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How to Make "Green Dragon"

How to Make "Green Dragon"

Cannabis Effects Chances are they would've ended up brainless morons with or without the pot. It's quite frankly not strong enough of a narcotic to destroy one's life such as you describe. It's very dependent on the user's persona. @Tadashii: Are you also for alcohol and tobacco prohibition? Those ruin more lives every year then marijuana has ever. Wow- Tadashii, pot is not meth or cocaine. Yes, its a chemical that can intoxicate and has been embraced by, and been the cause of some lazy folks, underachievers, and Grateful Dead fans not amounting to much. Pot is like anything else- tobacco, alcohol, vicodin, valium, caffeine, etc. Cannabis has great promise for any treatment that requires appetite stimulant (such as cancer, HIV, etc), and has also been found to act as an anti-inflammatory or nausea reliever, Don't just stamp marijuana "evil". Do you enjoy any caffeinated sodas, cigarettes, or the occasional alcoholic beverage? Yes I am against alcohol too and I agree that it's worse than pot.

Pf tek done right TEK - Mushroom Cultivation PF tekThings needed 1/2 pint wide mouth canning jarsPot/Pressure cookerVermiculitePerliteBrown rice/Brow Rice FlourTin foil70% Iso alcoholPlastic Tote6500K florescent bulb1/4 inch drill bit/DrillHammer/NailMixing bowl and spoonGypsumSpore syringeLatex glovesDust maskLighter Preparing the jar Take the lids and using a nail and hammer or a 1/8 drill bit, drill 4 holes near the rim of the lids nicely spaced out. Depending what way you use you lids i use mine rubber side down just punch the holes so they don’t leave burrs pointing towards you. The basic recipe for 5 PF jars is this 2 parts vermiculite 1 part water and 1 part BRF (additionally you can add 1 tablespoon of gypsum for 5 jars) In a bowl add the 2 cups of vermiculite (and gypsum if you use it) now add the 1 cup of water, mix really well. Take a paper towel and wipe the 1/2inch space you left at the tops of the jars making sure to wipe away any BRF mixture or moisture away. Sterilizing Inoculation Incubation Birthing and dunk Fruiting Tips

Biology 'The Twins Who Share a Body' - Full Film Home | About Us | Contact | Subscribe 'The Twins Who Share a Body' - Full Film World's Only Set of Dicephalic Parapagus Twins Uploaded by subsymmetric April 23, 2011 To their friends and family, the world's only set of dicephalic parapagus twins are distinct people with very different personalities, needs, tastes and desires. "Their personalities make them inspirational," says their mother Patty. Five years since the filming of this documentary, the twins are still alive. For more Biology videos, click here See the complete catalog offorbidden knowledge tv videos About Us | Privacy Policy | Contact Miracle Drug At Cambridge over the summer, many students were taking pills to help their concentration. Ed Cumming was among them ... From INTELLIGENT LIFE Magazine, Autumn 2009 One evening this summer, in our final term at Cambridge, my roommate Katie threw a party. I was an ordinary student, but the drug let me feel intermittently extraordinary. Modafinil was never meant for people like me. I jumped at the chance to join them. As one of his customers, having taken modafinil on and off for six weeks leading up to exams, I can say this much: it works. It was not all positive. Although I did it more efficiently, my work didn’t get better. But some certainly did, just as others would have a cigarette or a coffee to kick-start the big day. Katie the roommate, a scientist, flatly refused to try it: “If everyone starts taking it, we’ll all go mad trying to maximise our brainpower. Varsity estimates that 10% of Cambridge students have taken modafinil. (Ed Cumming is a writer based in London.

Terrarium Tek - Let's Grow Mushrooms Oyster Mushrooms Fruiting in Shotgun Terrarium P cubensis fruiting in terrarium - Photo credit: Fahtster Preparing to rinse Perlite Click thumbnails to enlarge Note: Do NOT waste your money on a digital hygrometer for your terrarium or mushroom growing house. This page explains the construction of a simple terrarium, also known as a fruiting chamber, for growing mushrooms. Over the years, I've seen many mushroom fruiting chamber designs come and go. Select Full Screen Mode from the 'Options' menu Download Full Release-Let's Grow Mushrooms in High Resolution for only $8.99! The download version of Let's Grow Mushrooms is available in two popular formats. Purchase the DVD Release of "Let's Grow Mushrooms" Four hours of hands-on video instruction in the art of mushroom cultivation, shown at full screen broadcast TV resolution. The terrarium system that I designed and demonstrate here is what I consider to be the best combination of easy construction, excellent function, and low maintenance.

Science Space Plasma Physics Explained in Less than Two Minutes Home | About Us | Contact | Subscribe Space Plasma Physics Explainedin Less than Two Minutes Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space ForbiddenKnowledgeTV Alexandra Bruce April 12, 2012 Plasma is a state of matter in which a certain portion of the particles have become ionized. Learn more here: Uploaded by UNHVideo November 7, 2011 What's space plasma physics and why is the University of New Hampshire (UNH) so good at it? For more Science videos, click here See the complete catalog offorbidden knowledge tv videos About Us | Privacy Policy | Contact

Meth Addict Citation: Hydrogenator. "The Perfect Addiction: An Experience with Methamphetamine (ID 43655)". Jun 20, 2006. I am a chemist. I have synthesized, extracted and tried many drugs. I don't mention this because I want to show off, but rather to convey that I am not a careless person, and that I have always taken precautions to assure my safety. As a teenager I had been prescribed Dexedrine (amphetamine) for attention deficit disorder, and experimented with crushing and snorting the tablets. Flash forward to my mid-20's. Every once in a while, when the chemistry that I am *supposed* to be doing isn't going well, I cheer myself up with an easy 'extracurricular' project. One lazy weekend I made about 25 g of pristine methamphetamine HCl, gave half to my friend (who had been waiting patiently the whole time), and put my half into a jar and forgot about it for almost a year. Then for some unknown reason, I decided to pull that jar off of the shelf.

Cyber's Cheep CD-Spindle Grow Tek I orginally did this for fun, It makes a nice simple little grow that is easily hidden. You will need a 1 pint colonized grain jar to make this work. Things you will need 100 CDR spindle, I think everyone that has a CD burner has a few of these laying around! Duck Tape and Knife Spray bottle of distilled water Spray bottle of alcohol Sterile spoon plastic wrap Vermiculite 1/4 cup measuring cup a bowl and a colonized pint of WBS OK Lets start. Next you want to use the ducktape and cover 3" of the bottom of the spindle This works out to be a layer starting at the bottom with a second layer 1/2 over the first. (2" wide ducktape) Don't forget to cover the bottom of the spindle we do not want any light getting in! Take the bottle of alcohol and spray and clean the inside of the spindle. I am using a dental spoon which has been sterilized on an autoclave bag. Mix them in a bowl. Some people will microwave or pasteurize the vermiculite. Now add your vermiculite to bring it up to the tape line.