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Jeff McCarthy sur Twitter : "#emailmarketing campaign re digital leadership greets recipients with "Dear subscriber". Sort the basics #spidc. Jeff McCarthy sur Twitter : "Great bit of #emailmarketing @BakeryBits. My baguette baking tray order will be placed this w/end! #artisan #spdsmc. Jeff McCarthy sur Twitter : "One of best #emailmarketing campaigns I've seen recently. Not personalised yet v relevant, value-added & engaging. Econsultancy sur Twitter : "Why is #emailmarketing so important for multichannel sales? @DavidMoth investigates: Econsultancy. Email is the marketing channel that refuses to die, no matter how much scorn people pour on it.


In fact, the emergence of the multichannel discipline has actually given email marketing something of a boost. Our new Reality of Multichannel Marketing Report, published in association with dotmailer, examines the extent to which email has become the fulcrum for a wide range of online and offline brand engagement activities. Rapidly becoming the tie that binds disparate elements of the multichannel together, email is playing a crucial role in the increasingly multi-device behaviour of consumers. One need only look at the comparable open rates on desktop and mobile to realise email's importance to cross-channel activity. Research from eBay suggests that the consumer will use an average of three to five platforms when considering a purchase and each move between them creates the potential for a lost sale.

Here’s a look at two of the points discussed in more depth in the full report... Dr Dave Chaffey sur Twitter : "Latest #emailmarketing stats: Mobile now half of all opens —a 500% increase in four years! Email marketing statistics 2014 compilation. Email marketers often ask "how do our campaigns compare"?

Email marketing statistics 2014 compilation

They're looking for statistics to compare subscriber engagement for open, clickthrough and delivery rates, ideally within their sector. Fortunately, there are a number of good options to benchmark email response across different sectors. The best stats sources are compilations by email marketing service providers who produce statistics across their clients' campaigns. We have ordered them into the 4 top questions asked: As we'll see, for the most meaningful comparisons we need to go beyond industry averages and drill down to the comparison of email types since transactional emails such as a welcome sequence tend to have much higher interaction and click-through rates than a regular newsletter.

Email Statistics - 2017 update Q1. We will continue to update this resource through the year as new reports are produced by the main email platforms. Q2. But what is the average email open rate? Q3. This chart summarising their research. Q4. The Personalisation Journey - @RedEyeUK. I’ve written a lot recently about website personalisation, specifically focusing on how easy it is to get started.

The Personalisation Journey - @RedEyeUK

I now want to share a few thoughts on the longer term implementation and goals, in particular about a multi-channel personalisation journey. With all the exciting developments in website personalisation, it is important to remember that it’s not a stand-alone venture. Therefore, it is important to link any strategy with your key channels driving traffic to the site. Econsultancy : 35.4% say frequency is the... Om. By Jordie van Rijn on April 13th, 2011 Consolidation in the Email marketing world continues as Emailvision acquired marketing software provider SmartFOCUS Group this week.


The cash acquirement is worth about £25.3 million. SmartFOCUS is a global provider of email and multi-channel marketing software and services. The french ESP Emailvision seems to go through quite some changes after buying ObjectiveMarketeer, changing their branding and now the acquisition of SmartFOCUS. Interim CEO of smartFOCUS Curt Bloom said: “The smartFOCUS directors are delighted to unanimously recommend the proposed cash acquisition at 25 pence per share and consider a combination with Emailvision represents the best opportunity for shareholders to realise their investment at a significant premium.” Nick Heys, CEO of Emailvision, said of the acquisition: “We are excited to further our presence in the UK and US as well as adding multi-channel campaign management to our portfolio of products.” Email marketing: The CRITICAL factors for success > Smart Insights Digital Marketing.

When marketers discuss email marketing we naturally tend to talk a lot about the creative and certainly it’s a great way to learn.

Email marketing: The CRITICAL factors for success > Smart Insights Digital Marketing

I love the inspiring examples at the Retail Email Blog and the Campaign Monitor Gallery. But is it the creative or copy that matters most? Other factors are equally or more important. How to plan event-triggered automated email campaign > Smart Insights Digital Marketing. Research shows that behavioural email marketing is a powerful technique to automatically follow-up online customer actions to help increase conversion to sale at a low cost.

How to plan event-triggered automated email campaign > Smart Insights Digital Marketing

Here are some common examples of event-triggered email sequences: Welcome sequence for a new subscriber or lead to an email listWelcome sequence for new customer (onboarding)Reactivation of customers or subscribers who lose engagementAbandoned shopping cart follow-up emailsShoppers browse or search on a site but don't buy follow-upTime to repurchase or replenishment emails However, the technique is still used by relatively few companies. One barrier to setting up these event-triggered email sequences is the time it takes to specify the sequences if it's a new approach to the company or agency. The great benefits of event-triggered e-mails is that once set up and tested for effectiveness, they are a low-cost method of boosting response.