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Feeding America

Feeding America
Browse the Collection The titles below are organized alphabetically. You may also browse the collection: American Cookery: Or, The Art of Dressing Viands, Fish, Poultry, and Vegetables, and the Best Modes of Making Pastes, Puffs, Pies, Tarts, Puddings, Custards, and Preserves, and All Kinds of Cakes, from the Imperial Plum to Plain Cake... The American Woman's Home: Or, Principles of Domestic Science; Being a Guide to the Formation and Maintenance of Economical, Healthful, Beautiful, and Christian Homes. "Aunt Babette's" Cook Book: Foreign and Domestic Receipts for the Household: A Valuable Collection of Receipts and Hints for the Housewife, Many of Which Are Not to be Found Elsewhere. Top of the Page The Blue Grass Cook Book, Comp. The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book. Breakfast, Luncheon And Tea. Buckeye Cookery, and Practical Housekeeping: Compiled from Original Recipes. Chinese-Japanese Cook Book. Chocolate And Cocoa Recipes, By Miss Parloa, And Home Made Candy Recipes, By Mrs. Related:  INTERESTING STUFF

Feeding America Feeding America: The Historic American Cookbook Project The Project The Feeding America project has created an online collection of some of the most important and influential American cookbooks from the late 18th to early 20th century. The digital archive includes page images of 76 cookbooks from the MSU Library's collection as well as searchable full-text transcriptions. This site also features a glossary of cookery terms and multidimensional images of antique cooking implements from the collections of the MSU Museum. The Feeding America online collection hopes to highlight an important part of America's cultural heritage for teachers, students, researchers investigating American social history, professional chefs, and lifelong learners of all ages. Feeding America was made possible with funds from a 2001 IMLS National Leadership Grant. To learn more Information about the project please select one of the following: Top of the Page

One-Year Emergency Food Supply by Robert Wayne Atkins Traditional One-Year Emergency Food Supply For One Adult (3,000 Calories per Day) Copyright © 2008,2014 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E. All Rights Reserved. Introduction The original retail price for each food item was established at the beginning of the year 2008 on January 9, 2008. Traditional One-Year Emergency Food Supply The retail Cost of the following "One-Year Emergency Food Supply" is based on prices as of January 1, 2014. Explanation of the Foods Included in the One-Year Emergency Food Supply Indefinite Shelf Life: Indefinite does not mean infinite. Frozen Foods: Do not invest in frozen foods for a long-term hard times event. Comfort Foods: The above list contains 60 different food items. Can Opener: Every family should invest in an old-fashioned manually operated can opener. Quantities: You should have enough food for each member of your family for at least six months. Appetite Fatigue: Your emergency food supply must have a reasonable variety of different food items.

Used cookbooks and vintage illustrated cookbooks c. 1913: This Booklet of Useful Recipes is Issued by P. Duff & Sons, Canners of Orleans Molasses and Makers of Peanut Butter, 918-20 Duquesne Way (on the River Front) Pittsburg, Pa. Established 1867. This is an early booklet from the company that introduced the first boxed cake mixes. Sample Text: Pioneers in Canning Molasses We were the first establishment in America to put up in hermetically sealed cans the “Sweetness of the Sugar Cane” thereby changing the slow, unsanitary method of drawing molasses from a barrel in the cellar to handling a neat convenient package off the shelf of the storeroom. P. Our own tank cars are used for conveying molasses in bulk fom the plantations in Louisiana direct to our warehouse and emptied into vats ready for canning. In not using this pure cane molasses of P. Duff’s Peanut Butter is not in a sense a new food commodity; but of late years it has been rapidly growing in favor as a wholesome “spread” with all classes. Purchase original booklet:

12 Volt LCD TVs - 12 Volt Refrigerators - 12 Volt Appliances - 12 Volt Accessories about Hey there. My name is Maria Popova and I’m a reader, writer, interestingness hunter-gatherer, and curious mind at large. I’ve previously written for Wired UK, The Atlantic, The New York Times, and Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab, among others, and am an MIT Futures of Entertainment Fellow. Maria Popova. Photograph by Elizabeth Lippman for The New York Times Brain Pickings is my one-woman labor of love — a subjective lens on what matters in the world and why. Founded in 2006 as a weekly email that went out to seven friends and eventually brought online, the site was included in the Library of Congress permanent web archive in 2012. Here’s a little bit about my seven most important learnings from the journey so far. I think of it as LEGOs — if the bricks we have are of only one shape, size, and color, we can build things, but there’s a limit to how imaginative and interesting they will be. Please enjoy. Donating = Loving Brain Pickings has a free weekly newsletter.

s Basic Recipes - Homemade Items - by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E. Copyright © 1976,2007 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E. All Rights Reserved. Click Here for a Microsoft WORD printer friendly copy of this article. Baking Powder (from McCormick's Cream of Tartar Label) Blend and measure as normal. Self-Rising Flour May be used in any recipe that specifies self-rising flour. Homemade Bisquick Mix Mix everything together and use in any recipe that requires Bisquick Ready Mix. Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk If the optional butter is omitted, then increase the water to 1/2 cup and increase the sugar to 3/4 cup.. Homemade Sour Cream Add the dry milk to the warm water in a bowl and stir until completely dissolved. Mayonnaise (Recipe One) Mix egg yolks with dry mustard and cayenne. Mayonnaise (Recipe Two) Beat eggs. Baby Formula (8 ounce bottle) Mix will. Electrolyte Beverage (Gatorade, Pedialyte) Optional Ingredient: Package of Kool-Aid for color and flavoring. Fruit Pectin (Used in jam and jelly recipes) Do NOT use ripe apples. Homemade Liquid Hop Yeast Hop Yeast

Old Cook Books (late 1800's & early 1900's), links to free online e-copies Old Cook Books (late 1800's & early 1900's), links to free online e-copies Here are links to complete e-copies of old cookbooks that can be read online and downloaded for free in PDF format, at and Google e-books. Ryzon baking book - GOLD MEDAL FLOUR COOK BOOK (1910) Worcester family cook book (1895) The Settlement Cookbook Rumford Complete Cook Book - The Calumet cook book (1916) Royal Baking Powder Company Cook Book - Metropolitan Cookbook - booklet from The Chinese cook book (1917) Chinese cook book (1917) Des Moines.

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