisingly filling given that it’s just two eggs and a handful of leaves. Last, but certainly not least, how often do you get to eat (and actually enjoy) vegetables for breakfast? One final bonus is that when I use certain varietals of purple cabbage in this dish my eggs turn an almost neon blue. Serves 1 Ingredients 1 cup (packed down) thinly sliced cabbage2 eggs beaten1 tsp soy sauce1 tbsp olive oil Preparation Heat a non-stick frying pan on medium high heat until it is hot. Reduce the heat on the pan to medium. Remove from heat and serve immediately. Yep, that’s a reflection of me in my pajamas in the fork.

How-To Tuesday – Edible Terrariums When we were visiting Mister Ed’s Elephant museum the other day we picked up some candy rocks and I wanted to make something extra fun with them…so little edible terrariums it is! Edible Terrariums supplies:chocolate cake: You can make a simple pan of your favorite chocolate cake, use leftovers, or just pick up a plain cake to use. We had leftover chocolate bundt cake.small jars: You can use canning jars, or save small jars from foods like little olive jars, jelly, etc.candy rocks & pebbles : these are optional, but really add a realistic touch to the terrariums! You can buy them online too.shredded sweetened coconut:This is used to create the moss, but if you don’t like coconut you can also use plain granulated sugar and color in the same way.chocolate sandwich cookies: like oreo, newsman’s own etc.gum paste : this is used to create the mushrooms and comes in white, or you can buy it pre-colored 1. 4. 6. 7. 8. into the gum paste before it dried. *** A few final tips and notes..

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