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My darling lemon thyme

My darling lemon thyme
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notable posts I get a lot of questions via this blog in regards to my tattoos and a couple of the questions are asked the most: "do you run into negativity having so many visible tattoos?" and "I'm thinking of getting my arm/chest/other visible spot tattooed, any advice?" So let me tell you. But before I begin, you should know that this is coming from my experience and my experience alone. Because I have a few separate circles of friends, as I got more and more tattoos I became the "tattooed friend" in one of those groups. Another, and a bit broader thing to think about when you're considering taking the plunge and tattooing your arm, chest, back of your neck, or even your will this affect my career? Also, know that your day to day life will be forever changed. But really, what it comes down to is this: if you are going to permanently change your body in a big way, think long and hard before you make the leap.

Love and Lemons Pen & Palate | A Culinary Journal Local Milk Recipes springsummerwinterfalltravels sweetsavorylibationssnacksgatherings breakfastlunchdinnerdessertliving Spring earl grey waffles & whipped honey cream + 3 yrs of local milk rosemary & LINDOR white chocolate truffle filled beignets banana buttermilk bread | the violet bakery cookbook Honeysuckle Lemonade kinfolk may gathering, nashville: l’esprit de la mer main street meats: fennel, leek, & orange pork osso buco Summer vanilla coca-cola birthday cake chilled avocado + arugula soup blackberry chocolate truffle ice cream farro avocado breakfast bowl + sumac miso vinaigrette lavender blueberry & ricotta turnovers gathering from scratch: a workshop retreat pt. 2 Winter buttermilk + white chocolate dutch baby diy floral gift toppers preserved lemons + inspiration Fall expecting eats | chickpea + quinoa salad with miso lemon vinaigrette The Art of Flatbread a friendsgiving feast modern nostalgia: a thanksgiving table & rose apple tart root vegetable cheese pot pie + herb biscuit crust Travels Sweet Savory Libations

Morning Meals :: Raspberry Almond Muffins I know most people spend their mornings rushed with a quick pastry and coffee-to-go. As much as that seems easy and convenient, gluten-free pastries are not widely available everywhere…so I am usually stuck making my own. Luckily, these homemade muffins are incredibly addicting. They will keep you full longer than the average muffin (thanks to nutritious almond flour), and the cornmeal adds a delicious nutty bite. 1 1/2 cups almond meal1/2 cup cornmeal1/2 teaspoon baking soda1/3 cup brown sugar1/4 teaspoon sea salt2 tablespoons almond milk2 eggs3 tablespoons coconut oil3 tablespoons maple syrup1 teaspoon vanilla extract3/4 cup raspberries2 tablespoons raw sugar, to top Preheat the oven to 375′.

ARTICLES Here are a collection of my posts that I received great feedback from, posts that I feel reveal a lot about life living with Chronic Illness. This is a small collection at the moment as I have only recently started this website however I will update this page as I go. I hope you enjoy this collection of your favourite posts. My first post – Living with Chronic Illness, 2 Quotes to Motivate You – has been very popular. A couple of posts that deal with some of my more intimate and life altering moments, as well as goal setting and achieving as well as other information about myself, are: A couple of posts on living with Chronic Illness include: Some posts about hospital include: I aim to create a blog that is a positive resource for people with Chronic Illness and I love to hear from those of you out there that are living with those unique issues that we share. All the best, Lily

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