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GetDeb is an unofficial project with the mission to provide the latest open source and freeware applications for the current Ubuntu Linux release, in an easy to install manner. The GetDeb repository extends the official repositories by providing latest versions and new applications. Unlike the official packages, GetDeb packages do not have a predefined release schedule - new software versions are provided as they become available from their authors. There is a short and limited testing phase instead of a full testing cycle to ensure packaging quality, however it is less strict than Ubuntu's official requirements. You may also be interested on the UbuntuBackports project. It has a limited scope compared to GetDeb but the advantage of being an Ubuntu official project. Learn how to install applications from this web site by clicking here GetDeb is sponsored by: Chris Edwards This month we are running with 202 € / 200 € from sponsorship. Google+

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The Complete Guide To The Synaptic Package Manager The Synaptic Package Manager has many benefits over the Ubuntu Software Center such as the fact that there are no adverts for paid for software and the fact that you will always see the results from all the repositories within your sources.list. Another benefit of Synaptic is that it is a common tool used by many other Debian based Linux distributions. If you get used to it using Ubuntu then should you decide to switch distribution later on then you will have a tool that you are already familiar with to aid with the installation of other applications. How to Install Synaptic If you are using Ubuntu you can use the Software Center to search for and install Synaptic. Alternatively, if you prefer to use the command line or you are using another Debian based distribution you can open a terminal window and type the following:

Essential Oils Are a Resource for Easing Work Related Stress Essential Oils Are a Resource for Easing Work Related Stress (Aromatherapy and Essential Oil articles are listed at the bottom of this page, and on the Essential Oil Index) Stress Created on the Job It was not too long ago in American history that a majority of citizens made their living as farmers. [Fixed] Can't Install, Trying to Dual Boot See my reply for how it was fixed.I am trying to set up my PC to dual boot Windows 10 and linux mint. This is my first time trying this and now I am stuck and need some help. Here is a list of what I've done so far:1. The Wonders of Helichrysum Essential Oil The Wonders of Helichrysum Essential Oil (Please see the Essential Oils Article Index at the bottom of this page.) Helichrysum Essential Oil for Sports Injuries, Bruises and Tissue Repair: A Primer for Active Health and Fitness Readers. (See our Helichrysum Italicum Oil Here.)

How to install Linux Mint on your XP PC Installing Linux Mint on a Windows 8.x PC with Secure Boot on can be a pain, but on an XP system it's easy. So, if you're considering switching out XP for Linux Mint , here's how you'd go about it. Trying Mint: First, if you don't already have them, you'll need to download a program to burn ISO images to a CD/DVD disc. Many programs can do this, but I recommend freeware the programs ImgBurn and PowerISO 5.9. Essential Oil Recipes for Minor Ailments Essential Oils for Minor Ailments (More articles can be found on the Essential Oils resource page) Using Essential Oils to Treat Minor Ailments - by Burgundy Shank

The ultimate guide to Linux for Windows users Updated: May 20, 2014 I have just realized that there is really no super-comprehensive guide on Windows versus Linux for new users, converts and those curious about migrating from their familiar world of Windows operating systems to the strange new constellation of Linux. Or at least, I have not written one such article yet. But now I have, and this shall be your one stop-shop for all questions on Linux, from here to eternity. All right, so let's say you are a Windows user, and you have HEARD of Linux. Essential Oils for Psychic Work Essential Oils for Psychic Work (Aromatherapy and Essential Oil articles are listed at the bottom of this page, and on the Essential Oil Index) Essential Oils for Psychic Work - by Avalon De Witt Essential oils are essences derived from various plants. They can be used to beautify your environment, raise your vibration and enhance your psychic experiences. You can put them in your bath, rub them on candles, use them in a diffuser, or anoint yourself with them. The most traditional areas to anoint are the center of the forehead and the crown.

Learning the shell - Lesson 7: I/O Redirection In this lesson, we will explore a powerful feature used by many command line programs called input/output redirection. As we have seen, many commands such as ls print their output on the display. This does not have to be the case, however. Enhancing Your Ubuntu Server A few weeks ago, I showed you how to setup your very own linux server. Now, I'm going to show you how to add even more functionality. Before We Begin... This guide assumes that you've followed my previous tutorial, How to Setup a Dedicated Web Server for Free, or that you've got a similar server already set up. Overview What is the Fedora Project? The Fedora Project is a partnership of Free software community members from around the globe. The Fedora Project builds open source software communities and produces a Linux distribution called "Fedora." Our Mission The Fedora Project's mission is to lead the advancement of Free and open source software and content as a collaborative community. Elements of Fedora's Mission

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