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Event, Email and Content Marketing

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Spend Less, Gain More with your Event Marketing Campaign. If there’s anything that intimidates a B2B leader more than poor sales close data, it’s holding a company event.

Spend Less, Gain More with your Event Marketing Campaign

It entails the most costs. It involves the most exertion of resources. And, ironically, it is a very crucial component of company growth. Event marketing is a useful lead generation tool businesses of all dimensions cannot live without. Not only will your company maintain its presence in the minds of present and potential customers, it will also gain opportunities to increase lead conversions. Considered, you might as well hold an event no matter what.

These factors will surely help get your event marketing money’s worth. Event Analytics. ROI Tracking. Data Collation. 3 Simple Tips To Hit Trade Shows With A Bang in Singapore! Trade shows, exhibitions, trade fairs, face-to-face or in-person marketing, however you may brand it, is vetted by marketers to be the most effective and beneficial marketing tactic (69 (B2B Content Marketing 2015: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Report) Smartinsights stressed: “From visibility to credibility, exhibiting at a trade show has hundreds of benefits for your business.

3 Simple Tips To Hit Trade Shows With A Bang in Singapore!

Establishing a presence, whether big or small, for your company at a trade show gives you a powerful platform for meeting new customers, reaching out to your existing clientèle, and building a more established and reliable brand.” Good point. However, getting to the trade fair’s venue on time and having a nice purple booth is not enough to expect a good number of customers to stop by and ask interesting questions about your product or service.

Quick Fix for Lead Generation Content that isn’t Getting Found. In a typical content marketing lifespan, you cannot avoid getting into a phase when you start wondering why your pieces of great content – those which are with quality and viral potential – are not stumbled upon by your target market.

Quick Fix for Lead Generation Content that isn’t Getting Found

It’s a frustrating time, especially when you’ve become really proud of your content outputs yet they don’t really help in generating leads for your team. Apparently, there’s a whole lot of difference between creating good content and promoting it, and the latter is what ultimately decides the “searchability” of your posts. There are things you could do to effectively promote your content, as proposed by Sonia Simone, co-founder and Chief Content Officer of CopyBlogger Media. From #1: Build your network. How to Maximize Limited Resources for your Company Events. Dimsums in Hawker: Make Your IT Products Noticeable in Trade Shows in Singapore. Photo by Diana Schnuth – Singapore, like her Asian neighbors Malaysia and the Philippines, has a penchant for good food.

Dimsums in Hawker: Make Your IT Products Noticeable in Trade Shows in Singapore

“Bak chor mee” or mince meat noodles, barbecued chicken wings, braised duck rice, carrot cakes and dimsums are just a few of the many flavorful and mouth-watering hawker foods that are openly displayed and sold in food stalls in hot muggy hawker centers in Singapore. Can you imagine how inviting is the aroma, and how tempting are the looks of these tasteful food to the senses?

4 Steps to Improve Email Response Rates. There’s no doubt that email leads other B2B marketing channels by a wide margin in terms of reliability in generating qualified sales leads.

4 Steps to Improve Email Response Rates

Along with company websites and in-person events, emails continue to top the priority lists of any forward-thinking marketer. Cold-hard facts and figures make a telling case of this. But there’s reason to believe that not all email campaigns follow best practices. How Event Companies in Singapore Make Their Events Successful. Event planning is a huge industry in Singapore.

How Event Companies in Singapore Make Their Events Successful

This doesn’t come as a surprise as this dynamic and diverse city has all what an event planner needs. It has a wide range of world-class venues, efficient public transport system, and for twelve years, it has remained as Asia’s Top Convention City in International Congress and Convention Association. But just like in any other industry, there are top players in the event planning niche in Singapore. What sets these companies apart from the rest is their ability to turn every event into a successful one. They’re able to do that because they do things in certain ways. They use multiple channels for marketing. They customize invitation for a specific group. They create a system. Make your Business Grow through Effective Corporate Events.

There has been a lot of talk recently about the continuing emergence of marketing automation systems, with B2B companies investing in lead management and market research tools.

Make your Business Grow through Effective Corporate Events

This is also true with businesses that want to upgrade their appointment setting infrastructure to increase their sales conversions. But even with such developments, businesses still see great potential in corporate events. Direct marketing and selling are still best implemented through real-time activities such as exhibitions, trade shows, corporate meetings and product launchings.

Considering that many B2B buyers prefer direct in-person engagement over emails and inbound calling, it wouldn’t hurt at all to ride this persisting trend. For a fact, corporate events make business expansion possible. Success in planning and implementing such activities is altogether a different story. Put benefits in mind. Plan the venue and context. Attract the right people. Follow up on newfound partners. The Big Three of Online Lead Conversion. Conversion is the ultimate goal of B2B lead generation through the use of content.

The Big Three of Online Lead Conversion

Whether you’re using websites, blogs, landing pages, social media profiles or email, success can only be measured by the number of prospects who are eventually converted into paying customers. Unlike telemarketing or appointment setting campaigns, online marketing takes more time and strategy in order to produce results. Also, it’s much more complex on account of several factors that contribute to a campaign’s success or failure. There are certainly a lot of different ways to achieve that, but when talking specifically of content as a tool for conversion, everything boils down to 3 aspects: Grabbing attention through headlines and images Let’s face it: people online don’t go straight into reading the text of an article.

3 Steps to Enhance your Corporate Event’s Impact. A good deal of B2B companies considers corporate events like trade shows and conferences to be the best avenues for acquiring quality business leads.

3 Steps to Enhance your Corporate Event’s Impact

Then again, only a handful could manage to provide participants with experiences lasting up until a sales appointment is set. More important than just holding an event is creating an impactful event. It is clear enough that managers have their own ways to this, but can these strategies achieve valuable long-term relationships? How about better revenue? These are questions you would need to answer when it comes down to marketing your corporate events.