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I am a food blog

I am a food blog
Asparagus and Eggs, Two Ways I've been having lots of issues with soft boiled eggs lately. Not the soft-boiling part, but the peeling. It's strange because (not to be boastful or anything) I never used to have issues peeling eggs. I always wondered what the big fuss was - my egg shells always came off gloriously easily. I'm not sure if my eggs are too fresh, or if I'm being too rough, but egg peeling has become my most hated kitchen task.

Wrightfood I have eyed this recipe up for a couple of years now. A few years ago my good friend Marc gave me a bunch of suggestions for cookbooks. I had reached a rut in what I was cooking, and wanted an out. Marc is a total hoarder (honestly, his habit redefines the term hoarding) of cookbooks so he seemed like the logical person to turn to. Among many books he recommended that day was “Thai Food” by David Thompson. stuffed peppers w/ chipotle “cream” Hands down, our most popular post has been this enchilada recipe with creamy cashew poblano sauce. I posted it over a year ago and I’m still receiving emails about it. So today I’m really excited to share this new twist: cashew cream meets chipotles. A happy marriage, especially if you like spicy food. You could top it on just about anything.

recipes Post Punk Kitchen recipes New to vegan baking? Mini Maple Bacon Doughnuts There are a million things going through my head right now as I think about these donuts. Like, are some of these guys for real on The Bachelorette? No, I mean, for real-for real. Just… stop. Bacon Jam - Your Wildest Dreams Come True! I first heard about this rather bizarre concept from the blogger Morta Di Fame (meaning literally dying to eat, a concept I can wholly understand). She linked to a recipe for Bacon Jam which was originally a product that a company called Skillet Foods makes and sends around the United States. Knowing that I'd have no chance of getting my greedy paws on a jar I simply daydreamed about it and for every day since I saw it, I'd think about it.

Whole Wheat Blueberry Bread - Sarah's Cucina Bella Who loves blueberries? We do! Blueberries are so good for you, filled with antioxidants, so my family has them regularly. Natoora Blog A dense, fragrant and delicious cake made with only a few ingredients, to make the most of the citrus season. Perfect with any orange – blood oranges for the sweet-tooth; or use with pink oranges for a more sweet-sour result. Blood Orange and Almond Cake 8-10 people Preparation Time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: 3 hours Chinese Poached Chicken Cantonese poached chicken with super tender texture and an interesting name—White cut chicken. If you visit Chinese restaurant from time to time, you may know tried this white cut chicken. Poaching is the special cooking method used here.

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies Yes, you read that right - Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies! After spending too many hours on Pinterest, I saw several recipes for this new "trendy" dessert, and I could hardly wait to try it myself. If you have a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, use it! Make Flour Chips Recipes flour tortillas, ground cinnamon, vegetable oil and granulated sugar B 35 mins, 4 ingredients butter, flour, kosher salt, pure vanilla extract, sugar and mini chocolate chips

This blog was one I was instantly attracted to. Right as I opened it I knew I wanted my blog to look similar to it in some ways. The blog is full of recipes, but what makes these look so delicious is the pictures. The way the pictures were taken helped give me ideas for my own. The thick heading, clear pictures and descriptions inspired some formatting in my blog. by heidijmcgilvray Apr 10