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Hosting WordPress Yourself 2018 Update. I originally started writing Hosting WordPress Yourself back in February 2015, which makes this series over three years old!

Hosting WordPress Yourself 2018 Update

During that time a lot has changed, which is why I updated the series just over 12 months ago, to keep the content relevant. Since then, even more has changed in the WordPress hosting scene, so it’s time for another update! I have already updated the existing articles in this series with the changes that follow. Help! Linux ate my RAM! Configuring Apache/PHP/MySQL for Low Memory (RAM) VPS. As you known, I’ve moved from HostGator to DigitalOcean for two months and I shared some tips to build your own perfect LAMP server optimize for WordPress.

Configuring Apache/PHP/MySQL for Low Memory (RAM) VPS

With the VPS expansion you can now get a (very) small virtual private server (VPS) for a very affordable price. However, when you get a server with something like 256MB or 512MB RAM and a portion of CPU power, using default MySQL/PHP/Apache settings is a pretty bad idea. Currently, I’m running 3 websites with DigitalOcean‘s lowest plan: 512MB RAM/1 CPU. Not sure for load, but lets say 5-10k visitors per day. If you follow my guidelines in previous post, RAM usage will be increase up to 400 MB then running out in 1 – 2 weeks even you turned on swap. We Strongly Recommend MyThemeShop Themes for WordPress sites MyThemeShop is renowned for its quality and unique themes. As a NARGA.NET reader, I give you a SPECIAL PROMO to HELP you save 30% when upgrade your MyThemeShop to Premium. Determining Free Memory and Swap Activity. How to optimize apache web server for maximum concurrent connections or increase max clients in apache - Wiki.

From Wiki Apache Performance Tuning Apache 2.x is a general-purpose webserver, designed to provide a balance of flexibility, portability, and performance.

How to optimize apache web server for maximum concurrent connections or increase max clients in apache - Wiki

Although it has not been designed specifically to set benchmark records, Apache 2.x is capable of high performance in many real-world situations.


Linux - OOM Killer - killed MySQL server - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange. How and When To Enable MySQL Logs. If you are a web developer, you need to refer to various log files, in order to debug your application or improve its performance.

How and When To Enable MySQL Logs

Logs is the best place to start troubleshooting. Concerning the famous MySQL database server (or MariaDB server), you need to refer to the following log files: The Error Log. It contains information about errors that occur while the server is running (also server start and stop) The General Query Log. This is a general record of what mysqld is doing (connect, disconnect, queries) The Slow Query Log. This article does not refer to The Binary Log. The official documentation about MySQL logs is available here. Enable logs from MySQL configuration Logging parameters are located under [mysqld] section. Edit MySQL configuration file: This is the default setup for Logging and Replication (in Debian server).

All log files are NOT enabled by default MySQL setup (except the error log on Windows). Error Log Error Log goes to syslog due to , which contains the following: .bashrc generator: create your .bashrc PS1 with a drag and drop interface. Installation de Subsonic sur un VPS GANDI et Ubuntu 12.04 - Ca faisait un moment que je m'intéressais au moyen de mettre en ligne ma musique afin de l'écouter depuis un peu partout sans avoir à trimbaler la totalité de ma bibliothèque, puis il m'a paru sympathique de permettre cet échange au sein de mon petit cercle amical ou familial.

Installation de Subsonic sur un VPS GANDI et Ubuntu 12.04 -

C'est toujours sympa d'échanger ses curiosités musicales. Du coup, au vu de la bande passante potentiellement mobilisable, il a semblé pertinent de me monter un serveur de streaming personnel sur un serveur dédié. Un des outils les plus adapté pour cet usage est subsonic qui permet d'uploader de la musique , de l'écouter en ligne , de gérer les playlists et autres joyeusetés... Le tout pour plusieurs utilisateurs. L'interface présente bien et dispose de plusieurs solutions de personnalisation, la navigation y est claire.